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Small fine levied for dog killing

May 24th, 2002, 10:20 PM
Small fine levied for dog killing
Prosecutor satisfied that dog catchers are now out of business
Alan Ferris

GUELPH Two former Fergus dog catchers have been fined $250 each for their roles in a case where a family pet was destroyed at the University of Guelph last fall.

In a Guelph court yesterday, prosecutor Alan Ryan made it clear the loss of municipal contracts throughout Wellington County which effectively put Arteeka Kennels out of business was the reason he agreed to such a modest fine.

Township councils throughout the county voted not to renew animal control contracts with Arteeka when they came up this spring.

Without them, the company folded. The contracts were awarded to humane societies and other private firms. "The fact Arteeka has since lost all of its contracts for animal control and has been completely shut down is seen as part of the penalty and a mitigating factor in not asking for a greater fine," said Ryan.

Arteeka owner and operator Greg Smith entered a guilty plea for failure to notify the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals that an impounded dog had identification, such as a name tag or licence.

Jim Heseltine, Arteeka's sole employee, pleaded guilty to failing to keep an impounded dog for the minimum required holding period of three days a measure meant to ensure stray pets can be reunited with owners. They had each been charged with both counts.

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