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  6. Thanks for the enCOURAGEment.
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  9. Hi all
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  27. losing faith in Hide
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  29. I need HELP!
  30. Dog rescued in Mexico
  31. Due to the BSL for Pit Bulls, alot will need homes
  32. looking for a English Bull Terrier
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  34. please help me find a new foster for Silver Taboo in T-Dot
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  36. Declawing Again!!!
  37. George of the Jungle
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  42. Question
  43. Deciding factors?
  44. Looking for a JRT Rescue Org. in Ontario
  45. Fosters/Members Needed Across Canada
  46. Ignorance or neglect?
  47. Informative Link re Free to Good Home
  48. Update on Garfield
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  50. Boxer Rescue Canada-Montreal
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  52. rescue and neutralize
  53. After the last heartbreak... seeking advice FIRST
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  55. Dog throwing up, not getting better
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  59. New Dog Few Questions
  60. Is there a Shih-Tzu/ Sm breed rescue in Ontario?
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  62. 2 dogs need rescue
  63. Toinnette needs a home
  64. tellement enrageant !!!
  65. my horror story
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  67. Some Good News
  68. two little kitten from a beer crate
  69. Bengal rescue
  70. Free websites for rescues/shelters
  71. Slandering and bad mouthing Rescues/Shelters or other members - New policy
  72. Wonderful lady needs help!!
  73. Thought this might be helpful
  74. Could you keep your eyes open for....
  75. New Dog Update
  76. 2 Angora Cats to adopt
  77. Is there a Rescue Association
  78. Urgent
  79. Time for my furbaby!
  80. dog sitting, may adopt
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  82. Please Light A Candle for Lizzy
  83. I need some help..... Cusco rehoming
  84. What makes it worthwhile!
  85. 3 feral cats need help and home
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  87. Change of address for BC pet rescue forum
  88. Playful cat Cat born in May and really needs a home!
  89. 11 dogs/Desperate!/MTL!!!!
  90. Desperate for a Wheaten /Wheatable
  91. How long does adoption process take usually?
  92. Adopt a Papillon
  93. degrading email from rescue
  94. Question to Rescues and Foster Homes.....
  95. Newington, CT, (U.S.A.) WILL BE PUT TO SLEEP on Jan 28th
  96. Thanks everyone
  97. Urgent - Foster Homes Needed Cats
  98. Rescues at Sportsmen Show
  99. introducing...
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  101. HELP, need to find home for escape dog
  102. 5 mos. Boxer/Staff Toronto
  103. American Bull Dog Rescue
  104. Adoption Event/Hudson
  105. Adopt-a-bull
  106. Big pet fair/Hudson, QC!!
  107. Beagle Rescue in GTA?
  108. I'm looking for a lab pup X to adopt - Pls help!
  109. Litter of pitbulls
  110. Join the Rescue Walk-a-thon
  111. Sweet Boxer Mix Needs Help in VA
  112. How did you get started?
  113. Food Donations
  114. Senior Golden needs a home
  115. Golden pups?
  116. Home visit on West Island
  117. Need help to Possibly Surrender Friend...
  118. Before you adopt - before you decide to change lives ... read this
  119. Sweet boy up for adoption
  120. Need Advice on Helping a New Dog Adjust
  121. HELP! temporary foster needed!!!
  122. help needed in finding home for this beautiful boy
  123. URGENT HELP needed in London, Ontario and area
  124. Guinea Pig Fosters Needed
  125. 13 yr. poodle for adoption
  126. new foster mom
  127. Help me Please
  128. Gorgeous Calico is looking for a home
  129. Lady pretending to be a rescue.....
  130. SPCA Monteregie/QC
  131. puppy mill auction
  132. Backyard Friends
  133. Adoption clinic -- MTL south shore
  134. Anyone know of Great Pyr for adoption?
  135. Golden (young)
  136. My first Foster
  137. Can anyone foster/adopt a fox terrier puppy?
  138. Weimaraner
  139. Spca Laval
  140. Question about the adoption process
  141. Pups sold in pet stores... please read
  142. Need help fighting the City
  143. Our new foster
  144. 5 cats need urgent temporary home
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  146. URGENT: 10-Day Old Kitten Needs Foster Mom
  147. Mistissinni Dogs need help
  148. The kind of emails we get..
  149. Anyone Know anything about Syphinx Cats?
  150. 4 Month Golden...
  151. help is needed A.S.A.P
  152. kitten needing urgent home??
  153. Can anyone foster a border collie?(MTL)
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  157. Posted on another forum...
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  159. Alaskan Malamute needs home
  160. Raining MinPins in BC!!!!
  161. Idea for adoption events :-)
  162. Should it be right that a rescue buys from a pet store
  163. Puppies for sale advertised on the TTC
  164. Affordable low cost spay - neuter clinic - Montreal
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  166. Greyhounds in the US need help
  167. Adopt A Pet Hamilton
  168. Rescue People are Amazing!
  169. Foster Poem
  170. Urgent - Cat Foster or Rescue
  171. American staff/pit mix needs a new home urgently
  172. declawed cat on 4 paws needs new home
  173. YAY Our boys been adopted!
  174. Looking for Foster homes...
  175. Boxer Rescue
  176. Fonzi-Warning:Graphic
  177. *Will* foster 2-3week old baby kitten
  178. Okay, who wants a "Happy ending" story?
  179. Mother cat and Kittens
  180. dog rescue walk-a-thon
  181. I Love Goldens
  182. Looking for Rescues/Shelters in Richmond Hill Ontario
  183. Our Sweet new boy
  184. Urgent - life or death!
  185. a cupon for free food if anyone wants it
  186. Urgent foster needed (MTL)
  187. Foster Home! (Fort Saskatchewan Alberta)
  188. City Pound... WARNING- This is very... graphic please don't read if you are sensitive
  189. Needed lab rescue/foster
  190. Tiny chihuahua wanted
  191. walkathon tomorrow
  192. Foster homes needed in BC for MinPins
  193. FIV Cat Needs Home
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  195. small dog wanted
  196. english bulldog/GSD cross puppies
  197. Caution - Major Cuteness Ahead
  198. A poem for all the foster moms and dads
  199. not going to make it
  200. rescue me walk a thon
  201. spay/release program needed for my garage
  202. June 18th Adoption Event!
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  204. help please
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  206. Suggestion for Rescue Organizations - Standard Adoption Forms
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  208. Another Helpful Rescue Site
  209. Is This Healthy For Dogs
  210. News article - Homeless cat population out of control (Moncton, NB)
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  212. employment insurance for those who run rescues
  213. Ode to husbands
  214. Neat ideas
  215. Dogue De Bordeaux society
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  217. A tongue in cheek letter to those that abandon their pets
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  219. Black Lab
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  223. Threads or posts that break the rules.
  224. Wanted: Lapdog - Manitoba
  225. foster for pit and cats
  226. Does anyone
  227. Blue Point Siamese in Need
  228. 12+ year old Himi! Urgent! Valleyfield
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  230. need home for our baby
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  233. Hi - trying to get advice/education
  234. looking for advice
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  236. major problems with Animal Care Centre, (may disturb some)
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  241. SAFER TESTING- Pros and Cons?
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  247. Skittles
  248. Cat Crisis at Toronto H.S.
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  250. can anyone help?