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News article - Homeless cat population out of control (Moncton, NB)

June 20th, 2005, 09:57 AM
Saw the following at the CBC NB news website and thought I'd pass along:

Homeless cat population out of control
Last updated Jun 20 2005 10:26 AM ADT
CBC News
MONCTON The Moncton SPCA has the stray cat blues.

It's taking in up to 40 abandoned cats a day and it's run out of places to put them.

Cute and homeless

"The major part of the problem is there are many, many cats who are not fixed and it's becoming a perpetual cycle, over and over," said Victoria Craig of the Moncton SPCA.

"Their babies are having babies and it just keeps going and going and we have a city full of unaltered cats."

The Moncton animal shelter is only equipped to handle about 100 cats at a time and it's already past that limit.

Craig says it would much rather find homes for the homeless felines than have to put them down.

The SPCA is waiving its adoption fees, so that anyone who wants a cat can get one. Or maybe two or three.

There's just one catch.

If the adopted cat hasn't been spayed or neutered, the new owners will have to make a deposit equal to the value of getting the animal fixed.

When they show proof that they've had their pet sterilized, they'll get their money back.

For those cats who can't nuzzle their way into someone's heart, the future is bleak. Craig says the SPCA will have no choice the homeless felines will have to be killed.