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Newspaper Articles of Interest (animal/pet related) from Around the World

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  1. Calgary cat lienses
  2. dog bite in Lambton Co. Ontario
  3. Canada AM tomorrow March 17
  4. Farmer shot B.C. dog for mauling calf days before
  5. Love those Brits
  6. Toronto Ė Off Leash Park Problem
  7. Pit Bull Abused with Acid (Warning - very graphic!!!)
  8. pet owners vs non pet owners
  9. So You Think You Can Just Adopt a Dog?
  10. Dutch couple face fines for barking doorbell!!
  11. no money to enforce ban
  12. its a dogs world
  13. Driving licenses for dogs
  14. Fredericton NB Pet Bylaw - editorial in Frederictn Gleaner
  15. Crazy cat terrorizes town
  16. Ottawa man dies trying to save his dog
  17. Tragic news for 2 dog families
  18. Is this the face of a felon?
  19. federal govmt not enforcing ban
  20. The rooster who wouldn't die.
  21. Officer kills Border Collie/Australian Cross
  22. Man jailed for starving dog to death, while at DISNEY LAND!
  23. woman gets 3 years
  24. Dogs practicing Yoga? "Doga"
  25. Crafty Sea Lion Befuddles Fish Biologists
  26. Calgary man offers $12,000 reward for return of dog
  27. Petition to shut down animal shelter
  28. dogs poisoned in hamilton
  29. Family gets dog back after 5 years
  30. Domestic abuse laws extended to animals in Maine
  31. Pooch hits the road in search of his vacationing owner
  32. Disturbing cat hoarding story in Calgary
  33. Man has neighbours cat euthenized
  34. First Aid - Top 10 Things to Know for Dogs
  35. dogs attack
  36. The Purina Animal Hall of Fame Awards for this year.
  37. Little boy lost and found with help of familys white GSD
  38. A Retirement Villa in the Desert
  39. Puppy Mill Dogs Auctioned
  40. Good article on BSL
  41. Owner has proof dog not pit bull, authorites say it doesn't matter it looks like one
  42. CnN News story: Dog Whisperer sued!! Injured dog!!
  43. the Way We Eat
  44. Local Vet story from my hometown
  45. Wizard of Claws
  46. Two men charged for neutering their own dog (brutally)
  47. Puppies Rescued From Swamp
  48. Jury could redefine value of a pet
  49. Puppy Mill Exposed
  50. Golden attacks two yr old
  51. Fundraiser Ideas For N/P groups
  52. Man Accused Of Locking Pit Bull In SUV While He Shopped
  53. saw this on msn
  54. Paralyzed pit bull,Great video
  55. . . . and the family dog.
  56. PetSmart sells kitten with rabies - CNN
  57. Breeder hit over the head with dead chihauhua
  58. Woman Attacks Dog Breeder With Chihuahua ! !
  59. Rhode Island says spay it or pay it
  60. Cat Chases Bear
  61. One Sick Man
  62. Thumbs Up for Mr. Harper
  63. Suspect's Dog Bites Him...
  64. dognappings in Huron County.....
  65. Canine Mutiny: Dog Owners Fight Insurers
  66. Owner Performs CPR to Save His Dog
  67. 2-page story on Toronto Humane Society
  68. Saving Summer, a Pet at a Time
  69. funny story
  70. Happy Dog Story from the BBC
  71. 10000 birds in fire - not a single thought for them ?
  72. Champion whippet is still out there!
  73. Chesco SPCA (PA)
  74. 50 dogs shot by owner in Dawson City
  75. Frasier's Eddie dies at 16
  76. Working Dogs: Five Inspirational Tales
  77. 5 Legged dog
  78. Lovely story
  79. Worthington is Pit Bull bashing again!
  80. Family Dog Mauls Boy
  81. Yet Another reason Never to Put your Pet in a Cargo Hold on a Plane!!
  82. 3 Year Old Attacked - Dog not considered a threat!
  83. 11 Year Old Girl Bit By a Poodle!
  84. What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage
  85. CNN News: Pit Bull Mauls 11 mos. old baby
  86. Dog trainer gets 21 months for helping inmate's escape
  87. Barbaro's doctor expresses concern for horse
  88. heard on the radio, CBC, this morning
  89. Greyhounds shot on the sly in England
  90. Mr. Harper Fosters Cats
  91. Heroic local pit bull!!
  92. dad credits there pitbull w/son not getting kidnapped
  93. Two Pitbulls Murdered
  94. Man Hit by Falling St. Bernard
  95. Dog Locked in Car in Toronto
  96. Chinese county "culls" 50,000 dogs . . . .
  97. Dog goes berserk, destroys Elvis' teddy bear
  98. Tiny drug dog sniffs out big career
  99. Graphic Photo: pretty sad- Chinese county clubs to death 50,000 dogs
  100. cat-knapped and held for ransom
  101. Local man mauled by cairn terrier
  102. Midland SPCA Destroyed by Fire
  103. Dog and child save family
  104. The Loneliness of Rose
  105. Woman can't adopt cat because dog isn't neutered
  106. Stolen Pitbull Worth $10,000
  107. Police officer Shoots dog
  108. dog fight ring
  109. Kittens Thrown In Frying Pan
  110. Parvo Virus Hits NS Puppies
  111. Prime Minister's Wife is an Animal Lover Too
  112. Woman Fatally Attacked By Family Dog
  113. PuppyMill Report August 25th CTV Montreal
  114. Giant, Pet Killing Raccoons in Olympia WA
  115. Puppy Mills
  116. Every Dog His Day in Court
  117. Crocodile Hunter
  118. Review of the new Lassie Come Home
  119. Boxer accused of being a Pitbull Executed
  120. 14-foot snake kills owner by crushing him in shed
  121. Poor pup.
  122. Why do people do such dumb things?
  123. GREAT NEWS: A victory in Europe for seals
  124. Humane society kills dog despite adoption request
  125. A great idea
  126. Why kill them?
  127. No brats allowed!
  128. Handler punished over police dog's pregnancy
  129. Canadian Dogs Developing Drug Problems
  130. Rescue worker arrested for helping chained, dying dog
  131. Motorist feeds Crack cocaine to a puppy to avoid charges
  132. Croc hunter specials
  133. 2 dogs attack and kill mini horse
  134. Kitchener SPCA rescues 4000 mice
  135. First-ever Order Of Protection For A Pet!
  136. Baby mauled to death by guard dogs
  137. Allergy-free cat?
  138. six-legged dog
  139. Dog starts car
  140. Terri Irwin interview
  141. Pit Bull Kills Puppy in Sudbury
  142. Greyhound industry must prevent spread of dog flu
  143. hah! read 'em and weep...
  144. Rabies in Montreal's West Island
  145. Laws Toughen Animal Protection in California
  146. Dogs who save people from disasters
  147. Dangers of Dog Grooming
  148. Cat torturer nets man jail time: today's rag
  149. Cool Artist (of Animals)
  150. Sugar Substitute Can Kill Dogs
  151. hypoallergenic cats for sale $4000
  152. pitbull attack
  153. With Bans In Place, Some Pit Bulls Being Dumped
  154. vet sums it up
  155. Newman: NASCAR racer goes to the dogs
  156. Very sad: tortured dog
  157. Woman attacked by angry bear while dog fights with cubs
  158. Mom w/puppies!How could they??
  159. Bush signs Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act
  160. Greenies
  161. Interesting article about dog food
  162. I think I'd die of embarrassment. . .
  163. Good news for animals in small zoos in Ontario!
  164. Ape learns human lesson: Donít pull fire alarm
  165. Tom Cat and Kittens Need Home, Inspiring yet Needy Story!!!!
  166. OSPCA newsletter: Petition against "roadside" zoo animals
  167. Breeders License?
  168. doggie news
  169. Idaho animal shelter halts black cat adoptions
  170. Steroids beware
  171. The mirror test
  172. Taking the law into one's own hands
  173. Residents: Man Shoots Dogs, Gets Away With It
  174. Officer Finds Puppy
  175. Avocados toxin is really bad news for animals
  176. Our (temporary) Panda Baby
  177. Man jailed for putting puppy in warm oven
  178. Local dogs put in pound - irresponsible owner
  179. Animal shelters upset with Montreal SPCA
  180. Man jailed for throwing dog on 401
  181. Montage - "The other said of the tail"
  182. Owner faces manslaughter charge in dog attack
  183. Hunter killed
  184. Medical Examiner Says Man Killed By Dogs Was Accident
  185. Only news stories in the first post in a thread please
  186. China's one dog policy resisted
  187. crazy pitbull owner caught on tape
  188. Lost dogs story, continued
  189. A new study
  190. Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Green Puppy
  191. People with vicious dogs may be vicious too
  192. Comfort Pup
  193. Paralyzed Man Sues Over Dog Poop Fight
  194. Supervisors put teeth in barking dog ordinance
  195. Stowaway cat survives 3,200 km sea voyage
  196. Periodontal vaccine
  197. South Korea to kill cats, dogs over bird flu fears
  198. Woman & Pet Attacked By Dog In North York Park
  199. Man pays tribute to 'A Good Dog'
  200. State Suspends License Of Local Veterinarian
  201. Education will break chains (Staunton, VA)
  202. Shamu attacts trainer
  203. another pit story in hamilton
  204. working dog in hamilton area
  205. gift shopping at the spca
  206. Beijing issues 1 dog per family rule
  207. A new $4,000 genetically designed cat may keep the sneezing at bay
  208. Attacks on Innocent Dog Owners
  209. Dog Shot in VT, Couple Trying to Get Legal Action
  210. Lose 14 Pounds a Year Walking Your Dog
  211. Infants wheeze less in homes with multiple dogs
  212. Malnourished Dogs Rescued
  213. A new concept in Europe . . . cleaning up after your dog
  214. Pit Bull Puppy Chewed Off Baby's Toes While Parents Slept
  215. Kitty power: A woman's best friend
  216. Everyone wants to adopt toe eating pit bull!!
  217. The dog who ate a butcher knife
  218. Judge to dog killer: Dress up like a dog
  219. why you should neuter your pets
  220. Mom blames ferret for chewing off baby's toes
  221. In a Shocking New Video, Pink Calls for a Boycott of Australian Wool
  222. Sean p diddy Combs selling dog fur!!!!
  223. swiss looking to ban
  224. 2 rotties involved
  225. A Christmas Story. [Must see for cat lovers]
  226. update on 2 rottis story
  227. not all people are as*es
  228. I wanna blue dog: pitiful
  229. Man sells dog for beer
  230. Room service for pets
  231. Cracking Down on Pet Owners
  232. Cat + bank = Credit Card!?
  233. Ottawa Police Shoot Pitbull
  234. hamilton not very dog loving.
  235. Blog debate in hamilton spec
  236. Injured dog gets rescued, FINALLY
  237. Concordia University Montreal - Swat Team
  238. Pets join the Prozac Nation
  239. Breed Ambassadors
  240. Rotti saves family from fire
  241. Tabby Stuck in Dog Door
  242. Surgeon uses dog in sales demonstration
  243. Brothers guilty in fat dog trial
  244. katrina pups in hamilton
  245. december adoptions up
  246. Little Girl Killed Trying to Save Trapped Pit Bull
  247. Ana Julia Torres with an African lion Jupiter
  248. Police seek Long Island man after Pit Bull puppy sodomized
  249. Saving choking dogs
  250. Nature finds a way