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looking for advice

July 13th, 2005, 08:13 AM
Hi there! - new here and wrote the following email in "introduce yourself section" but was thinking that it may also be worthwhile to post it here....hoping this is "legal".

I am new here, never been part of a public forum so I beg patience and hope I am following all the rules about netiquette!

My question is this:
how does one go about making an educated decision on where to donate one's time and to which rescue?

I ask because I am currently looking to help out a rescue in Ontario (anywhere from Oshawa area to London area as I have a car and can easily access 401) but would like to know how does one go about finding out who is a reputable rescue, one who shares the same ethics and enthusiasm that I do? Is there a code of standards that all "reputable" rescuers have to abide by that I can access or some legality with the government to be a charity?

I read what the moderators had to say and recognize that this is potentially a contentious issue and so I hope this post has not offended anyone and that I am following the rules with the above question.

I am just trying to get advice to make an informed decision......I have heard that some rescues are fronts for shady operators such as mills and puppybrokers, and I am also aware that there are alot of great rescues out there, and, again that some of these perfectly good rescues seem to also get wrongly accused of being disreputable and in the end all I want to do is help the pooches and so I am wondering if anyone may be able to help me out, either with direct posts to this site or by emailing me privately with advice. whew!

I would really appreciate any help and thank you all in advance!