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Cicadas-Tasty Morsels-make dogs/cats sick

April 29th, 2004, 07:14 PM
When millions of cicadas emerge across the eastern United States for a rare mating season, they will appear as tasty morsels to pets who could get sick from eating the insects, officials warned.

The insects are protein-rich but their hard outer shells can cause vomiting and constipation in cats and dogs, said Randall Lockwood, vice president for the Humane Society of the United States.

"Imagine a yard full of chicken nuggets, that's sort of what it's going to be like" for dogs and cats, Lockwood said Tuesday.

Millions of the large, red-eyed insects will soon emerge from the ground for a once-every-17-years mating dance lasting well into June.

Experts say the insects will climb into trees and shed their shells to reveal their wings. Males will attract mates through a loud buzzing sound.

The approximately 11/2-inch-long bugs "combine all the stuff that particularly dogs like to chase," Lockwood said. "They're kind of flying pet toys: They are loud, slow-moving, often low-flying."

The Washington-based Humane Society advises keeping pets indoors, securing screens and holding tight to dog leashes outdoors.

April 29th, 2004, 07:19 PM
I never heard of these things! :confused:

April 29th, 2004, 08:15 PM
I never heard of these things! :confused:
Well Luba my dear it might be because of your tender age, you might not have lived through one of their life cycles, they only come out every 17 years.
(You may send the customary $20.00 liar's tip to my home).
Yes, they are real and tasty or so my dog says. ;)

April 29th, 2004, 08:23 PM
This spring is special because Magicicada Brood X will be emerging after waiting underground for 17 years. Magicicada are a specific Genus of cicada, also known as a Periodical Cicada.
Some people actually eat them too.

April 29th, 2004, 09:00 PM
Hey if u ever find a picture of one of these things post it for me ..or take one and show me if ya don't mind.

Maybe we don't get them here?

I remember about early 80's we had loads of these beetle type things that would adhere themselves to our trees and make these huge pods and reproduce. They had a nasty sticky but fluffy bunch of goop LOL all over them..worst part THEY FLEW!!!

April 29th, 2004, 09:01 PM
ok n/m i found one.... UCK

April 30th, 2004, 04:22 PM
I am sure you know what they are Luba,you might not have seen them but you have certainly heard them.They usually will make themselves heard the first really hot humid summerday.It's a loud buzzing sound,I used to compare them to the sound of Phone-wires many years ago,they are kind of ugly,but hey,a living thing and very much part of summer.
The birds chase them,as do my cats,but they never attempted to eat one :D
Woodbyter are you telling us there will be more of them than usual :confused:

April 30th, 2004, 06:19 PM

We called those tree frogs!! I've had them all around my house every summer...they land on my clothes line and even stick to the side of the house haha!

I found a better pic of I know what they are!