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Canadian Residents: Calls Desperately Needed!

May 13th, 2003, 07:25 AM
Canadian Residents: Calls Desperately Needed!

Anti-Cruelty Bill Faces Amendments From Animal-Abusing Industries!

Bill C-10(b), an amendment to improve the cruelty-to-animals section of Canada’s Criminal Code, is in serious trouble in the Senate. The current, archaic criminal code does not protect stray animals or wildlife and considers crimes against animals to be property crimes. If passed, Bill C-10(b) (formerly C-15B) will allow for stricter sentences for those who inflict deliberate cruelty on animals and those who neglect animals to such an extent that significant animal suffering occurs:

• A maximum five-year imprisonment term (the current maximum is six months)

• An increase in the maximum penalty from six months’ to 18 months’ imprisonment if the Crown elects to proceed by summary conviction

• Punishment of an indictable offense by imprisonment not to exceed five years

• An unlimited fine, to be determined by the judge on a case-by-case basis

• Authorization of judges to order anyone convicted to pay restitution to a humane society or other organization that cared for the abused animal

• Sentencing that includes a lifetime prohibition against owning and/or harboring any animal in the future

• The removal of crimes against animals from the property section of the Criminal Code.

The Senate Committee is set to revise the bill to exempt all abuses of animals perpetrated by anyone who is affiliated with an animal-using industry. If this happens, animals in Canada will be even worse off than they are now––when they’re supposedly being protected by a law that is 113 years old! To see the text of the bill in its entirety, please click here.

Time is crucial. C-10(b) may be heard on May 14, 2003. Please contact the Prime Minister’s office and members of the Standing Senate Committee today and urge them to expedite the passing of this bill as it stands—without amendments. Canadian animals desperately need your help! Until the Senate passes the legislation, please call committee members at 1-800-267-7362 or use the following contact information:

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington St.
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A2
Fax: 613-941-690

Standing Senate Committee:

Sen. George Furey, Chair
Tel.: 613-943-7805
Fax: 613-943-7807

Sen. Raymell Andreychuk
Tel.: 613-947-2239
Fax: 613-947-2241

Sen. George Baker
Fax: 613-947-1525

Sen. Gérald Beaudoin
Tel.: 613-995-6128
Fax: 613-943-0685

Sen. John Bryden
Tel.: 613-947-7305
Fax: 613-947-7307

Sen. Anne Cools
Tel.: 613-992-2808
Fax: 613-992-8513

Sen. Mobina Jaffer
Tel.: 613-992-0189
Fax: 613-992-0673

Sen. Serge Joyal
Tel.: 613-943-0434
Fax: 613-943-0441

Sen. Pierre Claude Nolin
Tel.: 613-943-1451
Fax: 613-943-1792

Sen. Landon Pearson
Tel.: 613-947-7134
Fax: 613-944-4083

Sen. David P. Smith
Tel.: 613-944-4079
Fax: 613-944-4083

Sen. Terry Stratton
Tel.: 613-947-2224
Fax: 613-943-1463

Thank you for your time and your compassion for animals!