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From pets to repairs, what you need to know

May 13th, 2003, 09:52 AM
From pets to repairs, what you need to know


Last week, condo lawyer Gerry Hyman clarified some points for buyers of new condos. This week he looks at issues of concern to buyers of both new and resale units.

The following are a few matters which are applicable to purchases of both new and resale units.

PETS: It is important if you have a pet to review the condominium documents to ascertain whether pets are prohibited or restricted.

The declaration may provide that no pets are permitted. The declaration or the rules may place restrictions on the type, number or size of pets.

It is also advisable, particularly in regard to a unit in a high-rise building, to consider whether your pet is given to loud fits of barking whenever anyone comes within hailing distance of your unit.

There is usually a provision permitting the condominium board to require the removal of a pet following a board determination that the pet constitutes a nuisance..........