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Breed bans - BSL - Pit Bull bans

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  1. Air Farce Chicken Cannon - Vote MB
  2. Municipalities complaining about high cost of enforcing DOLA
  3. vote for Louie
  4. Advice
  5. A pitbull as seen through Bryant"s eyes
  6. Check this out!
  7. A liitle present for Dalton
  8. Harrassed By Liberal Campaign Worker!
  9. Pit Bull Christmas poem
  10. Positive Response from Mississauga Mayor
  11. Dog legislation in Illinois
  12. Merry Christmas To All!
  13. map
  14. vacation planning
  15. new terrorist photo
  16. Help me train my Kahlua!!!
  17. Liberals plan of action in Murder City
  18. My Zoe in Emonton
  19. More stats on dog attacks
  20. Reverse Onus Laws
  21. Choose Wisely!! (An email about the Liberals)
  22. Muzzle issue
  23. .:.Pit Bull Co-op.:.
  24. My laugh for the day
  25. Trials through the CKC
  26. Muzzle Rash!
  27. Anti BSL Video
  28. Possibly Bryant's biggest blunder yet
  29. Happy Birthday
  30. When the Liberals lose, what happens with BSL??
  31. Total Rudeness
  32. Can't keep a good pit bull down
  33. Bullies in vehicles to be muzzled...
  34. 9 year old chose to do her Public Speaking Assignment on Pit bulls
  35. Pups
  36. Saturday Jan 28 on Steve Dales petworld
  37. Dalton Mcguinty putting Pit owners on Public Record
  38. Help with Muzzle
  39. Dog attack
  40. Effecient use of BSL for dingo protection
  41. Some New Pics *warning, lots of em!*
  42. Recent Pit Bull Attack
  43. 2 things: Did anyone read homepg.? & a local pb article
  44. Car Pooling to Toronto?
  45. Pitbull shot
  46. Rocky needs help
  47. Stop the
  48. I am currently without an MPP to write to
  49. Should any breed of dog be banned outright?-POLL
  50. Cgn
  51. Sun: Dog bites are down? Sure...
  52. Goldhawk Live?
  53. CUPE and Us
  54. Pitbull ress.
  55. Neville - immigrated to the a star!!
  56. For year old bitten by Golden
  57. pit bulls and 'profiling'
  58. Polish Magazine - Pit Bull Article
  59. cats and pitbulls
  60. Dog bill hits the mark
  61. A really good message!!
  62. Rock-a-bully Bash
  63. Good News for one Pit Bull puppy
  64. Ohio BSL news
  65. Question about spaying
  66. Two Labs kill Pomeranian, attack Pit Bull
  67. Oregon chose to focus on deeds, not breeds
  68. Pomeranian killed in Port Colborne Ontario
  69. THS strike web site
  70. Pit Rescue *help*
  71. Sun: Fur flies ...owners head to court
  72. Ruby press release
  73. Negative Email from a Laywer
  74. Hang in there anti BSL supportters
  75. Mr. Bryant - This is what a real crime involving a pit bull looks like
  76. BSL in London ONT
  77. Neville on CTV !
  78. Poll at Toronto sun
  79. Another Pittie Hero, not a happy ending
  80. Ohio - pitbull ban deemed unconstitutional
  81. How the ban affected a breeder of Neos
  82. Call for photo-shop art!!
  83. Pit Bull Test
  84. 3 Ontario By-Elections today
  85. Those with anti-BSL messages on thier cars
  86. Help us become American Citizens!
  87. Landlord shoots tenants pitbulls ....
  88. Idiot owner strikes again . . .
  89. Pit Bull Mothers New Kittens
  90. "I, pitty the fool!"
  91. Accused Pit Bull Wrongfully Pts
  92. Shaun and Nuggets warm tale of survival.
  93. Muzzle Questio
  94. Heroes come in small packages
  95. TITUS the "pit bull" is FREE!!!!! ONTARIO precedent!!
  96. News item clains pit bull attacked....but look at the dog
  97. Please vote-Pitbull to be put down in Ontario, making news
  98. Interesting article about pit bulls in Waco Texas
  99. Pit bull ban in jeopardy
  100. 'Toy' Dog Attacks 80-Pound Pit Bull
  101. Another one needs help!
  102. Breed worse than Pit Bull: MOLOSSER
  103. Interview with Clayton Ruby Apr26th
  104. 3 Dog attacks in 3 weeks.
  105. Facts Needed: Pit bull v. "Dog" Attacks/Bites
  106. Uh OH! Pit bull attack in London Ontario
  107. Cool dog site of the day
  108. Court Date
  110. Pit Bull Puppies
  111. Pit Bull Co-op makes news!
  112. 2 dog "attacks" in London...and they're not even Pitbulls!!
  113. CTV Poll on pit bulls, please
  114. Bowl-a-thons
  115. CTV poll
  116. Pit Bulls "Automatic Guns of Dog World"
  117. Rotti ban being planned by Ont. Liberals.?
  118. The Toronto Suns Worthington calls Pit bulls Stupid
  119. Pit bull owners are the victims
  120. Attacked Officer Shoots Pit Bull....Ontario
  121. Why large dog owners need to be scared
  122. Nice Tribute...
  123. Get out your kleenex -
  124. toronto sun contest
  125. Celebrity Dog Whisperer Says Ban won't Work
  126. Pit Bull Ban being lifted????
  127. Dog kills owner - London, Ontario
  128. Our Latest Case
  129. Sheriff's deputy attacked by boxer
  130. Local writer's opinion in today's paper
  131. Video time again!
  132. Crazed deer takes down pit bull
  133. How Do I Protect My Pit Bulls??
  134. Unfortunate Story
  135. Just thought I would share
  136. Sun poll june 13th
  137. A star is born
  138. Looking for Mississauga, etc play dates
  139. Bryants new Photo-op
  140. So much for the locking jaw myth
  141. petsmarts doggiedays restrict a"certain" breed
  142. You Saved Rocky!!!
  143. irresponsable pit owners
  144. "The Corgi Menace"
  145. More irresponsible owners
  146. SUN's Worthington's JR attacked by irresponsible owner's PB
  147. Worthington Attacked by "Pitbulliest"
  148. Brought to heel NSW Addmits Defeat
  149. Fido has Great New Ad!
  150. OMG!! She's a Pit Bull! A long rant!
  151. Amazing how things change....
  152. Small breeds and small children
  153. Ontario canoeist survives bear attack
  154. Pit bull saves boy from kidnapper
  155. My Dog Votes
  156. Tennis Stars and Pitbulls Ontario
  157. More of Bryants Legacy!
  158. more bad news
  159. "Pit Bull" Co-op/My Dog Votes
  160. Two Candle Light Vigils!
  161. Message to liberals
  162. Sun Aug 27 - 1st Anniversary Vigil
  163. Please ask for permission for fundraisers/events
  164. URGENT!Next BreedBan in Ont:Lab Ret!!
  165. re:satire on banning labs in ontario
  166. Bryant supporting cameras inthe courtroom!
  167. Happy Birthday to my baby girl!
  168. Forced Breed Extinction
  169. Steve Irwin
  170. What Steve Irwin Taught Us
  171. Pitbull-mastiff on death row gets busted out of doggie jail.
  172. Anybody see the pitbull bash in the gazette?
  173. K9 Fun Day - Fundraiser for Ontario Legal Challenge
  174. Worthington's dogs failed obediance class?
  175. CBC Radio report on PB enforcement shortfalls
  176. Pitbull's appointment signals start of election race
  177. Important Message From Bannned Aid
  178. Ontario Restricted APBT Service Dog
  179. $1000 challenge
  180. Kormos vs Bryant...enjoy!
  181. Hey guys..can you vote for Messina? Or my other furries...
  182. My letter to the editor
  183. Amazing number of "pit bulls"!
  184. Dog fight pit bull puppy found in dumpster, rescued
  185. Pitbull shot at Keele and Sheppard
  186. David Miller
  187. Legal dogfight saves Rusty, logan Council.
  188. can a landlord ban a breed from living in a building?
  189. London and MIssissauga Bullie Groups!
  190. Bella Dogged by fame (celebrity Bella)
  191. BSL hopefully could be over soon in Qld
  192. Zeus Fights 'bad Dog Tag' Supreme Court Brisbane
  194. Can you find the Pitbull?
  195. Canadian BSL list
  196. Bullie Walks in Ottawa....!
  197. Adds regarding hospital wait times
  198. Dec. 21 court hearing
  199. Somewhat good news from NS
  200. Support
  201. Good news in California!
  202. All Ontario Residents- Please read
  203. Liberal policies are like a "One way street"
  204. is it safe to leave a pitt bull alone with other dogs?
  205. dogs alone together
  206. Breed bans stem from stereotyping (Ontario positive press!)
  207. 2007 Ontario Elections
  208. Student Needs Pitty Stories
  209. 16 Dogs Spared Death By Court
  210. My Pit Bull Video
  211. A Happier Pit Bull Video
  212. Pitties in Need of Homes!!!
  214. Ont. pitbull ban upheld by court
  215. Question For a Friend about the Pitbull Ban
  216. Kids for Pits Campaign
  217. Ruby on with Roy Green AM900
  218. not a good day yesterday
  219. Full text of Ontario, Canada legal decisions on Superior Court website
  220. Co-ordinator needed for London's Co-op Pit bull Walks
  221. Diva Dog Pit Bull on Wheels
  222. City doesn't give up on destroying dog
  223. URGENT 3 hours for BSL poll
  224. More dog legislation tossed out
  225. Links to some anti BSL websites
  226. PETA encourages Dorchester County BSL...
  227. Possible BSL in a town near me
  228. Massachusetts considers state wide pit bull ban (article)
  229. Purina Animal Hall of Fame
  230. URGENT - Ontario, Canada - DOLA remedy court hearing Thurs June 28/07
  231. Where's all the pitty people?
  232. Story in the star, Dalton asks us to trust him
  233. Links to the opposition
  234. Info on pitbulls
  236. AB - Calgary - URGENT! VOTE! Online poll about ban list!
  237. ON - Peterborough - City to kill unoffending 9 year old dog
  238. ON - Remedy hearing info
  239. Staffy Bull is finalists in Pet IDOL!
  240. Ziggy killed
  241. Pit Bulls in London ON, and the cost to the city
  242. Pit Bull Comment PLS HELP - Repeat of thread in On Topic area
  243. On q107
  244. From Orlando Craigslist R & R: re: Michael Vick
  245. Love this Anti-Vick stuff!
  246. Minnesota Ban
  247. Sad news for Pits in Toledo, Ohio
  248. Repeal 132 or I don't vote for you
  249. Finally of to the Supreme Court For Tango Case
  250. Bald Against BSL