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My pitbull story

October 31st, 2004, 02:00 PM
I am new to this forum however, I needed to tell my story. I own two dogs. One is a German Shepherd/wolf, the other is a American Staffordshire Terrier. I will tell you that my Shepherd who I have owned her whole life is the meanest dog I have ever owned. She is ten years old and I have owned her since she was a baby...6 weeks. I love her and would never part with her however, I am extremely careful when having strangers around her. She has bitten three people and has been issued a Dangerous Dog Warning by my local pound. She can not be in the house when certain people are there as she is extremely unpredictable and she picks and chooses people she likes and dislikes. (I have been trying to convince her that she shouldn't like my ex boyfriend but unfortunately she loves She is people aggressive, dog aggressive and just plain grumpy, however I see a different side to her and love her dearly. She is part of my family and I accept her even with her faults. I just have to be an extra careful, responsible dog owner. My pitbull on the other hand, is nothing short of a couch warmer. She does not have an aggressive bone in her body. She never moves when someone comes to the door, stranger or not, and if they sit beside her on the couch they will defenitely be attacked with kisses and overwhelming, i mean OVERWHELMING love and attention. I take her out to the park and she can't wait to meet all the people and dogs. She is wonderful, gentle, loving and beautiful. I would have to say the best dog I have ever owned, and I owned alot. I don't think that dogs can be banned by the breed as I have met alot of pitbulls and only one I would classify as aggressive...this was a 1 1/2 year old puppy that my neighbour rescused from the pound so, the background was not known. They are trying to ban Pitbulls in my community and I am sickened by this. Bad people, mean people, misunderstood people have the right to live. Who are we to decide if one of God's creatures has to right to be here...PS....I have never heard any story on the news about the three people my shepherd bit and the last one the police, ambulance and pound were involved...I can guarantee you though if it was my Pit it would have been publicized. I have known a number of people that have been bit by dogs that were not pits and you never hear anything about it. I am interested in holding a rally in my area to protest the ban on pitbulls if it does go before legislature so, please keep your ears open and if it goes before the board contact me..I live in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Lucky Rescue
October 31st, 2004, 02:14 PM
Welcome to the board!

Of course dogs bite people every day and barely get a mention in the papers, if they do at all. After all, how many papers would be sold with headlines screaming "Mixed Breed Attacks"? Not nearly as many thrills and chills to be had.

My pit bull is also the most loving and sweet dog I've ever known. My cat can beat her up, and her only reaction is to hide under the table. Her only fault is loving people too much, and going ballistic with joy when I have company.

My last dog was very grumpy. I couldn't trust him with kids,and he was very defensive and would snarl and growl if he didn't like the way he was being touched or didn't want to do as he was told. No one thought anything of this, because he was fluffy. If my pit bull greeted anyone with less than overwhelming enthusiasm (which she never does) I'm sure the army would be called out. :rolleyes: