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Breed bans - BSL - Pit Bull bans

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  1. Pitbulls currently in shelters
  2. Ruby Clayton Win's !!!
  3. Babyrocky1
  4. Does anyone know of a pro pit bull trainer in Toronto
  5. 4 year old walks her pit bull at 4 am this morning!
  6. Quadriplegic wins against council BSL
  7. Bryant learns a lesson
  8. Four year olds dog has become Pit bull!
  9. Bryant busy patting himself on the back...
  10. When is a dog a pit bull, even if it isn't?
  11. DumpDalton's new Billboard:
  12. Liberals = Extortion. Kickbacks. Forgeries. Blackmail. Fraud. Waste.
  13. New Detroit News Poll requires YOUR vote please (it's split right now)
  14. Bryant "grandstanding" again
  15. Update on Taco please help.
  16. LOL, check it out
  17. "2 pit bulls rescue Nebraska woman from red chow"
  18. Positive (?) editorial from Der Star ...
  19. TVO segment on pitbulls
  20. Beware Honda owners
  21. an add in todays Pennysaver paper
  22. Just a question
  23. Pit Bull Co-op - How will we cope?
  24. And what if it were a pit....
  25. Pit Bull Helps Injured Owner
  26. Pit Bull Pups found Drowned in Lake Ontario
  27. Court Procedures
  28. Selective Reporting
  29. Toronto Animal Services
  30. More nearly unreported tragic news about a "pit"
  31. Poll should pit bulls be banned in sydney
  32. Hurray for Alex
  33. a must see
  34. Good walk this am
  35. Ontario Government Once Again Called Discriminatory
  36. Western Australia wants to ban pit bulls
  37. Pitbull Meetup
  38. More Breed Bans & More Breeds included.
  39. Pit Bull in Waterloo
  40. Pit bull tutor!
  41. Anybody see Oprah and her stupid pit bull comments?
  42. staffyxboxerxbeagle id as a pitty Qld check list.
  43. Can someone help me with an email?
  44. Guess it wasn't a pitbull
  45. Denver ban
  46. PB owners protest in sydney
  47. Pit Bull site
  48. Dog attack in Ottawa:
  49. If Fiberals out are Pit bulls in??
  50. Pit Bull attack in Niagara
  51. Pit Bull Attack in Toronto
  52. In memory of Chloe beautiful girl shot
  53. skip Guysborough Nova Scotia!
  54. anyone going to woodstock or rescue walk a thon?
  55. Luv-A-Bull store discount
  56. Toronto among top-ten dog-friendly cities:
  57. Pitbull Criteria Needed
  58. Help Searching Hansard
  59. Anyone else find this scary?
  60. Looking for clarification
  61. DOLA info on Ban
  62. Homolka v. Pit Bulls
  63. Help fight against BSL
  64. Mentioned in another thread, but here is the Star's "Beautiful" Bryant Article
  65. Bites/Attacks not involving pits
  66. looking for dog breed bite statistic list
  67. If you can't make 'Rescue Me' event, &
  68. Am I going nuts?
  69. Who do i ask to get a real answer?
  70. Petition to Save Lily in Kit/Wat
  71. BSL March - Toronto - June 19th
  72. Yet another "attack"
  73. ANTI BSL bumper stickers
  74. New math in Ontario.
  75. Do "Pit Bull" stereotypes make you sad?
  76. Why doesn't anyone care?
  77. Funniest thing ever...
  78. Great news from Darby Montana
  79. Need advise please, Im too emotional!
  80. Lily & Sandra WIN their case!!!!
  81. Pit banning poll
  82. Are you sure your dog is a Pit bull???
  83. Disguise kits for banned breeds
  84. Anyone in the Barrie area interesting in a fundraiser?
  85. Too MUch C*ap!!!
  86. Toronto Candle Light Vigil!!!
  87. higher fines for vicious dogs Vancouver
  88. Questions
  89. Pit ban poll
  90. Denver Pit Bull ban
  91. Dog bite statistics
  92. Attack on Chi. by Jack Russell Terrier-Hamilton
  93. What games do you play with your pit bull??
  94. Colorado in trouble
  95. Please Read This!!! Re: Denver's Lunatic City Attorney
  96. Petition against Colorado Denver Pit Bull Ban
  97. On the off-chance anyone knows this person
  98. Attacked twice in a week by monster dogs - Reality check for small dog owners
  99. Ottawa Sun report, plus Poll ....
  100. Any ideas of the cross Sprint is?
  101. Serious Abuse and Neglect to Pitties...
  102. Neville - death row in ON - a cop in the USA!
  103. Please Sign Anti-bsl Petition
  104. Passion of the Pit anti-BSL site
  105. Gold Coast Council to Change Dog Laws.
  106. has anyone tried the muzzle yet?
  107. How do I educate without stepping on toes
  108. Luvmypit's post reminded me of something!
  109. Need info BADLY!
  110. Neville(ON banned pitbull becomes U.S. Cop) Story in London Free Press!!!!
  111. BSL Facts in a nutshell please!
  112. Good news about Pitbull movie star :)
  113. Toronto Candle Light Vigil
  114. Neville update!!
  115. BSL Articles in Dogs In Canada Magazine
  116. Pit Bull laws Dropped
  117. A question about this muzzle law.........
  118. Important Muzzle Info And Rescue Dogs In Need
  119. If PitBull ... SPCA, What Happens?
  120. Column in Sun:
  121. All you have to do is READ Ont. Dog Owers' Liabilty Act
  122. Alert:City eyes tighter leash on pit bulls LONDON ON!!!
  123. who can legally assess if it's a pit bull?
  124. Article about Legal Challenge:
  126. New Pitbull Music Video!!
  127. Christina Blizzard's nice little dig at Bryant ...
  128. Sun Poll, Please vote
  129. Ottawa Sun Article + poll:
  130. Sound-off @
  131. Ottawa: candlelight vigil against BSL Sunday at 8 p.m.
  132. Sound Off - National Post - Pit Ban and Breeders
  133. Well Boston just made a friend in the cable guy
  134. To All Memmbers Attending Queen's Park Sunday Night!
  135. Adopting a pit bull-home insurance?
  136. Happy Birthday Messina!!!
  137. New Pitbull video
  138. Pitbulls on CTV news- in a relatively good way.
  139. Address for gov.
  140. pitty left in the house
  141. Cool anti-ban pictures.
  142. Awesome Clay Ruby
  143. municiple laws for pitbulls-London ON
  144. McGuinty Government Tough on Crime - Not
  145. Just wondering....
  146. Another Poll on Cp24 today
  147. Another slam agains Bryant in pit bulls vs guns
  148. a little sample of ignorance
  149. A silly solution to this silly law.
  150. Look at these sweet faces
  151. Vague pit bull definition could clog Ont. courts
  152. Newspaper blurb by Christina Blizzard
  153. Bill 132
  154. Fact not Fear
  155. Some spirit lifting
  156. Oh boy.....this is what some folks think!
  157. more stupid opinions in LFP
  158. New Pitbull Web Resource
  159. Walk a Pittie?
  160. Cops
  161. lil update
  162. Hey Torontonians!! / Legal Briefs
  163. Any bad news for good news for us
  164. Tango's Family to Sue Gold Caost Council .Aus
  165. I need some encouragement
  166. Poll for London, ON proposed bylaw-Please Vote!!!
  167. 'Katrina' Rotti Rescuer suggest BSL at the Top.
  168. I need to vent
  169. story of a very courageous dog
  170. New harness
  171. It's beginning ... speculation of more dogs added
  172. Anyone aware of Action Taken???
  173. Need Info
  174. Pitbull in Ontario, attacked by another dog & loses leg
  175. Site Nearly Complete
  176. Can we get numbers on Pit bulls in Ontario
  177. Bannedaid collecting information for Clayton Ruby
  178. Rebutting a butthead
  179. Just watched "Off The Chain" Pitbull documentary
  180. New Pitbull Resource Site
  181. Punish the Deed Not the Breed
  182. Horrible Story
  183. Liberal finanace minister
  184. Another pit bull cop
  185. 10 Itty Bitty Pittie babies.
  186. I'm gonna kill someone!!!
  187. Aiding and abetting
  188. city wants 2 destroy my baby
  189. I broke my promise. Sorry.
  190. New Pit Bull Co-op Thread
  191. Interesting Wikipedia entry
  192. Pit Bull Attack!!
  193. Important Announcement
  194. A win in the Supreme Court Dog out on Bail
  195. What would you do?
  196. Liberals treatment of aboriginals is criminal
  197. Its Almost October 29th!
  198. Watch City TV tonight at 6pm: Pit Bull story
  199. Updated London By-laws
  200. City Line Poll
  201. Day one and the Nightmare begins
  202. Spotsylvania - dog fighting investigation
  203. Discrimination at Petsmart in Ontario
  204. Dog Legislation Council of Canada
  205. Gotcha Bryant - Donations to A-G revealed
  206. Pit Bull Articles
  207. Toronto Animal Control - FYI
  208. Positive Pit Bull experience!!!
  209. 3-4 month old pittie to be PTS - Hamilton
  210. London passes revised pit bull bylaws
  211. Stereotypical Humour?
  212. Superdogs saved from vicious monster!
  213. AG's wife's law firm bills Ontario taxpayers
  214. 680 news
  215. Michael Bryant on CP24 Tonite at 9pm
  216. Scarborough Incident a Little Freaky For Me
  217. Threadjacking
  218. New pitbull laws in San Francisco
  219. Fundraising efforts
  220. Court Dates Set
  221. Life goes on in Slidell Louisiana
  222. 2 Pit bulls attack, kill miniature horse.....
  223. Ontarians skeptical of leader McGuinty: poll
  224. Hamilton Humane saves 5 pit-puppies
  225. DLCC Needs Airmiles Points!
  226. a very funny joke!!
  227. Pitbull pup shot & strangled in Bowmanville, Ontario
  228. Brax in the semi finals cute pet comp
  229. Dear Santa
  230. Court says calling lawyers pitbulls offensive
  231. I Met a Stranger's Pittie Today
  232. Attention Ontario pitbull owners
  233. old subject
  234. Update on City of Pembroke and "Pit Bull" By-Law
  235. Pittie-pup,front page in The Star
  236. London, ON pitbull owners
  237. Mcguinty defends Bill 132
  238. Biggest crack dealers in ONT
  239. Article: Pregnant pit bullís future bleak
  240. ***** Pet Care Discrimination
  241. Watch out dog owners. Its not just PIT related
  242. Dog training / behavior
  243. Attention Kingston and Area Pitty owners
  244. An odd story...
  245. Submit your questions NOW!!!! PASS IT ON!!!
  246. London, ON "Save-a-bull" Bowl-a-thon!!
  247. London, ON "Save-a-bull" Bowl-a-thon!!
  248. What IS Messina to you?
  249. London, ON 3rd notification????
  250. Ottawa Article: Victims of Injustice