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Pets dress up for Chino Hills fair

June 8th, 2003, 10:48 PM

CHINO HILLS Taylor Schofield knew the minute she heard about the city's first Pet Fair what her sheltie, Faith, would wear to the event Saturday.

Taylor, who is 10 and attends Los Serranos Elementary School, had the chance along with hundreds of other kids in the area to compete in various contests at the Pet Fair at McCoy Equestrian Center.

Taylor's competition of choice was the costume contest. Taylor and Faith dressed as magical fairies and won first place and best of show for their costumes.

"My friend recently went a birthday party and the goody she got for going was a small jeweled crown," Taylor said. "As soon as my Mom told me about this event, I drew out exactly what I wanted the costumes to look like. I did it all around the crown."

Taylor's mother and her friend Lauren Pullen, 11, both helped Taylor to find the tooling, wings and all the fun stuff that helped them to turn Faith into a magical dog with wings as beautiful as a butterfly.

"We put glitter and flowers on her wings," said Taylor, adding that she had hoped she'd win.

When Taylor heard her name being called she almost couldn't stop smiling.

"It was awesome," a beaming Taylor said. "Just awesome."

Winners received medals and ribbons for their efforts in the various competitions held throughout the day at the Pet Fair.

Besides a host of seminars for pet owners, the event also featured a caged animal competition including contests for rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents.

Matt Smith and his rabbit, Rex, came in first and won best overall in the caged rabbit division.

"I washed Rex and I cleaned his cage," said Matt, who is 12. "I even blow-dried his hair so it would be extra soft and nice."

Matt said he was happy about his win because he got his pet rabbit from the animal shelter. "It makes me happy to know that we won," Matt said. "I've always felt he was a good pet and now he has a good home."

The event also featured a children's art show and an essay contest for kid's ages 2 to 13 years old. Many children made art pieces that included mix media of paper, crayons and pencil but there were others that were very carefully done in watercolors and ink and paper. Makenna Spencer of Chino Hills won best of show and first place in the essay contest for her age group 7 to 9.

"I love turtles," said Makenna, who is 7 and attends Rolling Ridge Elementary School.

"We learned about them in my class and so, I got one and painted it, and then wrote about it. It makes me feel good to win because I love turtles so much."