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Newspaper Articles of Interest (animal/pet related) from Around the World

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  1. Dog walks 30 miles to owner's new home
  2. Dogs safe at home after surviving incredible journey
  3. Crew gets the dogs out
  4. California woman whose dogs killed killed neighbour convicted of murder
  5. Vancouver hotel's greeter enjoys a scratch behind ear
  6. Woman finds her hundred-dollar bills in her dog's droppings
  7. U.K. rolls out the doggie carpet
  8. Get tough with dogs that bite pets or people
  9. Therapy dogs share their love
  10. Cats and dogs may predict human health
  11. Michael and Judy Sowders have turned their home into a refuge for cats
  12. Valentine's Day Survey Results: Pets vs lovers
  13. Pet Owners Let Love Rule
  14. Utah humane society protests euthanasia method
  15. A $50,000 rescue operation to save dog abandoned
  16. Dachshund survives after eagle carries it off
  17. Woman accused of trying baby-for-dog trade
  18. Researcher breeds featherless fowl
  19. Rottweilers kill 10-year-old Wisconsin girl
  20. Police search for father of girl mauled by dog
  21. Hundreds of Racing Dogs Killed
  22. Dog-Mauling Suspect Seeks New Trial
  23. Comedian Funds Abused Dog's Care
  24. Dog Bytes Say More Than Bark
  25. Neighbours unite to fight proposed leash-free dog park
  26. Small fine levied for dog killing
  27. A sorry tail of woe: Arsonist framed dog
  28. PETA targets Korean dog meat
  29. Police ignored call to help abused dog
  30. Pet protection on the way, Quebec says
  31. Welcome to the canine café
  32. Antidepressants for Cats
  33. Solicitor-General marks start of construction of new Ontario SPCA Centre
  34. Pet Wash: A Sadistic Sudser?
  35. Robofish Act Like Reel Thing
  36. Memories of his wartime dog put man on the move
  37. sled dog training
  38. 28-Toed cat is candidate for record book
  39. No more six month quarantine period for North American pets.
  40. 10 Hugs a Day? Your Dog or Cat is the Happy Recipient
  41. Going in Debt for the Pet; National Survey Finds There's No Price Too Great for Pets
  42. From pet psychic to sword swallower, some people have the most amazing jobs
  43. Scientists track origins of domesticated dogs
  44. As seasons change, so do the needs of your pet.
  45. Street Pets Get Veterinary Care in Montreal
  46. Pampered pooches to get first-class ride
  47. Pet passports to cover North America
  48. Alaska cracks down on wolf-dog hybrids
  49. Hope emerges at 'Camp Collie'
  50. City eyes cat traps
  51. Animals can't be patented: top court
  52. Baby and Dad: Tigers
  53. 51 neglected dogs found at grooming shop
  54. A Nutty tale: Jaws of Life rescue cat
  55. Almost 15,000 kangaroos to be shot in Australia
  56. 'Angel' saved girls from vicious dog
  57. Zoo attempts to inoculate animals for West Nile virus
  58. Woman, 62, hero in dog rescue
  59. W-FIVE looks at Canadian puppy mill industry
  60. Vancouver girl badly injured in pit bull attack
  61. Update animal control bylaws
  62. Teen who set fire to cat must do community service
  63. SPCA seeks dog-killer
  64. Hundreds of pets killed, missing
  65. Badly abused dog back on three feet
  66. Free rabies shots offered to pets in Newfoundland town
  67. Cold weather tips for pet owners
  68. Coming soon to a vet clinic near you: Kitty-CAT scans
  69. Sniffer dogs to track illegal food imports
  70. Raising guide dogs is a rewarding experience
  71. Rare birds: Volunteers give Mother Nature a hand when one of her own is in need
  72. Dogs make therapy go faster
  73. See Spot, See Spot Killed
  74. Md. Infant Critical After Mauling by Family Dachshund
  75. Dog Saliva: the Next Wonder Drug?
  76. Palm Beach Puppy
  77. Puppy Lemon Law
  78. Women dies in fire trying to save pets
  79. Wild dogs plague Pritchard
  80. UBC med school will no longer use live animals
  81. pet shops and puppy mills
  82. Why are pets on planes if others are allergic?
  83. Pillager girl collects pet food for food shelf
  84. COPY CATS: Cloned pet is scientific milestone, but not everyone's happy
  85. Cornwall pet owners bristle at draft bylaw
  86. No more gassing unwanted pets
  87. Give baby a pet, help beat the allergy problem
  88. With spring also comes round worm season for pets
  89. Dog ban at national park resumed April 1
  90. Dog world howling even after prize Pekingese Danny cleared of facelift
  91. Puppy survives after swallowing knife the length of his body
  92. Good Samaritans save stray cat struck by car and left to die
  93. Banning breeds isn't the answer
  94. Online voters to honor 11 courageous canines
  95. New pet law isn't all good
  96. Coyotes move into to suburbs
  97. St. Vital man hailed a hero
  98. It's important to be a responsible pet owner
  99. Doctors say pets worthy of devotion
  100. Benji's big-city adventure
  101. Reptiles good pets for owners in the know
  102. Big fines could soon be pet peeve for owners of unlicensed animals.
  103. Doggone it! Are animal shelters too strict with their pet-adoption policies?
  104. Vet, 73, helped critters get home
  105. Lovebugs can be beneficial, experts claim
  106. Moncton dogs want a space of their own
  107. Media Advisory: Pet Cemetery Sends Message to Senators -
  108. Vets urge rabies vaccinations for all cats
  109. 100 flea-infested dogs found in filthy pens, court told
  110. It's better to prevent heartworm disease than treat it
  111. Long longs for dog handler status
  112. Canine charisma shines at show
  113. Canadian Residents: Calls Desperately Needed!
  114. Tinker's life is the cat's meow
  115. Council OKs cat program
  116. From pets to repairs, what you need to know
  117. Dog advocate uses pets to teach love, acceptance
  118. Judge Nixes Kenner Law Limiting Residents To 4 Pets
  119. Don't let pets succumb to rabies
  120. Woman finds home on fire after being awakened by cat
  121. Rat lovers join forces in animal rescue
  122. Denver still best for pets, says survey
  123. Man's best friend not cheap date
  124. Love pets for what they are, book advises
  125. PETS: It's a dog's life when you're on Prozac, but there is hope
  126. More dogs come out to compete
  127. Under bill, if owner dies, trust can ensure pets' care
  128. Dogs, Cats Take on Role of Children for Today's Pet Owners
  129. Traveling with pets requires special preparations
  130. Pets and their people compete in a look-alike contest
  131. Pets: Tips For Well- Behaved Dog
  132. Abandoned exotic pets need help
  133. Adopt-a-cat month begins
  134. Malaysia says no to stray cats
  135. Television Show for Cats Set to Debut
  136. HEAT'S ON TO PROTECT PETS: Leaving animal in car a crime
  137. City pound is too dogged about pet license fees
  138. $10,000 championship pits dogs against sheep
  139. Racer is enjoying the retired life
  140. Pets dress up for Chino Hills fair
  141. Tennis court could go to the dogs
  142. Monkeypox investigators search for prairie dogs and other exotic pets
  143. Growing number of diseases jump from exotic animals to humans
  144. Border dogs now sniffing chemicals
  145. Owning exotic pets carries risks
  146. Are Pesticides the Cure or the Cause for West Nile Virus?
  147. Friendly dog makes people smile
  148. EU bans imports of prairie dogs after U.S. monkeypox outbreak
  149. Woman ordered to give up pine marten
  150. Monkey pox outbreak prompts more vigilance
  151. A rabbit farm of one
  152. Implanted microchips help reunite owners, pets
  153. Animal behaviorist assesses dogs', cats' adoption potential
  154. SUMMER ALERT - Hot Weather Means Hot Pets
  155. Li'l critters ready for Pugfest
  156. Housing crunch near
  157. Protect pets from terrors of fireworks
  158. Call of the city lures vets to pet practice
  159. CDC says animals infected with monkeypox should be destroyed
  160. Owners of super-dogs ask for break
  161. World Demonstration Day
  162. Man burned rescuing pets from burning kennels
  163. Pets abandoned amid moving day chaos
  164. Barking up the Wrong Dog
  165. Pampered pets park it here
  166. Animal lovers cry foul over goose gassings
  167. Oh, Rats! Owners say maligned rodents make the best pets
  168. Pilot program trains poodles as guide dogs
  169. Therapy dogs putting smiles on many faces
  170. Paul McCartney blasts KFC in ad
  171. Tinker's life is the cat's meow
  172. Animal cruelty laws don't go far enough, critics say
  173. Starwood Hotels to allow dog guests in the U.S., Canada
  174. Devastation in Kelowna shocks observers
  175. Dog-napper grabs family pet
  176. Dogs and owners share joy of agility competition
  177. Hospital to offer private MRIs for pets
  178. Woman living in car has pet cheetah stolen, says it's dangerous when hungry
  179. Students break dog-washing record
  180. Royal treatment for a sick Rover
  181. David Duchovny Hosts New Film About Abandoned Pets
  182. Avoiding Pets May Not Prevent Allergies
  183. Pets rescued from flood
  184. Halloween Pet Safety Tips
  185. Animal rights group fights with its peers
  186. Rotweiller owner testifies at inquiry
  187. Include pet in exercise routine
  188. Documentary explores how abandoned pets are handled by society
  189. Pampered pets?
  190. Pets and Vets: Hey kids, cats can get zits, too
  191. These Jobs are for the Birds
  192. When pets take your stress away
  193. Europe Plans to Issue Passports for Pets
  194. Pet Health care: no waiting lists
  195. Lean means longer life for pudgy pets
  196. Thriving industry forms around pampered pets
  197. Animal rescue group saves dogs and cats from research
  198. Exotic pets teach science lessons
  199. Stores, groomers looking to capitalize on pet owners' Christmas consumerism
  200. Endangered creatures for sale
  201. Care for cold pets SPCA warns
  202. Dogs put DPS on right scent
  203. Record cold hits area
  204. Millionaire sues province for pets
  205. You may have to 'chip' your pet
  206. Privileged pets get holistic edge
  207. Pair of eyes on four legs
  208. Talking to dog leads woman to new career after a run of bad luck
  209. Government Outrage against local rescuer.
  210. Ashes to assets, dust to diamonds
  211. Marmoset monkeys, wild animals not pets
  212. Fate of mares sparks equine controversy
  213. MINNESOTA SENATE: Proposal takes aim at exotic pets
  214. Bill Would Allow Hawaii Residents To Dine With Pets
  215. Beaver fever in HS
  216. Dogs sniff out drugs in jails
  217. Tails of woe: pets front and centre in custody battles
  218. Dog debate unleashed
  219. What people are thinking when they choose pets' names
  220. Easter lilies are a danger to cats, veterinarian warns
  221. Cicadas-Tasty Morsels-make dogs/cats sick
  222. Elephant - Ruby longs for Gita
  223. LIVING AND ARTS: Teaching new dogs old tricks
  224. Make way for ducklings
  225. Got a thing for pugs' mugs? This gala's for you
  226. CBC pulls SPCA ads over 'shock value'
  227. Privacy act used for pets, other animals
  228. Native of Canada gives all to Chapel Hill
  229. Respecting Fido's right to privacy
  230. Man Charged In Puppy Death
  231. Shooting Spree Averted
  232. Give vicious dog owners 'consequences'
  233. Fur flies on euthanasia in rabies fight
  234. Pets & Vets: Tick paralysis can be fatal
  235. Dogs Attacked With Fireworks
  236. 84 Dogs Found Abandoned,
  237. Justice for Dewey..Animal-rights activists express outrage, disgust
  238. Siamese Cat Euthanized After Being Torched
  239. SPCA officer charged with animal cruelty
  240. 200 animals housed on the Sunset Acres property
  241. 88 Animals Taken In Raid
  242. Dog-fighting equipment found
  243. Hartz in the news again!
  244. 15,000 stray dogs to be killed in Athens
  245. Woman arrested for keeping exotic animals; pets included Canadian lynx captured in No
  246. Critters taking the bait for rabies
  247. For the fretting pet owner, a wireless distress signal
  248. Daring thief takes pensioner's dog
  249. Poor Little Rich Dog
  250. Shelter kills family dog by mistake!!!