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Owners of super-dogs ask for break

July 5th, 2003, 07:02 AM
WHITEHORSE - People who train and breed show dogs in Whitehorse want a break from the city's controversial two dog limit. They say it's impossible to compete in their sport with only two dogs.

They're all members of the newly formed Yukon Schutzhund Association. Association members train their dogs in obedience, tracking and protection.

Bernie Hoodless says he spent over ten thousand dollars last year on his prize German shepherd. Hoodless aims to win international competitions for Canada.

"He's a pet, he's an athlete, he's a working dog, it's what I'm into," Hoodless says. "Some of us responsible dog owners should not be punished for the irresponsible owners that there are so many of in the Yukon."

The elite dog owners say it's impossible to train properly with only two animals. They say it takes at least three dogs per family to be competitive in the sport.

Last January the city passed a bylaw limiting each household to two dogs and two cats.

City councillors have agreed to discuss the issue with members of the association. The association is also asking to have their dogs taken out of the dangerous animal classification. They were put there because the dogs are trained to attack as part of their protective duties.