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Newspaper Articles of Interest (animal/pet related) from Around the World

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  1. Pitbull article
  2. loyalty
  3. The growing debate over special needs Jenny
  4. Animal Rights vigil held after killing of 80 dogs
  5. "Relax, it's just a dog. You can get another one"
  6. Dozens of animals found in Montreal apartment
  7. Mourning gorilla
  8. Dogs on Bus
  9. Joyce Smith, who died Monday at 79, took in pets that no one else wanted at her Secon
  10. No puppy for paris!! :)
  11. Argentine dog saves abandoned baby
  12. inside dog fights
  13. Heaven’s Angels
  14. 1,000 dogs rescued from a puppy mill.
  15. Winged cats?
  16. Renting a dog . . .
  17. Shamu,Another fat cat brought into Camden County Animal Shelter
  18. The Lion's Tale
  19. cat license
  20. Cat survives 70-mile trip under owner's truck
  21. Mutt-i-grees Club: Where mongrel is the new pedigree
  22. Who's your Daddy?
  23. cat killers update
  24. cat rescue fire
  25. ...who says only humans have heart
  26. Fawn follows beagle home
  27. Dog saves owner by dialing 911
  28. Snowy and Gladys
  29. 4 month old Puppy Shot in BC.. outside home
  30. Senseless and cruel beyond belief
  31. FDA to review genetically engineered animals
  32. Paris Hilton's dogs get eaten by coyotes
  33. dog killed at Belleville dog park
  34. Buffy for President
  35. Animals Brutalized In Cornwall's Downtown
  36. A man accused of leaving his dog in a sweltering car
  37. Service dog not getting respect she deserves
  38. Yayy for Cyrus...
  39. Quebec Puppy Mill Raid
  40. Basil, the homesick horse, does a runner
  41. Pet Food Settlement Pending in Canada and The USA.
  42. SPCA Raids Puppy Mill In Emmaus, PA
  43. Aussie boy breaks into zoo, feeds animals to croc
  44. Frozen Carcasses discovered at PA Kennel
  45. Cosmetic surgery on pets banned
  46. Cats - a guy thing....
  47. Moggy gets his voice back
  48. Old Dogs are the Best Dogs
  49. Melamine Again Killing Dogs in China
  50. Tell me about it
  51. Michael Vick News
  52. Proposition 2 - vote YES
  53. I'm disgusted
  54. Runaway dog evades captors at Boston airport
  55. Mountain lion sightings in Pickering
  56. Interesting article from Catster cat blog
  57. Pet owners face code of practice in UK
  58. A Goldendoodle in the White House?
  59. Nun's Island dog dies in beaver trap!
  60. Cat lucky to be alive after falling 17 storeys
  61. Homeless man walking across Canada-Ontario ban?
  62. Stray Pitbull Saves Woman & Child
  63. Doggy Dressage - amazing video
  64. More Vick Stuff
  65. Washington Post pet advice
  66. Rosie's Animal Adoption
  67. Fun Facts from Cat Channel
  68. Lucky dog
  69. Quebec battles reputation as puppy mill capital
  70. Puppy Love?
  71. Puppy mill foes turn on pet stores
  72. More sad news about the economy and Pets
  73. puppymills
  74. Australia gov't irradiation importing practises altering Orijen catfood?
  75. Wife's death means 81 cats must go
  76. Police Hunt Cruel Culprit Who's Decapitating Cats
  77. Meaford SPCA..
  78. From le Barreau du Québec
  79. Collapse of horseracing means early death to horses Quebec
  80. Hero pooch pulls injured friend out of traffic to safety.
  81. Bill 50, failing our animals.
  82. Study: Dogs have a sense of fairness
  83. Grossly overweight dog-Neglectful owner- dog frozen to sidewalk for 12 hours!
  84. A Literal "Cat Burglar"
  85. Dog killer makes plea....
  86. Dog Saves Woman from Drowning
  87. Tenant Finds 6' Long Boa Constrictor Eating Pet's Food In His Kitchen
  88. Kitty Rescued from Washer
  89. Fire at the Durham Humane Society (Ontario)
  90. Most people think animals understand them.
  91. Humane society officers rescue 85 neglected dogs from Havelock house
  92. What was this woman thinking?
  93. A wounded dog helps Mumbai cope
  94. Woman Cares for 100 Abandoned Dogs
  95. Chinese to pull cats from menu
  96. Snow-dog
  97. Paws for a Cause, NJ
  98. Help Needed for Big Sky Ranch
  99. feral cat colony in Oshawa
  100. BBC to suspend Cruft dog show airing based on documentary investigation
  101. OSPCA warns of scammers going door-to-door
  102. Songs To Make Dogs Happy
  103. Dog burns to death as impaired owner flees crash
  104. Cat Burgler
  105. Owner Stunned After Dog Electrocuted By Faulty Hydro Wiring During Walk
  106. Explain please
  107. Feces-Throwing Monkey On The Loose In Florida City
  108. Dogs and elephants . . . . a love story
  109. Missing Dod feared stolen
  110. Two More Dogs Shocked By Stray Electricity, This Time In Yorkville
  111. Animals Make Us Human
  112. 600 dog in Washington state may turn 1,500
  113. Come home Penny
  114. Oh, Bessie!
  115. Kittens Used As Shark bait--Stop now!!!
  116. Puppy Abused
  117. Man's Cat Saves Him From Parkdale Blaze
  118. What needs to happen before something is done about this!!!
  119. Animal Euthanasia Agency Faces Charges
  120. A happy ending
  121. Couple loves cloned best friend
  122. Once left for dead, Vick's pit bulls recoverering
  123. Dog rescues fellow canine
  124. Toronto the Good
  125. Koala rescued from Australia's wildfires.
  126. Sick sick sick...
  127. Montreal CTV report of last night
  128. Puppy mill protester tackled by mall cops.
  129. New Quebec government body to tackle pet cruelty
  130. York Police And OSPCA Bust Alleged Cock Fighting Ring
  131. Caboodle ranch
  132. Dog "returned" to Owner
  133. Dog Owners Take To The Beach To Protest Canine Crackdown
  134. PETA at the Olympics 2010
  135. Coyote and TAS
  136. 100 dogs up for adoption
  137. ...and that is why I love animals unconditionally
  138. Ontario's new, tougher animal welfare act takes effect
  139. Poodle left in van for 19 days,survives..
  140. This is so sad...
  141. New bills in store for California
  142. Illinois holds hearing on tial docking, ear cropping restrictions
  143. found cat found? *S*
  144. Iraqi workers wage war on Baghdad's stray dogs
  145. dog eats 400.00$ in cash
  146. Barrie Family Seeks Rottweiler Owner After 11-Year-Old Boy Attacked And Bitten
  147. Dogs Poisoned At Port Perry Park
  148. Poor Dusty
  149. New Clue Emerges After Puppy Found In Plastic Wrapped Box In Dumpster
  150. ABC Nightline Special on Puppy Mills - 3/27/09!
  151. Life Lessons From the Family Dog
  152. Six-Month-Old Puppy Found Shivering Under Car
  153. Poor Copper...
  154. Australia castaway dog survives life on remote island
  155. "Stop Anthropomorphizing Me," demands Golden Retriever
  156. First puppy makes a Big Splash
  157. BC Pitbull Attack :(
  158. Dog taped to side of fridge
  159. Fido Food Bank
  160. Volunteers prove invaluable to local shelter
  161. Bravery Award for Black Lab
  162. don't lose your dog in Ottawa, police shoot two dogs
  163. FDA investigates Nutro pet food
  164. 10 new born kittens abandoned in plastic bag!
  165. Judge gets update on Michael Vick bankruptcy plan
  166. Europe no longer taking seal products
  167. Cops let alleged dog killer go scot-free
  168. 300 Stray dogs dumped on Island turn to cannibalism
  169. Shelter Dog Nurses 9 Kittens
  170. Chinese cat grows wings!!
  171. Search & Rescue expert and Thai Monk used in search for Missing Dog
  172. Animal abuse in Greece?
  173. Research Shows Dogs Have Souls... but we knew that already!
  174. Brutal cat killings in South Florida
  175. French article regarding soccer parks in Gatineau, QC.
  176. s the Dog-o-Matic an owner's best friend?
  177. Cop Shoots At Attacking Dog In Local Park
  178. "Bird Brain"? I think not!
  179. Rescue workers, Torontonians...
  180. "Killing Them With Kindness"
  181. Aurora Police Chase Bear Up Tree, Now Cornered
  182. Two Dogs Rushed To Vet After Apparent Pitbull Attack
  183. K9 Rescue me walk
  184. WARNING - Serial cat killer in Miami area
  185. Chinese forced to choose under one dog policy
  186. Pets pass superbug to humans
  187. Seven show dogs die after handler leaves them in van
  188. World's Ugliest Dog 2009
  189. Pike County Humane Society
  190. The Power of the People
  191. lost dog traced to saudi arabia
  192. Steinbach Manitoba shoots unclaimed dogs
  193. spca Montreal
  194. 9 yr old British boy attacked by Akita dog
  195. So THAT'S how they wrap us around their little paws!!
  196. Cat Ladies - The documentary
  197. The Licensing of Tyranny in Dog Ownership
  198. Dog steals baby
  199. This made me sad - Gidget The Taco Bell dog dies
  200. Man looses fingers to save his dog
  201. AMAZING! Bonnie and clyde
  202. Kennel wins lawsuit over web claims
  203. Please help Bruce
  204. A dog is reunited with it's owners after 9 years!!!!
  205. Trevor
  206. Koala that survived fires in Australia dies in surgery.
  207. 3rd dog fatality by wolf prompts warning
  208. Three Saskatoon-area residents ...
  209. Dogs as Smart as 2-yr-old Kids
  210. Eagle attacks swan in midair
  211. Eagles sign Vick
  212. Fame-seeking squirrel storms internet
  213. An emerging new species . . . . the Coywolf
  214. Is that dog lost, no he is on the GPS
  215. Dogs sniff out Cancer
  216. Neglected dog in 'horrific condition'
  217. Man's Best Friend
  218. Firefighter rescues St. Bernard
  219. SPCA Laurentides-Labelle saves 35 cats
  220. Poor Poodles!
  221. Coyote in the "Beaches"
  222. Dog Menu Leaves Bad Taste
  223. Rescued Chow Has Inoperable Cancer
  224. Miracle cat survives. Charity needs help
  225. Suspected pit bulls on death row (Sarnia, Ontario)
  226. Cat Survives Almost 4 Weeks in Rubble
  227. Whole Foods Chain Voted...
  228. This is freakin awesome.
  229. Meow Spoken Here
  230. Jon Gosselin Sends His Dogs Back to Breeder, Blames Wife
  231. Vick donates to animal shelters...sort of.
  232. Jaycee says she wants her pets back
  233. Cat shot in head 13 times....survives
  234. US members, please help support this bill!
  235. 3 dogs rescued in Cornwall
  236. Should your pet be a Vegetarian?
  237. Quebec Church Invites Dogs to Attend
  238. Sad story about Pitties in Denver
  239. Vick is getting a reality tv show??
  240. Grief over dog's death transforms couple into antifreeze activists
  241. Toronto woman dies of injuries from coyote attack
  242. Victoria pit bull won't be destroyed if new owner found
  243. Herd of Wild Horses in Need
  244. Could your pet get H1N1? It's unlikely, vets assure
  245. Woohoo!! Declawing banned in California cities
  246. Saskatchewan puts $20 bounty on coyotes
  247. Toronto Ad
  248. If I could...I would in a heart beat
  249. Homes For Greyhounds Needed As Racing Track Closes
  250. $10 wash/dry for Fido