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Newspaper Articles of Interest (animal/pet related) from Around the World

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  1. OMG! Amazing coyote survives colision...
  2. Toronto Humane Society officials arrested
  3. Black Friday Sale!
  4. Dogs can have H1N1 virus
  5. HSI - Surrendered Huskies
  6. Human rights complaint heard over man's chihuahua
  7. Vancouver vet banned in B.C.
  8. deer cull
  9. Cat in tree, firefighters stumped
  10. Man mauled to death by "pet" tiger
  11. why I love cornwalls SPCA
  12. Newest rage in Russia, tattoos on cats.
  13. What if your veterinarian was using a recalled drug -- and didn't know it?
  14. This is Disgusting!!
  15. How are dog people and cat people different?
  16. Can the PSPCA be saved? No-kill leader posting horrifying save rates.
  17. ‘Euthanized’ coyote visiting south-end neighbourhoods (Guelph, Ontario)
  18. 8 puppies abandoned in freezing cold
  19. Guard dog's frozen body discovered in N.S.
  20. Dogs die in fire at puppy mill in Alberta
  21. Captured Whale
  22. THS Pitbull goes missing from New Brunswick Animal Shelter
  23. Coyotes kill dog
  24. Japan's love for pets.
  25. Office Romance dogs THS probe
  26. Michael Vick gets an award for Courage
  27. War Dogs of the Pacific
  28. For Pet's Sake
  29. montreal gazette
  30. MSNBC Article on Toronto Humane Society
  31. I wish Ontario would adopt this law
  32. Hostile Dog Leads Cops on Chase
  33. justice for turtles!!
  34. Commuter cat is star of bus route
  36. A rabbit rescue in downtown LA
  37. Oreo's Law (Hayden's law)
  38. Pittie Love
  39. "dead" dog lives, what is your opinion?
  40. New Brunswick - Changes to SPCA rules
  41. Black and Gus
  42. Remember the dog that was taped to a fridge?
  43. "Bandit" (pit bull/lab cross) put down !
  44. Super Trooper
  45. Pets of Homeless
  46. wounded dog beating odds (poor pet)
  47. Supreme Court strikes down law banning dogfight videos
  48. Willing, Able and...Banned
  49. Community Service for Dog torture/death?
  50. Animal Rescue Outreach...4 counts animal cruelty
  51. Foster Pittie Amber Adopts and Nurses Kittens
  52. That's One Lucky Goose!
  53. Child Taken To Ottawa Hospital After Dog Attack On Cornwall Island
  54. Dogs and PTSD ~ American Vets
  55. Shocked, Disgusted.
  56. This can't be good.
  57. Feline tries to revive a friend
  58. URGENT ALERT: Animal Abuser
  59. Man discharged for animal cruelty
  60. 350 animals to be euthanized at SPCA York Region Branch
  61. Sickening case in windsor
  62. Kleenex Alert (PAWSITIVE ad against dog fighting)
  63. really sick people
  64. Dog killed by car, family billed for the damages
  65. rescuing from the rescue
  66. why wash birds....very interesting article
  67. Happy Rolph's Massacre (no pics or gory details in article)
  68. Animals being poisoned in NDG (Montreal)!!!!
  69. Fatal dog attack South Shore Montreal
  70. Iams Canned Cat Food Recall
  71. Dog at Mile 26
  72. Cat stuck in the window
  73. An Australian discovery, possible cancer cure.
  74. OSPCA Truth website...
  75. Will Purina be next? What brand will they kill?
  76. Pfizer drug warning
  77. Tiger and two camels stolen en route to bowmanville zoo
  78. Yet another recall.
  79. Iranian cleric issues Fatwa against dogs
  80. Petland Switches To Rescues
  81. puppy stolen from teens arms in Ottawa
  82. An idea that would work to clean up the oil spill
  83. World cup fanatics‏-Lion Burgers!
  84. Owner Jailed for Abandoning Pet
  85. Dogs and Cats sleeping in your bed
  86. My dog taught me how to be a mom
  87. Grieving woman doesn't blame driver who stopped for ducks
  88. The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome - NY Times Magazine
  89. MSPCA Feline Frenzy - 2010 WeekEnd
  90. Calgary Humane Society goes 155 days w/o Euthanizing any Adoptable Cats
  91. Camels and tiger...2 arrests made.
  92. Another reason why you should not post...
  93. Baghdad kills 58,000 stray dogs in 3-month span
  94. Beavers killed dog
  95. minutes away from death..."Brain people...use it"
  96. Seizure in Manitoba
  97. Beaver-killing plan sparks outrage in Oshawa, Ontario.
  98. Hell on Hooves Cancelled
  99. Confessions: Animal Hoarding
  100. Canada's First Police Therepy dog
  101. Dog Attack in NDG Montreal
  102. Changes at the new Toronto Humane Society
  103. Canada - No country for animals
  104. 50% of dogs in university vet program killed
  105. Tragedy on American Airlines
  106. Stray pit bull saves woman and child
  107. Romanian Man Is Killed While Trying To Save Stray Dog
  108. Proposal to ban sale of dogs and cats in Toronto
  109. Why people hoard animals
  110. Ontario may be least dog-friendly province
  111. Stem cell research and pets.
  112. How to find the right vet
  113. Petition for dog that was dragged behind motorcycle
  114. Toronto Humane Society charges dropped
  115. Woman filmed throwing cat in garbage wheelie bin.
  116. Support Dinovo repealing the BSL
  117. Caboodle Ranch
  118. In the doghouse - Vancouver!
  119. This is a sad story
  120. I hope this is nothing but a hoax...because this is absolute sickness!!!
  121. Windsor man sentenced to 4 months in jail
  122. Brown Eyes of Wisdom
  123. Quinte Humane under a big strain after large seizure
  124. Police Shoot Elderly Labrador
  125. Pet Store puppy ban
  126. Group aims to centralize animal control-Montreal
  127. Animals suffered despite inspections
  128. Hungary - Shelter Workers Attempt To Save Animals From Toxic Waste Spill
  129. Brindi in trouble again
  130. Help save NJ's feral cats
  131. Cats comfort breast cancer patients
  132. I hope this man and dogs recover from their beatings :(
  133. Stem cell vet treatment performed in Ont.
  134. Vet Euthanizia Mistake
  135. Paws to salute army hero
  136. Barking Mad
  137. Blind Shih Tzu finds his way with guide dog
  138. Ontario pit-bull ban forces Dog Whisperer to leave Junior behind
  139. The Journey of Mandarin
  140. quebec tenant lets the house go to the cats
  141. What a sad tale...RIP Target...
  142. Durham humane society pleads for help
  143. 11 dogs rescued from puppy mill
  144. Cats rescued from house of Toronto Humane Society board member
  145. Pets more trustworthy than people: Survey
  146. Basset Hound Rescue Quebec founder has died.
  147. injured stray nurses pups and kitten
  148. ...and yet another reason to call Humans....idiots!!!!
  149. How much dogs can understand.
  150. Horse rescued
  151. Pitbull recovering after being left to starve
  152. Cats housbound in Oakville
  153. 100-pound dog attacks 3 north of Toronto
  154. Cities mull forced neutering of pets & Runaway pit bull neutered by SPCA
  155. Devoted Dog Lover kills himself
  156. I like this...
  157. Anti crop/dock
  158. Must read flea products
  159. Another epic fail from HS/SPCA *disturbing photos
  160. USDA found to be poisoning birds
  161. Opinion: In the time it takes to read this, nearly 20,000 farm animals will be slaugh
  162. Eleven puppies abandoned Ottawa
  163. Day old puppy found abandoned
  164. Happy tail !
  165. Dogs Dogs Dogs magazine on MILE 26 RESCUE
  166. Coyotes dining on Feral Cat Colony - Bluffers Park, Toronto
  167. Mark your calenders!
  168. Cat Poo Coffee
  169. Whale Hunt Suspended
  170. Stray pelican's flight home to United States is grounded by red tape
  171. Hunter fined
  172. Puppy Survives Euthanasia (U.S.A.) CTV
  173. Shoot a coyote, win a prize
  174. Poisoned Meatballs being left on dog walk trail
  175. Keep our dogs away from metal on sidewalks....
  176. Canadian charities to be silenced March 31
  177. Anyone watch "Wild Justice" ?
  178. Teen charged in death of family hamster
  179. UK soldier & sniffer dog repatriated
  180. Best Friends, odd pair
  181. FDA To Hold Public Hearings On Safety of Imported Foods and Animal Feed
  182. Electrocution Warnings mailed out by Toronto Hydro
  183. Dog is Dog's best friend
  184. Toronto Humane Society turmoil continues...
  185. *Warning Graphic Photos and Text* Dog starved to a skeleton......
  186. Aunt Jimmy is that YOU?
  187. BC Sled Dog Task Force Recommendations
  188. Stranded tsunami dog rescued in Japan
  189. Feral cat overpopulation gives region pause
  190. BC Getting New Animal Cruelty Laws
  191. Whistler Sled Dog Task Force Review
  192. Japanese volunteers risk radiation to rescue stranded dogs
  193. Pit bull kills small dog in front of 11 yr old owner in Ottawa
  194. dog bites womans nose
  195. A good save!
  196. Berger Blanc investigated
  197. Owners like this are the reason we have BSL
  198. And why is this not a hate crime???
  199. Osama bin Laden dead
  200. causes of dog deaths by breed
  201. 30 pitbulls seized from calgary home
  202. What is wrong with people :(
  203. Two Montreal boroughs ditch private pound
  204. A horsev trying to save himself - what a mighty jump!
  205. Pitbull saves a life
  206. Not the first and won't be the last
  207. one dog dead, others missing from an Oshawa training facility
  208. ACD related - Quadruple shooting survivor shares her story .
  209. Ontario best in protecting animals, Quebec second worse
  210. Ontario Dog owners on alert after local pet thefts
  211. City moves to restrict pet sales
  212. man arrested in T.O. for trying to kill raccoon kits
  213. Shelter overload in S.D.&G.
  214. a small victory....
  215. Camels to be shot by helicopters in Australia
  216. 700 cats and one rooster rescued in Florida
  217. Pets vs. Stratas
  218. Dog taken, euthanized without owner's knowledge
  219. Montreal SPCA
  220. Quebec to crack down on puppy and kitten mills
  221. Way to go San Francisco !!!!
  222. I wish they could talk....Sure gives everyone hope for their lost pets...
  223. Cat Activists Protest Killings at Hamilton Animal Control in Ontario
  224. Natura Class Action Lawsuit?
  225. Newspaper Poll: No-kill policy for London, Ontario?
  226. 37 chained dogs found in Montreal
  227. Cdn Pet store to stop
  228. Pets on Planes - debate continues
  229. More than 400 dogs seized from kennel in Quebec
  230. Pets that inherited a fortune
  231. Toronto bans the sale of pets in pet stores
  232. saskatoon spca benefits from Tweed/Simmons wedding
  233. Finally a jail sentence
  234. EXOTIC CAT STOLEN - Trout Creek Ontario
  235. 1,000's of dead birds wash up on Ontario shore
  236. Good news from my State in Oz
  237. The cat that came home after 114 days
  238. Horse shot in self defence ???
  239. Tribute to animals who have served
  240. Couple sentenced to jail in animal cruelty case
  241. Paws R Us goes to court
  242. Paws R Us IS A PUPPY MILL
  243. Beagles Rescued From Testing
  244. Police mourn ‘devastating’ loss of two service dogs
  245. Doghouse dungeon 42 dogs rescued
  246. A rescue that should never be
  247. Woman must prove pet isn't a pit bull
  248. Hanging GF's dog was "Tough Love"
  249. One life down, eight to go
  250. A story to make you smile - clever Dingo.