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Important MPP Poll.. PLEASE VOTE!

November 4th, 2004, 05:52 PM

There's a poll there on the site if you scroll down along the left...please add your comments as well..about how great these dogs its the criminals that should be there aren't enough animal cruelty irresponsible owners get away too easily..etc know the drill.

Thanx guys :) PASS IT ON

November 11th, 2004, 11:13 AM
Remember this poll??

Well, check out his response to the votes and letters!!!!

BROCKVILLE — Support for the McGuinty Government’s ban on pit bulls is running at less than three per cent according to a poll on the Leeds-Grenville Provincial PC website, revealed MPP Bob Runciman.

“As of this morning, there has been 3,020 responses to my website poll,” said Runciman. “Of that total, 2,828 are against the ban as proposed by the Liberal government.”

In addition, Runciman has received more than 140 e-mails to his personal address and almost all are against the proposed ban. The e-mails come from all over North American and further, with one from Canberra, Australia.

While Runciman has not had a chance to read all of the comments, there is no doubt that most respondents believe the government must take action to curb attacks on citizens by dangerous dogs. Most comments reflect Runciman’s belief that the McGuinty Government’s legislation is nothing more than a public relations exercise.

Hundreds of people have pointed out that breed specific bans are neither fair nor successful. Aggressive dogs come in all breeds and are usually the result of actions or lack of training by the owners. In Italy, a breed-specific ban was introduced just over two years ago and now the ban lists 92 breeds.

Runciman says the legislation shifts responsibility for enforcement of the ban onto individual municipalities without any mention of compensation.

“It’s important to understand that lack of support for this ban is not an indication that people are taking dog attacks lightly,” said Runciman. “Personally, I am extremely upset that there are many people including small children who have been killed or maimed by dog attacks.

“We have to find a solution but this proposed ban is window dressing, not a serious measure to prevent these attacks,” continued Runciman.

Runciman has discovered through e-mails he has received that several jurisdictions have enacted legislation to deal with dangerous dogs. Many of these bills have proven themselves as effective tools in dealing with this problem.

“The legislation here is another example of an ill-thought out, non-consultative, knee-jerk public relations sham to distract citizens from the Liberals lack of an agenda in dealing with real problems,” said Runciman.

The veteran MPP believes the Liberals should delay the current legislation and put their resources towards reviewing existing legislation that has proven successful elsewhere, take the time to consult with dog owners and breeders, and to discuss proposed legislation with the municipalities that will be charged with the responsibility of enforcement.

“Dog attacks are a very serious problem in Ontario but measures we take must be fair, practical and effective,” said Runciman.

Runciman said the website poll at will be discontinued later this week and final results reported.

Media Contact:
Don Swayne
Executive Assistant
(613) 342-9522
Good work ladies and gentlemen!!
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November 11th, 2004, 11:22 AM
You know you can keep voting by going to your tools on any interent web page and go to internet options and delete cookies and vote again. One small victory after another!!!

November 11th, 2004, 11:23 AM
That was nice to read some facts not fiction and someone who seems to be dealing with a whole brain.