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Blue Point Siamese in Need

July 8th, 2005, 01:47 AM
I was reading the purebred sites on my bookmarks to help the person seeking some Cornish Rex kitties when I came across this Blue Point in need. She is in Fl and for some reason, I think we have her on the Siamese Rescue site too but what do you guys think?

This poor girl appears to have lost the only home she has ever known and I need a vacation (badly it seems, lol - I am having a tough time with post traumatic stress ever since that live 8 concert was held. (For some reason, the images bring me back to a day once when no less than 10 toddlers died of AIDS in my arms when I was in Sumatra with MSF and that and my own chronic pain have made sleep difficult). It was just so hopeless - you do everything possible and it is made all the worse b/c you know the meds are available @ home but not there. Money galore was coming in at that stage but it was too late for those children. There were other bad days but even in counties with horrible war wounds, that one standsout. I was dreaming ab0ut it yesterday AM when I realized CBC Radio - which I set my alarm to - was actually reporting on a live story.)

At any rate, I thought I might visit my folks' home in the Tampa Bay area and see how she and YY get along. I'd drive and take YY with me. Whatya think???

July 8th, 2005, 02:32 AM
Did you notice the date?

What's happening with your sick friend, Cyber? Does it look like she'll be able to take back her kitties?

July 8th, 2005, 03:25 AM
Just wrote a long response and I am so tired and out of sorts, I lost it. ne of THOSE nites. I am actuallty going to take a sick day today - there will be utter amazement at work, lol

No, I did not not notice the date. Imagine if I'd arrived there asking for a cat shown on their site LAST year, lol Oh boy!!! My only exccuse for that stupidity is exhaustion or maybe I am just plain unobservant and not too swift,, lol Thx for telling me!!

And thx for asking about my friend. Casey and Chelsea are still here - there has been no improvement. She is still in a coma, breathing with the aid of a ventilator. It's been rough on all of us - especially HER!!!!! But I go and sitwith her, read her the news, show her pictures of her furbabies and p;ay MP3 files of their meows and purrs for mommy. I am sure if I could sneak them in to purr with her, she'd get better. I know they help my pain sometimes!! I had minor spinal surgery (more like 10 lumbar punctures - a new procedure known as radiofrequency denervation) myself last week and all three cats laid down with me and purred where it hurt and I am certain they helped the pain. :)

Say a little (or big) prayer for my friend - ir if you are not religious, keep her in your thoughts!! We still hold out hope!

July 8th, 2005, 10:31 AM
Oh how I wish she was better. Those poor kitties. Sending get well vibes for her. :grouphug:

Thanks CK, I did email 2 of them to look for cornish rexes.

:grouphug: for you.