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SPCA seeks dog-killer

January 19th, 2003, 08:40 PM
SPCA seeks dog-killer
Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Linda Furnell, spokesperson for the Nanaimo SPCA

The SPCA in Nanaimo is looking for the person who shot and killed a dog.

The young male German Shepherd's body was found by skeet shooters near McKay Lake on Dec. 30.

"Its mouth was duct-taped shut and it had been shot in the head," Nanaimo SPCA spokesperson Linda Furnell said.

"[The skeet shooters] retrieved the body and brought it back in to a local veterinarian here in town to see if any identification could be found on the dog."

The veterinarian who performed the autopsy said the dog did not die immediately.

"It was a painful death," said Furnell.

The Nanaimo SPCA is asking anyone who knows anything about the killing to come forward.

The agency also wants to remind pet owners that there are other options than killing an unwanted pet.

The person responsible may be charged with cruelty to an animal.

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