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Adopt-a-cat month begins

June 1st, 2003, 11:29 PM
JUN 1, 2003

June is adopt-a-cat month and the Humane Society of Canada wants people who are thinking about getting a furry feline to adopt one from their local animal shelter or rescue group.
"Cats make wonderful pets," said the humane society's Al Hickey in a release. "Unfortunately, it is harder to find permanent loving homes for older cats."

Hickey said while older cats may not be as playful as kittens, they make great companions and will love you back, are more settled and may have already been spayed or neutered.

There are currently more than six million cats living in homes today, Hickey said. The reason for the overpopulation crisis is the fact many cats that are not spayed or neutered are allowed to roam.

"Also, for some reason, if a cat wanders off, some people do not start looking for them for several days, which may be too late," said Michael O'Sullivan, the humane society's executive director, in a release.

"There are literally millions of homeless cats who suffer short, harsh lives. Each of us can do our own part by giving a loving permanent home to one or two cats," O'Sullivan said.