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Newspaper Articles of Interest (animal/pet related) from Around the World

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  1. Dog must be walked 3 times a day
  2. Moses pulled from the river
  3. Tucson fugitive wanted for sodomizing puppy
  4. Dog found with chain embedded in neck
  5. Pet-friendly license plate debuts
  6. Girl, 4, Killed By Family Rottweilers
  7. Dozens Contract Illness From Small Pets
  8. Stray dog rescues infant
  9. Police officer shoots pit bull
  10. How much is a cat's life worth?
  11. Monkeys Escape From Research Center On Northshore
  12. Va. County Responds to Pit-Bull Death
  13. Dog & Baby both get homes...
  14. High School Biology class dissects live dog
  15. Rotweiller peppersprayed by Police....
  16. Sydney dog abuser gets dogs back
  17. girl scarred from one bite from husky
  18. shame on CANADA..biggest slaughter.Baby seals:(
  19. Pit Bull Ban in Guysborough County, NS
  20. 200 Dead Cats Found in N.J.
  22. Cracking down on animal abuse
  23. clone your kitty for a cool 30,000$
  24. Huskies get reprieve....
  25. Police shoot Pitbull
  26. Scarred animal found bleeding from birthing near shelter
  27. I woke the neighbour laughing
  28. "Wild" dogs in Hamilton??
  29. Mixing Cats and Dogs. Info please.
  30. Airlines to Begin Tallying Pet Casualties
  31. Woman, dog viciously attacked twice in two days
  32. Driveway to hell for pooch
  33. Police: Man admits to stabbing, hanging dog
  34. Salmonella in pet treats
  35. Miniature Horse Mauled By Pit Bulls
  36. Dog Saves Family, But Can't Help Furry Friends
  37. Sheriff's jailbirds to take care of dogs, cats
  38. Dog walkers restricted to 3 dogs in Toronto..
  39. This woman should be charged
  40. Hartz pulls flea drops
  41. 3 dogs died after going in water.
  42. Pit bull attack caused by refusal to alter
  43. Sickk people live in our world
  44. Golden Retriever Summoned To Court
  45. Teen could face charges in puppy burning
  46. Man in kitten beating gets 6 months in jail
  47. Burned puppy dies
  48. Whoaaaa!
  49. PETA employees charged with Animal Abuse
  50. Kitten born with 2 faces
  51. Owner sentenced to jail in ax slaughter of pets
  52. pit bull attack in Cambridge on weekend
  53. Sad Story of a Teen Who Sexually Abused A Dog
  54. Police: Lions free kidnapped girl
  55. Six-Legged Puppy
  56. SPCA Montreal
  57. New methods for dealing with pain in pets
  58. Acupuncture for My Border Collie
  59. Moore Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Ban Pit Bulls In State
  60. Lions Free Kidnapped Girl
  61. Calls For Crackdown On Pit Bulls
  62. A Siamese on the Run
  63. 'Spoiled' show dog gets taste of freedom, avoids capture
  64. Can Dogs Sniff Out Cancer?
  65. Scientists Create "Zombie Dogs"
  66. Underground Railroad for Pit Bulls
  67. Fido, fireworks not a good mix
  68. Denver overturns ban on pit bulls
  69. Eight horses die after being spooked in trail ride ahead of Calgary Stampede
  70. Elderly Man Killed In Dog Attack
  71. Dogs Get Their Own Holiday Event
  72. Family can keep dog
  73. Aurora Considers Banning Pit Bulls
  74. Pets died on airlines..........
  75. Canine Sex Shocker....
  76. Dog Alerts Family To Burning Barn
  77. Pima Animal Care Center seizes 94 retired racing greyhounds
  78. Law proposed to keep dogs' heads in vehicles
  79. Top Dog Why Americans Love labs
  80. Hybrid wolves attack Arizona family
  81. Dog Dumping, Fighting Rings Growing Problem For City
  82. Animal case angers senior
  84. Petition ALert: 15-yr-old Blind and Deaf Dog Kicked To Death
  85. Not nearly enough but it's a start
  86. Sad Story!!
  87. Pit Bull Owners in a Panic Over Denver Ban
  88. Dog Found After 5 Years (Inspiring and Wonderful Story!)
  89. kitty-proof keyboard
  90. Free to good homes: 500 cats
  91. UhOh, First there was CC the copycat and now meet Snuppy!
  92. Stuffed in garbage, cat on the mend
  93. from todays rag
  94. Pit Bullstill Bullies
  95. Pope Ratzinger Is A Lover Of Cats!
  96. Cloned dog
  97. Girls Deliver Kittens
  98. Therapy dog
  99. Hypoallergenic Pets???
  100. Letter on pit bulls
  101. Los Angeles Bans Chaining Dogs
  102. Just How Dangerous Are Pit Bulls?
  103. 'The officers befriended the dogs'
  104. Someone Help!!! Worlds Ugliest Dog
  105. 43 dogs numerous cats rescued from filth
  106. Paris Hilton
  107. Tiger kills teen during photo pose
  108. What is with celebrity trainers???
  109. Ontario Liberals: Toronto Shootings? Look a pit bull!
  110. Second annual fundraiser for strays in Greece...
  111. BANNING not enough...they still want our dogs gone!
  112. Pit bull article - actually makes sense!
  113. Pitbull puppy stolen London Ontario
  114. PIT BULL puppy snatched off street!!
  115. Edmonton Rottweiler Attacks -
  116. Game over for London: PIT BULL ATTACK!!
  117. State Farm still Fair Insurer
  118. cat saving tips Montreal
  119. Petition: Dogs & Cats Used As Shark Bait
  120. Pit Bull Attacks 2-Year-Old
  121. Big suprise here: dumping pit bulls!!
  122. Pets can help us lose weight
  123. disturbing dog story
  124. Hiton Hotels Bending the Rules on Pets due to Katrina
  125. You have just got to see this! Cruelty
  126. I find the last line very disturbing
  127. Nova Scotiaís dog finds friends all over
  128. Doggie park new pick up spot.
  129. Poor Demi!
  130. New York Times update on Katrina pet situation
  131. Dog Collars for Katrina Rescue
  132. Judge tosses dog custody case
  133. Pet rescuers race against time
  134. Rescued...
  135. Operation Pet Lift
  136. Coppers Mom Need You Help Again
  137. Video of Pets from the hurricane,Hope i did it right
  138. BC vets & techs to help in Louisiana
  139. Pussy palace is the catís meow
  140. Canine Evacuees Arrive In San Diego
  141. Oprah's pups
  142. Galveston allows for pet evacuations
  143. 160 abandoned dogs arrive from Louisiana
  144. The petfinder listings for Arizona
  145. Rita could equal $5 gas
  146. A New Deadly, Contagious Dog Flu
  147. A rather gloomy NY Times article on NO pets
  148. Amazing what a puppy can ingest
  149. Nesbitt the cat survives -- and other New Orleans stories
  150. Interesting article
  151. Dogs used as shark bait
  152. Airforce pays Santa for death of reindeer
  153. Car made for dogs
  154. Dog needs $2,400 operation if she is to stop wearing diapers
  155. Fix the SPCA (Montreal)
  156. For fans of irony . . . .
  157. TORONTO STAR (October 22nd) PUPPY MILLS
  158. Just another way our doggies keep us healthy. Who needs the gym
  159. Dog owners must walk pets 3X/day in Rome! It's the LAW!
  160. Missing U.S. cat found in France
  161. puppy mill convictions - how the victims are doing
  162. Saint John Warns People to Keep Cats Inside
  163. Drug DEalers Steal Unweaned Baby Goldens and 8 week old Meezer Kitten!
  164. Jumpy Enough to Chew a Chair? Try DogCatRadio
  165. Internet Radio Station for lonely dogs and cats!
  166. Kittens Bred Intentionally with Disabilities
  167. Any Comments on This?
  168. Please read this and tell me what you think
  169. What St**id comment
  170. Pitbull attack
  171. Desparate Need for Animal Rescuers New Orleans
  172. Animals left home alone - From Ottawa sun Thu Nov 10th
  173. CTV News to Highlight Puppy Mills
  174. Smile and Say 'Bone'
  175. Pack of Dogs Kill Crocodile In Florida
  176. Vet fakes' dogs death?
  177. Peg the Puppy . . . .
  178. Threadjacking
  179. Pet Therapy-- proved by science!!!
  180. this is just sad
  181. Innovative Punishment
  182. Report Recommends Stepping Up Pet Licensing in Toronto
  183. Reward tops $10,000 to find Yorkie killer
  184. The first attack in Ottawa, even officials aren't sure what to do.
  185. Woman mauled to death by dogs
  186. Killing of cats/dogs for fur in China:DISTURBING ARTICLE AND FOOTAGE
  187. Cookie the Cat
  188. Emily's Coming Home
  189. "baby" rescued, woman ticketed
  190. Cute Story on the BBC website
  191. My boy Nicky
  192. New Technology for Doggies
  193. Men are so EASY!
  194. Do dogs laugh ?
  195. Refreshingly Candid,
  196. Christmas puppy: why you shouldn't get one
  197. Abandoned newborn pups and mom reunited
  198. Was it the right thing to do?
  199. Puppy smuggling into USA from Mexico
  200. The story of Beau
  201. Cat gets 'Lucky' in rescue on icy river
  202. 2005 year in review from MSN great photos
  203. Toxic pet food kills 23 dogs
  204. Police officer attacked by five Chihuahuas
  205. The mystery of the disappearing Rottweiler
  206. Monica Campo Cat Rescuer Montreal
  207. Abandoned pooch lives life of Riley
  208. Green puppy!
  209. Lifetime breeding ban for puppy mill operator
  210. A Dog Man Gets a Cat
  211. hamilton \ burlington spca
  212. Worlds Worst Dog
  213. Pets at work! Why not!
  214. Golden Retriever strangles little girl
  215. Deaf collie hopes for thumbs up
  216. Newspaper publishes pitbull owners addresses
  217. Felines Move Into 24 Sussex (Yay!)
  218. Man Jailed for Setting a Cat on Fire
  219. FDA Finds Dog Food Not Properly Tested
  220. Katrina pet rescue numbers . . . .
  221. Young boy mauled on acreage . . . but whodonit?
  222. Puppies Used to Smuggle Drugs Discovered
  223. drug dealers using pups to smuggle drugs
  224. Hundreds of pet corpses dumped in West Virginia
  225. Lion cub & mastiff pup buddy up
  226. PETA is Murdering Thousands of Pets with Our Donations
  227. Puppies Found Frozen in Baltimore
  228. former abused dog saves owners life
  229. Dog treats killed our pets
  230. Class B Dog and Cat Dealers Are No Friends to the Animals
  231. Missing Whippet from Westminster show.
  232. Animal Cruelty
  233. The laws aren't going to the dogs
  234. Dogs attack police horse!!
  235. "Dealing Dogs" airs Tuesday, Feb 21 on HBO
  236. In the NY press
  237. Fur is the ultimate eco-fabric ???
  238. Puppy Auctions, please help stop!
  239. Some pretty sick cruelty
  240. Girl Weds Dog!
  241. Kitten Goes Undercover
  242. Toronto Sun highlights Neville the pit bull!!
  243. An Email my Brother sent me - photo from a newspaper
  244. Did anyone catch the CBC radio story today??
  245. The MEDIA Dictates the News
  246. Coyotes on Hamilton Mountain- article
  247. Nice Ass!
  248. Puppy Mill in Ripley ONT busted!
  249. hamiltons new zero tolerance policy
  250. "Forced" to shoot a cat for hissing?