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April 25th, 2005, 01:04 PM
These types of posts burn my A**.
This is in regards to someone wanting a Golden Retriever.

Heather and her 3 Golden Girls


"This is for ontario.. however I have been told they have outrageous adoption fees.. that is however hear say.. I could be wrong... worth looking into"

" Definitely let me know if you hear of someone giving one up and in the meantime I will look into the golden rescue. I heard that its almost next to impossible to get one from them though - very picky on who is an owner. The rescue groups are making it near impossible for someone to adopt one of their pets which brings people to have to go with a puppy or a different shelter. "

" I do understand what you see.. as I have stated several times.. my 3 goldens are rescues and the one golden has been an uphill battle of sickness and skin conditions because of improper and over medicated treatment...... at the same time I do think that a dog in need should be able to be adopted by a great family... not just a great family who has a big chequing account. I do not know what the exact fees are... but I was told in upwards of 300.00. Which if you consider the costs of vet bills spay/neuter etc.. then fine yes you are receiving a dog you know is healthy and all the costs covered.. but I also see why some families would unfortunately take in a pup from a BYB or whom ever for around the same fees knowing that it is not coming from a few years of what ever kind of treatment for around the same costs........ I think the entire thing is sad.... their are two sides to every issue.. it sucks..."