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Newspaper Articles of Interest (animal/pet related) from Around the World

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  1. Another Dumb Idea
  2. The Cat came Back
  3. "I couldn't believe the dog was alive"
  4. Dog in cage drowns after dumped into lake
  5. Rescued beagle can live life to the Max
  6. Pup thrown to death from 3rd floor...Domestic Dispute
  7. Dog Set On Fire
  8. Two children accused of animal cruelty in puppy's death
  9. What about the positive stories?
  10. Alternatives for Chronically Ill Pets
  11. New York cafe caters to kitties
  12. The dog that saved Toronto
  13. Employees are suspended for trying to save dog at SPCA
  14. Artsy Cats
  15. Iams Demo Article
  16. Doggies give Blood
  17. "Let's ban pit bulls" - Globe and Mail editorial
  18. Toronto Int. Film Fest. to screen "Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat"
  19. Cats can catch, spread bird flu: study
  20. SPCA contract in Delta ends amid public complaints
  21. Petcetera offers $5,000 reward to solve dognapping
  22. Government is Listening??
  23. When puppies strike back!!
  24. Pup shoots man, saves litter mates
  25. Army Training Exercise That Injures Goats Causing Controversy
  26. Be careful in Saskatoon Parks!!!!
  27. Pedigree pet food recall
  28. Now THAT's a Clean Cat!
  29. Pitbull ban in Vancouver now????????
  30. Fat Cat
  31. 3 Strikes Means No More Pets In Bluffs
  32. Cats VS Dogs
  33. Yet another one...
  34. Landlord's kiss saves spin kitten
  35. Read if you want to be sick - goldens in need
  36. National Service Dogs
  37. Hog-Tied Dog Washes Up On Beach
  38. Dog shot 3 times while trapped in river; survives
  39. Here we go again
  40. It's worth the wait
  41. Like we need another reason to love 'em!
  42. GSD Attack in St. Catherines
  43. St.Cath Standard Bryant/BSL
  44. Dog twarts suspect
  45. Amherstburg Echo Unique article re:BSL
  46. Pet dog kills 5-week-old infant
  47. OPP puts the bite on puppy nappers
  48. Iams blinks (maybe)
  49. Goodbye, Homer
  50. Pet Rescues Family From Burning Home
  51. Cats of New York
  52. Italy Bans Collies and Corgis
  53. Stars Offer Reward for Dog-Drowning Arrest
  54. no more pit bull terror!
  55. Pit Bull Found after 6 years
  56. bad news for pit bulls
  57. a dog has his day
  58. Vet now back in Canada?
  59. Another Newspaper Story Pitbills
  60. Labrador Retrieval
  61. St.Catharines standard Pitbulls...2 thumbs up
  62. Some great articles/letters to editor TO Star
  63. 3 Arrested For Alleged Pit Bull Fighting
  64. World's First Hypo-Allergenic Cats....
  65. The cat that walks alone is a happy cat, says vet study
  66. Canine couture costumes fetch hundreds
  67. Loving a pet has health benefits,
  68. Dog saves woman's life by calling 911 AND IT IS A ROTTWEILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Great article with stats... dog bites
  70. My Fiance's Dogs
  71. New puppy to pad around White House
  72. Dog shot and found wondering Phoenix streets
  73. Go Ahead, Sleep With Your Dog
  74. Regarding breed banning ...
  75. Animal Shelter Must Stop Euthanizing Animals
  76. Control the sale of fireworks !
  77. The great Arab-Muslim-American puppy story
  78. Cat Kidney Transplants Come With Controversy
  79. Man Accused Of Burning Dogs Enters Plea
  80. Sad Story re Nova Scotia SPCA
  81. Canadians open arms to Americans
  82. Puppy that lost leg receiving prosthesis
  83. From Discover magazine
  84. Proposed Law: NB Bad dog law won't work, committee hears
  85. Woman, 82, Wrestles Pet Out Of Dog's Jaws
  86. Police: Man Beat Dogs Bloody Because He Couldn't Sleep
  87. New Brunswick Says No to Banning Certain Dog Breeds
  88. From the Barrie Advance - Bait Dog's Story
  89. Dog Bites Man
  90. Dolphin story
  91. Finding way for friends and Fido to get along
  92. New devices help solve pets' peeves
  93. Special Delivery- Newborn Kits!!!!
  94. Amazing Golden Retriever saves young boy's life
  95. Letter to editor with clear facts
  96. Charged....
  97. Oops! Pound gives away pooch after family asks for it back
  98. Charged!! Stouffville, Ontario
  99. Cat's Paw Mutilated; Do-It-Yourself Vet Charged
  100. Warning - Graphic Pictures....
  101. Pit Bull muzzle challenge in London today
  102. Man bites dog, police say
  103. Police Believe They've Exposed Dog-Fighting Ring
  104. Bill Would Ban Pit Bulls In New Mexico
  105. Cat lovers fined for stopping on a highway to save feline
  106. St. Paul Limits Leash Time
  107. $50,000 cat
  108. Puppy Mill Busted in NB
  109. Hero Police Dog
  110. Pharmacists increasingly count on slice of animal prescription business
  111. Wal-Mart workers charged in cat shooting
  112. Tsunami kills thousands of people in Sri Lanka but few animals
  113. Family dog back on all fours after VIP treatment
  114. Did animals' 'sixth sense' save them from tsunami?
  115. Possible dog poisoning in Winnipeg:
  116. Siamese cat survives three frigid days in snowbank on P.E.I.
  117. Tsunami survivors ... dolphins
  118. Dog rescues boy, 7, as family flees wave
  119. Man jailed for allegedly starving mother dog, puppies
  120. Dog rescued from icy lake thanks to firefighters, beagle
  121. Judge orders drug addict to stop having children
  122. Dog Found With Throat Slashed, Survives Injuries
  123. Animal Rescuers seeking funds....
  124. Police: Unprovoked Teen Shoots Neighbor's Dog In Face
  125. Dog survives snatch by eagle, cold for a week
  126. Abused, abandoned puppy going home
  127. Not really about pets, but still nice...
  128. Court Condemns Pit Bulls
  129. Show Low considers a ban on pit bulls
  130. Man Arrested For Allegedly Beating Dog With Shovel
  131. Absolutely horrendous horse abuse story
  132. Ontario Pit bull underground railroad
  133. No charges in chicken cruelty case
  134. Man catches falling dog
  135. Cat survives perilous trip from Port Moody to Vancouver in car's engine
  136. Siamese cat survives three frigid days in snowbank on P.E.I.
  137. Animal activists protest cat-killer doc
  138. Stray cat inherits house, trust fund
  139. Saga of Britain's official cats revealed under new Freedom of Information Act
  140. Shame - Animal Control Director charged with animal fighting
  141. Hog dog rodeos
  142. Why dog training fails
  143. St.Leonard wants a pitbull ban...
  144. fat cat
  145. 2 Students Admit To Torturing Pet Hamster
  146. Guard dogs kill owner, another man
  147. Amazing video
  148. 63 neglected cats discovered during traffic stop
  149. City Council Approves Stricter Laws On Fido
  150. Cool story
  151. Mail Carrier Rescues 9-Pound Pooch From Canal
  152. Pit Bulls Shot After Attacking Officers
  153. Are Pit Bulls Getting A Bad Rap?
  154. Yorkie almost a midnight snack........
  155. She talks to the animals
  156. Elephant's death revives cold weather debate
  157. Goldfish Shooters?
  158. Canine Concierge
  159. The Majestic Eagle
  160. Pit bull found abandoned after botched ear crop
  161. 25 pups rescued from farm near Arthur Ont.
  162. Growling dog alters British postal delivery:
  163. Surveillance Camera Catches Man Allegedly Abusing Puppy
  164. 'Ugliest' dog to join Westminster Show
  165. Elephants saved lives when the Tsunami hit
  166. 911 Operator Calls Mother 'Stupid' After Pit Bull Attacks Boy
  167. Pampered pooches nestle in lap of luxury
  168. Lebanon Considers Ordinance Limiting Residents To 4 Pets
  169. The Dog Whisperer
  170. Dog dies in Kennel (from Halifax Herald)
  171. Court spares dog's life
  172. Fox Hunting now illegal in Britain
  173. A journey on the dog underground railroad.
  174. Police man bit by Pit bull
  175. people and pets personality article
  176. Top dog? Bite me!
  177. Purina recall - fyi
  178. Hundreds Of Dogs Found In Puppy Mill
  179. Guide Dog Saves Blind Woman
  180. Pit Bull Shot After Biting Officer
  181. Man bites guide dog
  182. Dog attacks postie, & it's NOT a PB!!!
  183. Putrid Smell Leads Officers To Dozens Of Sick Cats In Trailer
  184. Puppy found with ears, tail cut off
  185. Cats and dogs become fur coats!! Gosh!!
  186. Cat that finds way into soldiers' hearts has new home in Maine
  187. Chimps critically injure sanctuary visitor
  188. Toddler mauled in dog fight
  189. seal hunt protest march 15
  190. Wife: Victim tried to reason with chimps during attack
  191. Firefighter seeks law legalizing hunting of stray cats
  192. Cat hunting in Wisconsin....
  193. Diary of a Dog versus Diary of a Cat ( Humour )
  194. Dog Shot in Essex....
  195. Open Season on Cats in Wisconsin?
  196. Ottawa: Cruelty charges laid in Rottweiler beating
  197. Sled dog slaughter...
  198. Puppy found in Dumpster coated in oil, ticks
  199. Sled dogs train, perform like top athletes
  200. sad story for any dog!!
  201. 2005 Iditarod conclusion
  202. Dead dog found taped to steering wheel of SUV
  203. Video dog,no t sure if this will work
  204. Write Cubby home See always have a good ending
  205. Old tale has a new twist: Three bears and a beagle
  206. DNA- news story - man beats Pit Bull
  207. M.E. To Determine If Dogs Bit Woman To Death
  208. Puppy justice! Today's paper
  209. Disease fatal for pets
  210. Easter lilies often fatal to nibbling felines
  211. Cat Set On Fire, Tossed Off School Roof
  212. Cute Kitten Story
  213. Pit Bull Mauls 3-Year-Old Boy
  214. Letter Carrier recounts vicious dog attack
  215. two_legged_dog.wmv
  216. Hordes of dogs live in squalor
  217. Boxcar Betty beats odds
  218. Relief for People with Cat Allergies
  219. economics
  220. Admitted dog dragger gets probation
  221. Abused puppy gets a family
  222. extremely disturbing horse abuse case
  223. Arkansas judge orders dogs debarked
  224. puppy mill bust
  225. 12-Year-Old Boy Attacked By Pair Of Pit Bulls
  226. Police: Girl, 6, Mauled To Death By Pit Bulls
  227. Even animals laugh!
  228. A Fecalgram for Cat Shooter (gross but well deserved)
  229. Unwanted Aspen Sled Dogs Shot In Head
  230. Where are the gentle kind stories?
  231. Dog Lymphoma Survivor
  232. The art of wordplay in naming your pet
  233. funny videos (really)
  234. Cat of many stripes - Nova Scotia Cat Show
  235. After 16 Years, it was Time to Let Max Go
  236. Arizona Humane Society to star in new reality show
  237. Two pit bulls rescue woman from red chow
  238. Dog Saves Woman During Gator Attack
  239. Five months living in forest, Bonnie's going home
  240. Questions linger after deadly pit bull attack
  241. please read article i posted.....
  242. Any idea what kind of dog this is?
  243. Dog attack in Halifax?
  244. Horrible incident in WIndsor
  245. Horrible horrible idea shot down- thank heavens!!!
  246. Obituary for Snowy the dog
  247. my father in law sent this to me
  248. Judge orders dog returned to its original owner
  249. Little Rickys Mom
  250. A Law Dogs Would Write, if They Were Lawyers...