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Unfair press for Rottweillers?

February 9th, 2007, 06:35 PM
The tragic death of a youngster at the hands of dogs is always gutwrenching in its sadness,:sad: and widely reported in the news.

Recent newpaper coverage to such a story now centres on the inquest of a child's death in 2004, their findings and subsequent reccomendations.

There were a combination of factors that may have indirectly lead to this horrible tragedy, including parental drug issues and a troubled home environment. It couldnt be determined which of the dogs, 3 Rottweillers and a Collie, were involved in the fatal attack. Though it was confirmed the Collie was not part of the attack.. all four dogs were destroyed.

I am not familiar at all with Rottweillers. having no personal knowledge or experience with this breed.

The reccomendations offered were sound ones overall, may help to prevent such future needless deaths of children in the home.

However, some of the comments offered struck me as sweeping and negative generalizations, ones that only serve to instill fear in the public.

In particular, this quote from the linked story bothered me:

"Coren, a University of B.C. psychology professor, who has written widely about dogs, said the size and edgy nature of Rottweilers makes them particularly unsuited to be alone with children."

Can any breed of dog fairly be described as "edgy by nature?"
Or that one large breed is more unsuited to be alone with children than others?

I wondered if someone more aware of dog temperment issues could clarify?