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Newspaper Articles of Interest (animal/pet related) from Around the World

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  1. SPCA Monteregie
  2. TV helicopter pilot saves stranded deer (wonderful story with video)
  3. Pets and Compassion
  4. Exhausted Westmount Cat Lady decides to call it quits
  5. A Cold One For Man's Best Friend
  6. Japan, Home of the Cute and Inbred Dog
  7. Montreal metal-winning figure-skater bares all
  8. PETA workers face 25 felony counts in North Carolina
  9. 500 dogs killed
  10. Wonderful Story
  11. Doggie beer? Pet shop owner sees a niche
  12. Huge python makes a meal of 11 guard dogs
  13. Animal VC for Sadie, the heroine of Kabul
  14. BSL = safer city?
  15. Barbaro euthanized
  16. Plucky duck survives another brush with death
  17. A virtual scratch behind the ears for doggies
  18. Kamloops Breeder Found Guilty
  19. Golden Retriever Missing for 6 Yrs Reunited with Owners
  20. Cat bath hell thrives on Web
  21. Nerves as Frayed as the Sofa? Call Your Own Dog Whisperer
  22. Rottweiler Mothers Lambs
  23. Crash victim saved by Dog
  24. Runaway dog credited with rescuing crash victim
  25. steryotypes cause breed bans
  26. Designer Dogs (long but interesting)
  27. Pitbul puppy bit off boys foot?
  28. a little good news out of Florida..
  29. Build a sanctuary and they will come
  30. Fundraising questions dog Montreal's SPCA
  31. GSD Club of America Votes In Andrew Hunte As A Member!
  32. Another SPCA seizure
  33. Humane Society: 'Faux fur' often dog hair
  34. Some press for
  35. spca laval seizure..?!
  36. being sued by Humane Society of The US
  37. Another puppy mill bust
  38. Dogfighting popularity surges in Russia
  39. WARNING graphic photos! Cats in horrific conditions.
  40. Unfair press for Rottweillers?
  41. Dog with expensive taste
  42. Brothers get 10 years for cooking puppy in oven
  43. 10News Uncovers Possible Canine Con
  44. Pooch swallows $5,000 snack
  45. Why People Love Dogs!Its more complicated than you think
  46. SPCA finds warm homes for freezing kitties (Cape Breton)
  47. Cat adopts Rottie puppy at Humane Society
  48. Puppy killer gets 10yrs..
  49. Dog Groomer Allegedly Cuts Off Ear, Super Glues It Back On
  50. Las Vegas shelter kills 1,000 animals
  51. Woman Saves Puppy Tossed From Truck
  52. Amazing article, a few animals too
  53. Neighbors Beat Attacking Dogs To Get Them Off Woman
  54. As dogs and cats live longer, senility becomes an issue
  55. SPCA Monteregie 3RD SEIZURE
  56. Supervise children playing with dogs, doctors advise
  57. Home neutering leads to 2 fines
  58. faux fur is real dog hair
  59. $500 reward for clues about Ottawa dog death
  60. Henrietta, Chicken of Mystery
  61. Bills would protect animals
  62. How horrible is this...
  63. 5 year ban from animal ownership
  64. Yes but will you love my pets
  65. As pets live longer, doggie dementia on the rise
  66. Dating Web site takes pets into account
  67. Concordia Professor Helps Stray Cats MTL
  68. Here is a list of the toxins that you need to keep out of your pet’s reach:
  69. Tigers, Orangutans Playmates
  70. Dog With College Degree Called To Ohio Cour
  71. Gunmen dognap L.A. family’s puppies
  72. Chongqing residents ordered to turn over their pet dogs for cull
  73. Dog Stolen in Ottawa
  74. Four Women Accused Of Stealing Dogs
  75. "Kitten boom" in T.O.
  76. Doggone No Longer: Dachshund, missing a year, found in Bronx
  77. Police: 22 Dogs Left In Home With One Bowl Of Food, No Water
  78. Dog Freezes To Death
  79. Nebraska man saves bulldog with mouth-to-snout resuscitation
  80. 2nd Hand Smoke Study re: Pets
  81. Gift wrapped head of missing dog left for girl
  82. Firefighters rescue young beagle
  83. Ontario SPCA investigators removing 28 animals today from a Kerwood animal facility
  84. Pet-Shop Puppies!
  85. Menu Foods Pet food recall
  86. Dog days at the leash free
  87. A little lamb
  88. Menu foods - animals died in tests!
  89. Authorities locate ’cat lady’ suspected of killing 650 animals
  90. Activist to zoo: Wrong to save baby polar bear
  91. Tokyo Loves their Dogs!
  92. Tainted Food Fingered In Kahnawake Cat Death
  93. Suspect arrested in delivery of dog's head to neighbor
  94. 4 Sudbury pets potentially poisioned by Menu foods recall.
  95. Quebec Is All Bark And No Bite
  96. Is pet food bad for pets?
  97. Bad nasty groomer
  98. Finally an article on the menu foods in the Star
  99. Recall spurs demand for organic pet food and other recall articles
  100. Fat cat snaps, forces owner to barricade herself in room
  101. FDA bars wheat gluten used in recalled pet food
  102. Horse Watchers Await Foal
  103. Duplicate- sorry!
  104. Fredericton vet says pet food recall was too late
  105. Homemade pet-chow books spike after recall
  106. Lost dog found four years later, 1,100 miles from home
  107. Dog biscuits added to pet food recall
  108. Cat saves family from certain death
  109. The Geese Police
  110. now even more homless
  111. get ready to cry
  112. Easter Bunny Eggsposed
  113. New Tricks
  114. American Staffordshire Terrier involved in incident with child at AKC event.
  115. Legal battle: My son, the chimp
  116. very few people switched foods
  117. poop in the green bin
  118. Cat riding the bus :)
  119. Puppy killed in dog attack
  120. Barrie SPCA-puppy stolen
  121. Man living in a home with a thick layer of animal feces arrested, authorities say
  122. Food for thought
  123. FDA: Pet food tainting might be intentional
  124. Tainted petfood beeing fed to hogs
  125. Melamine in pet food may not be accidental
  126. Cat Gives Term Litter New Meaing
  127. Cloned dogs to be mated as test
  128. When Is It Going To End?
  129. Prozac approved for misbehaving mutts
  130. Another dog dragged behind vehicle
  131. More pet food made with tainted protein pulled
  132. Why your dog wags its tail with a bias to the left or right
  133. Horse Killed in Barn Fire
  134. More food problems...
  135. Link between pet food recall and our own dinner table
  136. Tiny terrier saves five kids from two pit bulls
  137. Pet food recall expanded!Manufacturer suspects possible cross-contamination with othe
  138. The President Signs Landmark Animal Fighting Legislation
  139. Cat too scary for Canadian mail carriers
  140. This is one messed up 6th grader
  141. Police Investigate Conditions At Mile Hi Humane Society
  142. Rotti bit off girl's ear
  143. Cat killed by animal "welfare" worker
  144. A happier cat story
  145. Ligers
  146. News on the puppy with the ears cut off
  147. Abused puppy to go back to owner
  148. Humane Society pushes to ban pet sales to labs
  149. working dog
  150. two rottweilers kill two cats inToronto
  151. Another pit bull poll.
  152. dog harness
  153. Dog Nurses Tiger Triplets at Zoo
  154. Stolen Dogs
  155. roadside zoo in Ontario - and diplomatic incident?
  156. Man accused of starving cocker spaniel
  157. Dolphins prevent NZ shark attack
  158. Amazing survival story: Cat shot with arrow
  159. Couple Says Motorist Littered Kittens
  160. Woman Swept Away By Water While Trying To Save Dog
  161. Article on why you should not adopt from a shelter
  162. What we can learn from cancer in the animal kingdom
  163. Cat Slips in Suitcase - Gets Through Security!!
  164. Artist to EAT a corgi...
  165. A Pampered Pet Nation
  166. What's Eating Kitty?
  167. OK everyone pile on
  168. MPP wants jail time
  169. Colossal Cat comes with Princely Price Tag
  170. Deer Visits NB Legislature
  171. Going for the Throat!!
  172. Quebec shelters overflowing
  173. Mo. AG wants Humane Society disbanded
  174. Lost cat, lost heart
  175. Death Sentence For China's Drug Regulator
  176. Charges For Making Faces At Police Dog Dropped
  177. When Animals Attack—and Defend.Youtube
  178. Owner Faces 7 Counts of Animal Cruelty
  179. California advances bill to sterilize pets
  180. Sheriff: Puppies Rescued From Alleged Puppy Mill Operation
  181. brave new world?
  182. Golfer saves drowning dog.
  183. Shelter Euthanizing Animals Inhumanely, Ex-Workers Say
  184. Doggie da Vincis
  185. Abandoned Dog Continues To Recover From 'Astounding' Abuse
  186. Wounded dog was used as "bait"
  187. Firefighters flush kitten from storm drain
  188. They Take the Bounce Out of Bowser
  189. Another deer in a building
  190. These Incidents Demonstrate the Need for Tougher Animal Protection Laws
  191. Pit bull mauls woman over 90% of body
  192. Finding a good breeder
  193. Puppy Stolen
  194. Super Whippet
  195. Owner of roadside zoo hit with summons
  196. Halifax's Proposed "Cat Police"
  197. Dog Cancer Remedy
  198. Dog May be First to Try Ingrown Leg
  199. cat returns home after TEN years
  200. For Poor Families, an Added Burden
  201. Tot killed by grandparents' dog - Ottawa Area
  202. whats next
  203. Cute Video
  204. Turtle Rescue
  205. Freedom!
  206. 4th of July fireworks result in fatal injury
  207. Loving animal deserves better than abandonment
  208. Samson, Britain's biggest dog
  209. Pit bull attack tale scary
  210. Foreclosure's filthy aftermath-Pets left for dead
  211. Online cat crusaders save pets from Chinese chefs
  212. Abused Lab Puppy Found in a Ditch
  213. This makes me sick....Man strangles Rottweiler to death
  214. Air Canada's pet ban plan partly nixed
  215. Update!Football player is in trouble for dogfighting.
  216. World's Worst Dog Owner
  217. Abused Dog Ready For Adoption
  218. Cornwall SPCA Fire
  219. Pair with horse, 7 dogs in home arrested
  220. Claws out in Florida Keys over Hemingway cats
  221. Dogfighting a booming business, experts say
  222. Quebec stems rabies outbreak
  223. To funny!Unless it was my money the dog ate
  224. Oprah Winfrey's Beloved Golden Retriever Dies
  225. Choosing a Dog That's Right for You!
  226. Abandoned Puppies
  227. Allistair
  228. One more step closer!! Football player-not for long.
  229. Confirmed case of rabies in bat (Sudbury area)
  230. Heartwarming, had to share
  231. Saving my cat, why no price is too high: Newsweek feature
  232. Cat Predicts Patients' Deaths
  233. wow
  234. 29 days on a mountain
  235. Sweet baby birds
  236. A 13,000 Mile Journey
  237. Update on the Pet Bylaw talks in Halifax
  238. standing up to bad owners
  239. Halifax Council Changes Mind on Limiting Number of Pets!
  240. very nice story
  241. This one's a MUST see!
  242. Convicted Animal Abuser Gets Abused Dog Back
  243. 16 Yr Old beats kitten
  244. Pit Bull Puppies Stolen in Nova Scotia!
  245. Dog Owner Stabs Another Dog During Fight
  246. a new twist on free to good home
  247. Nursing home for old dogs
  248. cat from hell
  249. OSPCA suspends licence of Toronto animal cruelty officer
  250. 130 cats-feeding time= FRENZY.