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Police ignored call to help abused dog

June 2nd, 2002, 10:04 AM
Police ignored call to help abused dog
Dispatcher made an error, Gatineau police say

Patti Edgar
The Ottawa Citizen
Friday, May 31, 2002

Witnesses who say they saw a man throw his small dog into the air and let it crash to the asphalt, charge that Gatineau police did not respond to their request for help.

The man, who frequently walks by the Hertz Rent a Car parking lot on St. Joseph Boulevard in Hull, appeared to lose his temper yesterday afternoon, said Hertz employee Robert Joncas.

According to Mr. Joncas, the shirtless man threw the black mixed-breed dog three metres into the air and let it land on the pavement.

"The dog was squealing. That's what caught my attention," said Eric Burke, a manger at the rental agency. "I ran out and said 'What are you doing? I'm going to call the police.'"

When police were called, the dispatcher connected them to the local animal control officer. The animal control officer said the incident was a police matter. By then the man had disappeared.

Police say it was a dispatching error.

"Somebody made a mistake when they took the call," said Capt. Serge Lamoureux of the Gatineau police. "The dispatcher is being reprimanded."

But the reprimand does little to help the dog. Witnesses said the dog appeared to have a broken leg. After the man threw it into the air, the dog scrambled under a parked car, but the man dragged it out.

Neither Mr. Burke or Mr. Joncas saw what happened next. "I just saw him walk away with that dog, lifeless in his arms," said Mr. Joncas.

Capt. Lamoureux said police will do everything possible to find the man and determine the condition of the injured animal.

Police will meet with Hertz employees tomorrow morning to get a detailed account of what happened.

Capt. Lamoureux said police usually respond to reports of animal cruelty and yesterday's misdirected call was an unfortunate mistake.

Mr. Joncas said he was disappointed in police for not quickly attending the scene and interviewing witnesses that may be hard to track down today. "It's a little late now, isn't it?" said Mr. Joncas.

He doubts the man will walk by the store again because angry witnesses are on the lookout. "I think it's terrible that he could kill this dog, but it's worse that the police wouldn't do anything about it."

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July 23rd, 2002, 10:11 AM
:mad: i would have went over when he threw the dog out the window and picked it up, if he came over i`d tell him to back off, if he didn`t, push him down, get in a car and take the poor dog to the vet. :mad: