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  23. New member of the family - meet Sparky or Mr. Sparks (later, when he is older)
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  26. Baby Pics
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  29. want to help out
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  32. Help Please
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  37. Gray MAn
  38. If i have to get rid of my dog
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  44. Pet photo with Santa fundraiser
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  46. Bengal Cat...Looking To Adopt
  47. BENGAL CAT, BURLINGTON, ON. Looking to adopt
  48. Stop these poor dogs from returning to the puppy mill - petition!
  49. Anyone going to Toronto (or Kingston)?
  50. Wait period after infections before fostering again
  51. To all you who rescue
  52. Update on the " Stray Drifter"
  53. gotcha scruffy
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  57. Rose and kitten
  58. Animatch
  59. Foster dog in heat
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  61. Please Help Me Make a Choice
  62. The dogs and cats of the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts
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  64. ISO--Help/advice for abandonned cats in Lachine, Quebec
  65. Looking to adopt a pitbull in Montreal
  66. Fostering queens (pregnant cats)?
  67. Thanks to those who help!
  68. rescue
  69. l lost my mojo
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  71. Japanese Chin
  72. Dog rescue and boarding facilities
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  75. Rescues and Children
  76. Upcoming Doggie Wash / Spa
  77. I hate to ask, but...(Cornwall)
  78. Doggie Wash-A-Thon! October 23, 24, 25th
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  87. How long??
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  103. Prayer of St. Francis
  104. Dexter's Road to Recover - Severe Demodex Mange
  105. I am looking for an American Bulldog rescue
  106. Getting ready to foster
  107. Preparing the home
  108. Advice on what to do!
  109. New Foster Has Demodex Mange...
  110. Adoption Form
  111. Rescuing hairless cats?
  112. What about this rescue?
  113. Is there a Rottie rescue
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  115. Horse Rescue
  116. Anxiety about Giving Up Cats
  117. Without Borders Boxer Rescue - BOXER WALK fundraiser - Vancouver, BC
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  119. How does one start a rescue ?
  120. Without Borders Boxer Rescue - PUB NIGHT FUNDRAISER - Vancouver, BC
  121. Ownership/rescue question. If you read this novel, you're my hero
  122. Pregnant feral cat
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  124. Feral Cats
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  127. Eleven Eleven Rescue
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