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new foster mom

March 18th, 2005, 10:31 PM
I have been working with a local feral cat rescue to start fostering cats for them. I have one cat of my own (female, about a year) and was originally going to take two young adults from the rescue, but the rescue coordinator called me today and asked me to take a third foster. They are all siblings, two boys and a girl and under a year old. My question is, is three going to be pushing it, space-wise? I live in a two bedroom apartment and I know the fosters need to be kept in a seperate room at least for awhile, until the introduction process with my own cat has been completed. I don't want them to live uncomfortably but I also don't want to put my cat in a bedroom all day so the fosters get the run of the apartment as I'm concerened about my cat not feeling neglected at all and adjusting well.

Also i'm worried about giving them enough attention. I work part time (three days a week) and take a class at a nearby university. My fiance works full time. Someone would be home with them nearly all day, three days a week and they would only be alone for a few hours two days a week, although a couple of days they will be home alone for about 8 hours while we are both working. I know they don't necessarily need the same amount of stimulation a puppy would need, but since socialization is such a big part of this process, i want to make sure i can exceed expectations in that department. The rescue coordinator will be coming by the apartment on Sunday so I will be able to discuss some of this with her in more depth, but I guess I am just hoping for some feedback from some of you who do this regularly. Thanks a lot! :)