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Newspaper Articles of Interest (animal/pet related) from Around the World

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  1. adds new meaning to catch and release
  2. Vick's co-defendants ALL making deals?
  3. Spay/Neuter the Feral cat population
  4. Link between dust and HyperT in cats?
  5. Squirrels thrive for 'foster mum'
  6. Owners never received pet's ashes
  7. Vick confesses his guilt
  8. pit bull defender
  9. Wal-Mart has pulled Dog Treats from shelves
  10. Indo-Canadian veterinarians seeking inquiry
  11. Dog Remains Sent to Rendering Plant
  12. Windsor may ban sales of cats, dogs in pet stores
  13. Vick report......gotta love this reporter!
  14. Vick files plea admitting to dogfighting.
  15. police shoot dog
  16. tinkerbell is home
  17. Winter The Dolphin
  18. Rottweiler nurses kitten
  19. 'Dogs neglected' at rapper's home'
  20. Pit Bulls shot in Montreal
  21. Money Hound
  22. US & Russia (130 Cats) Compare these stories
  23. Province commits to strengthen animal protection laws
  24. Cop accused of leaving K9 in hot car - warning, not a happy ending
  25. Brutal Dog Attack
  26. war dogs honoured
  27. Pitty bited lady while in labour
  28. Heart wrenching story re a pitbull
  29. Ruling says Falcons entitled to nearly $20M
  30. Pets hurled from bridge in Puerto Rico
  31. 'Queen's Corgis' Up For A Fido
  32. Dog Uses Bath Drain To Breathe Amid Fire
  33. Ellen DeGeneres - serially giving away dogs?
  34. record numbers adopted
  35. Ellen and Iggy
  36. A Touching Narrative
  37. New Pet Bylaw Passed In Halifax
  38. byb
  39. tre smith gets award
  40. Puppies removed from BYB
  41. Tribute o Kewpie the cat
  42. Dog, cat honored for saving masters
  43. 15 pups - 2 mothers
  44. pup thrown from truck
  45. heartless attack on puppies in Detroit
  46. World's Tallest Dog meets World's Smallest
  47. The wandering kitty:
  48. Petition to introduce Legislation re pet Food
  49. PC Tizer, Chief Mouser at Kings Cross Station in London
  50. Blind sled dog
  51. Monster Vick PRISON BABY!!
  52. Dog finds 3 pound truffle
  53. Rabbit mom to kittens
  54. Kitty toilet training w/ video
  55. Consumer Wellness Center posts nutritional review
  56. Hey Spot, Youíve Got Mail
  57. Renting a best friend
  58. Black swan and her paddleboat "mate"
  59. Vick gets 23 months for dogfighting.
  60. BYB facing charges
  61. Dog attack in London ONT...but whose fault?
  62. mice with no fear of cats
  63. Cloned cats glow in ultraviolet
  64. Cat has Copperhead snake stuck in collar
  65. Cats that glow in the dark?
  66. Letter From Michael Vick
  67. Moncton Area Cat Goes on Wild Ride
  68. Fleas hate vacuum cleaners more than dogs do
  69. Good Christmas safety tips from the news
  70. Whoopi Goldberg/ Michael Vick
  71. working class cats
  72. Dog's Nazi salute lands owner in jail for five months
  73. Christmas hit that only dogs can hear
  74. Dog ate Xmas star and survived
  75. A Chorus of Dog Whisperers
  76. Man breeds rare stingrays
  77. more on chinese recalls
  78. Vets remove 11 pounds of matted hair
  79. Foreclosed on? Leave your pets behind
  80. A Patient's Best Friend
  81. PetSmart Birds Quarantined
  82. Cat survives in garden shed for two months
  83. cat found in microwave
  84. Investigators probe death of puppy
  85. puppies found
  86. Good letters - good answers?
  87. everlasting friendship - may be offensive to some
  88. Weak cruelty laws
  89. Top 10 Dog Breeds
  90. the ultimate BYB
  91. From fighters to friends, Vick's pit bulls learn new life
  92. Another Dog Down?
  93. Dog thefts in Ottawa area
  94. Dogs chase nightmares of war away
  95. Undercover video shows cow abuse
  96. Chicken lays green eggs
  97. California debating mandatory spay/neuter
  98. N.F.L. Starís Dogs Find Kindness
  99. Irish setter has 16 pups - a record?
  100. Sweaters for Chickens
  101. Update on Vick ruling
  102. Working dogs get their own stamps
  103. Adventures Of Rudy
  104. Fur farms
  105. Vick's fighting dogs get second chance at life
  106. What I wouldn't do for my cat
  107. Baghdad dogs follow dead soldier to U.S.
  108. Hope , the great dane
  109. Dogs give up their lives to save family
  110. Update 'archaic' animal protection laws....
  111. Dog tracks soldier 70 miles
  112. Jaguar Escapes, Attacks Dog, Both Are Shot By Police
  113. Fat cat can't get thru pet door
  114. Guy who eats dog food (with tripe!) yuck
  115. The K9 mind
  116. Runaway kitten found after 25 days in subway
  117. Mitt Romney and his dog Seamus
  118. Man pays $15,000 for dog's return
  119. Bats are now dying
  120. Sable, Spencer and Billie on the Globe and Mail
  121. Cat Owners Have 40% Less Chance of Heart Disease!!!
  122. Booty for Police K9
  123. Halifax may pause on cat bylaw
  124. Police probe killing of cat in washing machine
  125. Python eat's family dog in Australia
  126. Crosspost (warning- could be disturbing)
  127. pets left abandoned and starving in US
  128. Despite protest, Munchie the dog Euthinized
  129. QHS Needs Help
  130. more on rambo
  131. doggy death row
  132. Knut the polar bear no longer cute
  133. 100,000 dogs to be poisoned to control rabies
  134. Pro golfer apologizes for killing hawk
  135. Alberta cull on wolves
  136. Product Recall: Cat Vitamins
  137. Starving horses seized in Alberta
  138. Nicaraguans celebrate mass for dogs
  139. pudgy pets
  140. Man Clinging to boat: Save my dog first.
  141. Iowa town offers bounty on stay cats
  142. Cat Microwaved To Death
  143. $5 bounty on feral cats
  144. Soldier Throws Puppy from a cliff
  145. Alert - Presence Of Salmonella Bacteria In Roll Over Pork Tenders Premium Dog Treats
  146. record fine for abuse
  147. godliness is next to dogliness
  148. Excellent Vet Article from Globe and Mail re pet meds and vets
  149. Hundreds Of Ill, Dying Cats Found In Animal Sanctuary Raid
  150. Just some pictures of Flocke the polar bear cub
  151. The cat whisperer
  152. When Pookie dies . . . . . make a coat!!!
  153. Has anyone seen this poor dog...
  154. Robotic automatic ball tosser
  155. Toronto ferals' angels
  156. very happy ending
  157. Bill S-203 is a sham
  158. Pit Bull Island - Some Good News
  159. On Global News Ontario tonight
  160. sad
  161. puppy mills on Oprah
  162. dog tied to lamppost
  163. Dog needed 56 stitches
  164. Court Ruling on Pet Travel via Air Canada
  165. U.S. widow sues, says sick pet caused death
  166. Cat agility training???
  167. Funny video done by engineers!
  168. Earthlings...
  169. Cat tossed from balcony
  170. I hope this 'catwoman' reaches her goal..
  171. Grizzly bear kills trainer
  172. Most beautiful Bulldog
  173. FDA requires Evangerís to get emergency permit
  174. Happy ending
  175. High costs might force SPCA to close Laval branch
  176. Doggie DNA testing
  177. Driver kills dog, then sues owners
  178. DMX Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges, Drugs
  179. Losing racehorses in Puerto Rico condemned to die.
  180. Thumbelina - The Worlds Smallest Horse.
  181. Rescue stories
  182. Neighbor confesses to killing barking dog.
  183. Smart owners!
  184. Girl Killed While Petting Horse
  185. Oldest dog?
  186. Puppy scams
  187. Woman: Rabies Shot Killed My Poodle
  188. Patching up Big Brown's cracked front hoof
  189. Boxing anyone?
  190. Two Alberta teens plead guilty to killing cat in microwave
  191. toronto puppy mill
  192. The Netherlands to lift 15-year ban on owning, breeding pit bulls
  193. A dog, a toad, and a happy ending!
  194. Marine expelled, another punished over puppy video
  195. Pet Poison Alert: Cocoa Bean Mulch Can Be Toxic To Dogs
  196. Cinders the piglet
  197. Elephant in an accident!
  198. Love for a Kitty Inspres Cute Book
  199. Pro-Rottweiler footage
  200. Serial cat killer at large
  201. Zoo animals living beyond their wild counterparts years.
  202. Five dogs poisoned in High Park
  203. Dog set on fire
  204. Man dies after being bitten own Tosa-inu
  205. Police find poison bread, dead raccoons in Toronto park where dogs poisoned
  206. Why you should know your breeder!
  207. Michigan Animal Shelter Euthanizes Wrong Dog
  208. A love story.
  209. Private prison to launch guide dog training program for inmates
  210. Confessed animal killer tells court he lied about his part in dragging death
  211. Dog corpses found in park
  212. My dog has a crush on my ram . . . . a love story
  213. Surfing dogs
  214. Korean Team Clones US Grandmaís Dog
  215. Ban proposed for dog rental service
  216. Puppy Mill Survivors
  217. "Rhymes with rich" leaves billions for "care and welfare of dogs"
  218. Abused dog becomes champion
  219. Halifax rescue dog to be cloned
  220. The í08 Race for the Obama Dog House
  221. Miniature dachshund gnaws off diabetic owner's toe
  222. Why do men love 'dangerous' dogs?
  223. Michael Vick files for bankruptcy
  224. wild cats that think they are tigers
  225. yet another abuse case
  226. Dog meat off the menu during Beijing Olympics
  227. New Tricks
  228. Pill-Popping Pets
  229. Dog and owner reunited after 5 years!!!
  230. Teens in cat microwaving to get psychiaric assessment
  231. Attention Coquitlam Dog Owner
  232. Extremely sad news story
  233. Rachael Ray going to the dogs
  234. Pet thefts rise as economy hits low
  235. Puppy thrown off overpass in Atlantic City,NJ
  236. Puppy kills baby boy?
  237. Pet CSI
  238. 44 pound cat brought into shelter as stray
  239. golden retriever adopts tiger cubs
  240. "Animal" set on fire
  241. Pitbull ban with teeth demanded-NDG-Montreal
  242. Limb implants for dogs
  243. canine co-workers
  244. Vancouver Dog Obedience Training Club must sit and stay for human rights complaint
  245. 'Drug raid' with two dog casualties
  246. dancing with the dogs
  247. Montreal borough threatens Pit Bull Ban--again!
  248. eco-friendly pets
  249. one more for the other side?
  250. the love of a dog