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Siamese Cat Euthanized After Being Torched

July 8th, 2004, 06:24 PM
Siamese Cat Euthanized After Being Torched :mad: :( :mad:
Police Suspect Accelerant Was Used

POSTED: 12:50 pm MDT July 6, 2004
UPDATED: 1:13 pm MDT July 6, 2004

A Siamese that was doused with an accelerant and then set on fire had to be euthanized after suffering burns so severe that its bone was exposed, police said.

The cat, an adult female Siamese with a seal point colored coat, was discovered Monday morning by a Westminster animal control officer who was responding to the report of an injured cat. The feline was found in a grassy area east of the Westin Hotel, located at 10600 Westminster Blvd.

The animal had sustained severe burns to all four paws and legs up to the hocks, an animal control officer said.

Westminster police suspect the cat was intentionally abused with some sort of quick burning accelerant, although no distinct odor of accelerant was found on the cat when it was discovered.

No one has stepped forward to claim the cat, which was wearing a red nylon collar with a silver bell, or to report a missing Siamese cat that matched the injured cat's description.

Anyone having information in reference to the abuse or was witness to it is asked to contact Westminster Animal Control at (303) 430-2400 ext 4328.