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Newspaper Articles of Interest (animal/pet related) from Around the World

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  1. man who air nailed dogs to be sentenced today
  2. Your Pet Physical Exam
  3. Australian Cattle Dog saves the children
  4. Hero Dog Revolutionizes Policy in Battered Women's Shelter
  5. Boxer and pups left to die in cold
  6. Angell Woods (Montreal, QC)
  7. Potential Pet Poisonings in Toronto Neighbourhood
  8. Ontario MPPs support end to pit bull ban
  9. The circus will go on
  10. Wish the percentage was even higher.
  11. Seriously, how good is this?
  12. Police investigate suspicious dog death
  13. Drug shortage could affect pet surgeries
  14. More proof that pitbulls get a bad rap!
  15. Find the 5 best dogs for your family
  16. 14 myths and truths about rabbits as pets
  17. Banker saves Ducks - awesome!
  18. 31 dogs found in a Clarington puppy mill
  19. Stop the senseless breading of cats - that's right breading
  20. Good story about a Tiger who lived out his life in a sanctuary.
  21. Facebook Joins Fight Against Puppy Mills
  22. Pet crematoriums returning wrong remains
  23. Cats are rats -- ask the songbirds
  24. Time to rein in roaming cats, frustrated Vanier resident says
  25. Pit Bull battle: woman reunited with pet after almost 2 years
  26. Extremely lucky Rottie
  27. Dogs, But Not Wolves, Use Humans As Tools
  28. Another pet food recall
  29. Cows Crash Beer Party!
  30. Do not leave your pet in a car
  31. Passengers are a priority over pets on Air Canada flights
  32. Just unveiled in Oz. Tribute to service dogs lost in the line of duty.
  33. Woman Attacked by a Pack of Raccoons!!
  34. Dogs' evolution shows why they 'love' gnawing on bones
  35. Article in Globe & Mail - Raw meat for dogs: Is the theory half baked?
  36. Some people are just monsters
  37. The World Cutest Puppy , A Novia Scotia Duck Toller
  38. American Bar Association (ABA) urges repeal of all breed-specific laws
  39. Victoria Cat Hitchhikes to Winnipeg
  40. City of Montreal hates dogs!!! Aug 20 vote on new by-law
  41. Pamela Anderson not happy with Canada's new aquarium
  42. Sad day for ALL the dogs involved in this. (Pack of dogs kill guide dog)
  43. how sick is this (very graphic story not for the squeamish)
  44. Protest Today (Dealing with dangerous dogs) - Montreal - 1:30 PM - 275 Notre dame E.
  45. Dog People vs. Cat People: What Pet Preference Says About You
  46. Animal treatment questioned at Newmarket OSPCA
  47. Poison Hotdogs being Put Out by Landscaper
  48. Is This Cat Having A Bad Day???
  49. Looking at photos of baby animals improves productivity, study finds
  50. The lairy, wary cats stalking Jerusalem bins
  51. SWEARING - Howard Stern disgusted with Michael Vick's new dog.
  52. Abused and abandoned pets: Will Montreal’s $23 million change anything?
  53. L.A. Pet Shops Won’t Be Able To Sell Pets From Puppy Mills
  54. Finally - harsh consequences for animal abusers in Quebec
  55. Monkey 'adopts' kitten
  56. Montreal bylaw requires dogs understand commands in both official languages
  57. Eagle Grabs Baby And Fly Off!
  58. Star investigation OSPCA keeps staff salaries secret while seeking cash infusion from
  59. Woman accused of hanging dog inside animal shelter
  60. Cat living with birth defect.
  61. Cat Visit Owner Grave and leaving gifts!
  62. B.C. Corrections warns public about release of convicted animal killer
  63. Loyal dog continues to attend mass at church where owner’s funeral was held
  64. Why work when you can outsource your job and watch cat videos?
  65. Lost Cat Travel 190 Miles to Get Back Home!
  66. Amish couple make first court appearance in kennel case
  67. Toronto's vegan dog owners feeding pets veggies, too
  68. Dog with a Human looking face !
  69. Man Reunited With His Dog After 10 Years
  70. Proposal to ban de-clawing in Ontario
  71. Neutering affects dog health.
  72. Blind Husky and it Seeingeye dog found on Beach
  73. A HeartWarmer to Make Your Day
  74. Cat Video Festival returns to US
  75. Kismutt Rescue - Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! Magazine
  76. Nova Scotia pet seller thwarts Kijiji ban
  77. They Ate What? Pet X-Ray Contest 2012 Winners
  78. SPCA surgical unit to tackle soaring pet population
  79. Sheep Crossed with Jellyfish, eyes glow in the dark
  80. Shiny Dog Bowl Start Fire to House!
  81. It this a Hoax or Cat and Owl really friends??
  82. Badly burned kitten recovering after being doused in petrol and set on fire
  83. How Cruel Can Humans Be? Graphic Video
  84. Animals are animals, new ads say
  85. Dogs found in tornadoes in Oklahoma
  86. Contrasting articles regarding medical care for pets
  87. Petfinder is for sale - Almost sold
  88. Bear Opening Car doors.
  89. Dog Playing Treibball
  90. Civility Goes to The Dogs
  91. Study finds neutering-disease link in Golden Retrievers.
  92. A Dog story with a Happy Ending.
  93. Lab Chimps see Sunlight and grass for First Time
  94. This is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!
  95. Dolphins 'call each other by name'
  96. A Bear Walk into a Bar....
  97. Bayer Aspirins is Trying to Block Bill to Save Bees
  98. Mother Cat Nursing Baby Duckies .
  99. Even Obama knows BSL is pure BS
  100. Medical marijuana, for pets...?
  101. Terrible Big Dog Attack on Little Dog
  102. Dog Reaching For Treats On Stovetop Blamed For Apartment Fire
  103. See The World Through The Eyes Of A Cat
  104. This bird is amazing ,it sing better than me!
  105. Canadian Students Create PetBot, a 3D-printed Way to Engage with Your Pets Remotely
  106. (sensitive images) Shocking Photos: PETA's Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies
  107. This is a good one - Should service dogs be allowed in the ER?
  108. Wow going to the states for surgery - who knew?
  109. Saint John's stray cats get shelters for winter warmth
  110. Cat declawing to be reviewed by Nova Scotia vets
  111. Animal Rights Activist Commits Suicide With 31 Rescue Dogs
  112. Ottawa people sure know how to pamper pets
  113. $50K grant will help SPCA spay, neuter up to 500 local cats
  114. Brave Dog Saves Woman from Machete Attack
  115. Christmas cat warms a dog-lover’s cold heart
  116. Is this a good idea to you ?
  117. 4 kittens sneak into New York maximum-security prison
  118. Prominent Quebecers call for change in legal status for animals
  119. Pets given as Xmax Gifts send in up Shelters
  120. Pet Therapist: Nutraceuticals can help manage your pet’s behavioural problems
  121. Canadians head to U.S. for cheap healthcare… for their pets
  122. Is Canada a Haven for the World’s Stray Dogs?
  123. Parents of kids with autism fight to get service dogs in schools
  124. Python Kills
  125. Never EVER trust a dog with a child: As yet another baby is mauled to death...
  126. Just for Cats film festival coming to Ottawa
  127. Prisons Give Unruly Rescue Dogs a Second Chance
  128. Doggy spas and gourmet food drive Canadian pet costs higher than ever
  129. Our Policy On Animal Testing is Distinctly Un-Canadian
  130. The woman who lost a dog and gained 200 sloths
  131. Remember Michael Vick's Terrible Dogfighting Ring? Over 7 Years Later...
  132. Dog Car Seat Harnesses Crash Test results Results
  133. Couple find their own dog while looking for a new puppy at shelter
  134. Cat fight off dog attacking boy
  135. Dogs with Unique Coats
  136. Cat bring a bag of Pot home.
  137. Bear on Vacation in Florida!
  138. It was bound to happen - Pot for pets
  139. Massauchettes No Kill Shelter is Expanding Nationwide & to Canada
  140. Chipmunk fight back at cat, LOL!
  141. No Girlfriend or Boyfriend? get a pet
  142. Quebec to amend Civil Code to better protect animals from abuse
  143. Dining Out With Your Pets in California
  144. Actress Lauren Bacall have died and bequeathed $10,000 to Her Beloved Dog Sophie
  145. TITLE: K-9 Officer Left to Die In A Hot Car, Police Handler Charged
  146. Jiff, the Fastest Dog in the Planet Walking on Two Paws
  147. The Drama of Rescuing Sprig, the Dog Plucked Off the Steep Devon Cliff
  148. A Dog’s Fetish on Socks Led Him to the Operating Table
  149. Man Pleaded Guilty For Attacking and Burning a Dog **GRAPHIC IMAGES**
  150. First cat cafe in North America - In Montreal - woo hoo
  151. A Lesson Learned From A Very Unfortunate Event
  152. Zeus, The Gigantic Great Dane and World’s Tallest Dog Dies at Age 5
  153. Toxic Love, What Thou Art Done To an Innocent Dog?
  154. Gulluk’s Voyage to Nowhere: A Puzzle Everyone Awaits
  155. Mr Amazing Experienced the Glitz and Glam of Being a Celebrity Pooch
  156. Felicity, the Puppy Cruelly Branded with Profanity
  157. : Lazarus: The Dog Who Comes Back to Life!
  158. Montreal starts the North American cat cafe trend
  159. Should Canada allow contraceptives for dogs and cats?
  160. Memoirs of a Beloved Furry Friend
  161. Epic bear fight on NJ street in USA
  162. Edmonton Airport travellers helped by therapy dogs
  163. Military Veterinary Facilities Suspend Most Surgeries for Pets
  164. Say NO to Silver Labradors
  165. This is why people should NOT breed their dogs
  166. Calgary - most intolerant city in Canada for allowing service dogs
  167. Cat and dog flea treatments can be toxic to pets, humans
  168. René Chartrand, 'cat man of Parliament Hill,' dead at 92
  169. 60 rescue cats from Quebec arrive safely in Toronto
  170. Puppy jumping for joy when he see his owner
  171. Dog Returned to Owner FOUR Years Later
  172. 'It has David Bowie eyes': Dumb reasons people give up pets
  173. Petco pulls product that can get dogs as hammered as humans
  174. 5 Common Mistakes adopters make when bringing home a new dog
  175. Walking Dead kitty? ‘Bart the Zombie Cat’ claws way out of grave
  176. 50 shades of grey cats
  177. Expressions of animals before and after they were adopted.
  178. Lawsuit says Purina dry food harmful to dogs
  179. Classical music helped cats relax during surgery
  180. 175-pound pit bull hulk shatters misconceptions about the breed
  181. Pets could be harming health of some owners, doctors warn
  182. Quebec bill calls animals 'sentient beings' and includes jail time for cruelty
  183. Victory! New Zealand Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics
  184. "Riding High" Gets a Whole New Meaning...
  185. Quebec animal welfare advocates wants province to ditch no-pet clause
  186. Canadians answer call to adopt dogs abandoned in Greece amid debt crisis
  187. Two dogs left in hot car at Mapleview Mall seized by Animal Control
  188. This woman reads to rescue dogs to stop them getting lonely
  189. Saskatchewan woman uses her dog's illness to pick her winning lottery numbers
  190. Mama bear & 5 cubs take over pool !
  191. Cat asking for food using sign language
  192. Best Friends ! Cute :)
  193. Mars Canada partners with Ontario SPCA to build shelters for feral cats
  194. Pope Francis talks about animals and pets
  195. Cats and people develop unique form of communication
  196. Cat doing agility course , cute !
  197. Dog lies in middle of road where owner was killed
  198. Declawing cats debated by P.E.I. Veterinary Medical Association
  199. Dog refuse to leave dying friend alone on road
  200. I think this barn cat is out of a job! LOL!
  201. Quebec passes animal protection law
  202. Dogs try to sniff out cancer - even predict it in Calgary study
  203. Dog helps rescue stranded sea turtle
  204. Petition aims to ban cat and dog pelts sold as 'faux' fur
  205. Quebec's order of veterinarians bans pet cosmetic surgery
  206. Canadian-led project uses dogs to combat mental health stigma
  207. Maine girl and duck that imprint on her
  208. Smart dog stealing food from toaster oven
  209. Penguin for past 4 years swims 5,000 miles to see man who saved him
  210. Oldest dog dies at age 30 years old
  211. Mother goose summons police for help
  212. Cat guides lost hikers back home from mountain trail
  213. Blind dog get a guide puppy
  214. Dog Faint After Seeing Owner in 2 Years
  215. Service dog protect his boy from nightmares
  216. Secret Life Of Dogs
  217. Quebec cat lover sent to jail after refusing to give up his pets
  218. Adoption up, euthanasia down at animal shelters across Canada: report
  219. New overnight shelter for Quebec City's homeless youth welcomes pets
  220. Live eagle cam
  221. Canadian Veterinary Medical Association opposes declawing of cats
  222. Quebec introduces legislation to ban pit bulls, other dog breeds
  223. The Women Fighting For the Right to Get Your Pets Stoned
  224. Under Hood Cat Rescue
  225. Crow uses cars to crack nuts !
  226. Advocates calling to end euthanization of healthy pets for owners' convenience
  227. Multiple cats fall from highrises, SPCA warning owners to be vigilant
  228. Dog leaves food her friend that passed away
  229. Pot for pets a growing trend in Canada, despite veterinarian warnings
  230. The Secret Life of Cats
  231. These are the specific Canadian laws that prevent dogs from governing us
  232. Lonely Stray Dog Tried Everything to Get Adopted. Then One Day She Found a Woman’s Ca
  233. Therapy dogs ease tensions in Newfoundland's troubled Victorian-era prison
  234. California becomes the first state to require pet stores to sell rescue animals
  235. Pet owners need not apply
  236. "Odin" hero dog saves goats, fawns from CA wildfire
  237. What happens to drug-sniffing dogs when marijuana is legalized in Canada?
  238. FDA Give Warning About Giving Dogs Bone Treats
  239. Dog try to protect an actor from a bear on TV !
  240. All Laval cats and dogs must be sterilized by Jan. 1
  241. Dog bites
  242. Nova Scotia ban on cat declawing takes effect
  243. Six in 10 Canadians support a landlord's right to refuse pet owners: Poll
  244. Netflix Bingeing Is For The Dogs (And Cats)
  245. Robo-pets bring life to Manitoba nursing home