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Fat cat snaps, forces owner to barricade herself in room

April 1st, 2007, 04:48 PM
March 31st, 2007 on Vancouver Sun

Fat cat snaps, forces owner to barricade herself in room
Local pound officer needed police backup to corral feisty feline, which was in a fighting mood


SAANICH A dog owner will tell you cats have bad attitudes, even on the best of days. But an enormously fat black cat in Saanich took it a step further Friday, launching into a rampage that forced its owner to barricade herself in the bedroom and call 911 for help.
Saanich police got the early morning call from a woman “ reporting that her 18- pound domestic cat had gone crazy,” said Sgt. John Price.
The hefty feline — comparable ain girth to a small dog — had apparently started biting its owner. The municipality sent out a member of the local pound, teamed with a police officer. “ For backup,” Price explained. But as anyone who has tried to give a cat a bath can attest, a bad kitty is hard to subdue.
By the time help arrived, the feline had the run of the apartment. Its owner, a woman in her mid- 30s, had sought refuge in the hallway of her apartment building.
“ It was going crazy, or wild,” said pound officer Bill Storey, who was on scene. “ Like the lady said, it would go after people. And it was.
“ There were a few times it was charging right at you.”
Nevertheless, the pound and police crew managed to avoid getting run over by the rampaging cat, and cornered it in the bathroom. “ It was very difficult to catch,” Storey admitted.
They used a long animalcatcher pole to bag it and restore order to the home.
Everyone is at a loss as to what caused kitty to snap.
“ We don’t know why he did it,” Storey said. Local crews have seen the odd incident of cat craziness before, but this was “ out of the norm,” he said.
The homeowner had adopted the animal from the local SPCA some five years earlier, police say.
Victoria SPCA branch manager Penny Stone said it was “ quite odd for a cat to do that.”
“ I’ll be honest with you, I’m more afraid of cats than dogs,” she said. “ Cats are fast and sneaky. A dog always tells you what it’s going to do, but a cat doesn’t.”
Police took the cat to the Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital, wh e r e a p e r s o n wh o answered the phone would not divulge the animal’s condition due to “ confidentiality issues.”
Storey said the cat was put down.
The homeowner wa s described as “ traumatized and heartbroken” by the whole ordeal.

April 6th, 2007, 08:20 PM
I saw another article recently of a cat that turned on his family, and some of the people were bitten very severely, and they had to call the police in. Very strange. I have seen a cat leap straight up into the air and sink his teeth deep into someone's arm (displaced aggression--he heard another cat hiss).

Cats kinda scare me.:cat:

April 14th, 2007, 06:09 PM
Strange.:confused: I'm thinking the poor cat must have been hurt or sick because I've always had cats even abused ones and they've never turned on me or bit me unprevoked.

April 14th, 2007, 06:23 PM
maya i agree

but cats ARE sneaky:evil:

:rip: mr cat

April 15th, 2007, 09:43 PM
Cats are not sneaky - they merely have learned in the wild how to protect themselves and they have the innate behavior that helps them protect themlves from bigger and more aggressive animals. Dogs come from wolves so they too have to be on the look out for other animals that prey on them. I actually think cats are quite intelligent and are good mimics and can figure out where to hide if necessary and even protect their family (I am thinking of the hearing impaired kitty - Aggie - who stopped a would be robber from entering her companions' home.)

I wonder what happened to this cat and I sort of think as if I were appointed by the Court (Of course, I'd have to be as lawyer - maybe meb99 can help if my sister won't take the case but then again, it is a different law code, my sis is also in Quebec, lol) to be this kitty's advocate, of she will have one. God knows what happened to this cat before she was brought to the pound and these people at the pound do not sound like animal lovers too much - describing about the cat as if she were a wild animal (ie - calling the cat "it: for example. A recent manual for some a national newspaper in the US has decreed that domestic pets are to referred to by gender if it is known and whoever wrote that did not do the best job, imho.

I think they made a mountain out of a molehill. The so called owner (doesn't she know that cats don't have owners, they have staff, lol) might have done something that provoked this behaviour from something traumatic that occurred n the cat's life in the past. I am a little scared for this kitty - hoping they do not opt to kill her, as pounds are often eager to do with pets they perceive to be aggressive - and there is no doubt she will be aggressive with them, after they chased her with a pole, scaring her so much!!

I understand the woman's fear - I myself have brought in more than a few feral cats and have the scratches still visible after all these yrs to show for it - but I knew what I was getting into. She may not have been a good fit for the cat if tho again, she did have her for 5 yrs without incident. The cat may have eaten something, could be suffering from some sort of trauma - one wonders what the "owner" did since no animal, especially cats and rabbits and dogs to for that matter - will not attack for no reason unless there is a severe serious problem, like they fear something or someone, sense danger or are themselves ill. I hope the cat gets good health care and not killed but I did not like the tone of that article at all! The cat could have some sort of brain illness or it could be purely psychological, - I would like to know what set this off before I find the cat guilty! And I hope her owner feels the same way!

April 16th, 2007, 08:17 AM
OH i so feel for this woman. My siamese went "nuts" one day and attacked me.....he lost three nails and one tooth in my arms. I was hurt very badly and to top it off I had a reaction to cat saliva and both my arms swole up. I had a autospy done and he had a brain tumor.....poor fella. But I honestly feel that I would rather be bit by a dog than go though another cat attack. I have scars from both wrists to the elbows from the claws, and my hands and feet have puncture marks dotted all over from his teeth.