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Cornwall pet owners bristle at draft bylaw

April 12th, 2003, 10:09 PM
Cornwall pet owners bristle at draft bylaw

CORNWALL, ONT. - A proposal by Cornwall council that would limit the number of household pets to five has some dog owners snarling at the municipality's politicians.

The limit is part of a proposed animal bylaw Cornwall is scheduled to finalize later this month.

But it's not the number of pets that matters, it's how the dogs' owner cares for those pets, says Lynn Fitzpatrick. She and her husband Sean have five dogs, all cherished members of their family.

"If you're responsible, I don't see what the difference is if you have five dogs in your home, or three dogs in your home. Three dogs, [even] one dog, can make more noise," says Lynn.

Lynn's husband Sean adds that what he does in the privacy of his own home should be none of city council's business.

"They're really interfering with what people do. What are they going to do; come to your house and get your extra dogs? Are they going to make you pick which ones you're going to get rid of?" asks Sean.

The Fitzpatricks' dogs are all small, with the heaviest weighing in at 11 kilograms. But the limit would apply, no matter what the size of the pet is.

Public reaction to the proposed bylaw has been so negative that the city will take another look at the proposal.

One possibility is exempting pet owners who had their dogs and cats licensed before the bylaw was first proposed last month.