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Pit Bull Puppies Stolen in Nova Scotia!

August 7th, 2007, 12:49 PM
The article does not say if these people were backyard breeders or were reputable breeders but they do seem to love the puppies and one can only guess the nefarious reasons why anyone would want to steal these puppies, sigh!!

Thieves steal pit bull pups
Owner found pieces of bacon, which would explain how the dogs were lured
By MARY ELLEN MacINTYRE Truro Bureau | 5:18 AM


INDIAN BROOK — Thieves used bacon to lure three pit bull puppies from their home while their mother slept in another room, says the owner.

Lisa Googoo said she found pieces of bacon on the kitchen floor and outside the door where thieves had made off with the puppies last week.

"She (the mother) was sleeping in the bedroom with my little boy and these people came in my house in the middle of the night and used bacon to lure the puppies away," said Ms. Googoo.

The 28-year-old woman is concerned for the puppies and for the female dog, which only has one pup left.

"She whimpers and keeps going around looking for them and they were only seven weeks old, so they were still nursing," said Ms. Googoo.

Ashra is one of the more rare breeds of pit bulls, a blue nose pit bull, and is very much a family pet.

"She’s a sweet, friendly dog who loves her puppies."

Ms. Googoo said she’s pretty sure she knows who stole the pups and she has reported the theft to police.

"The people who stole them want to sell them and they’ve probably already found buyers, but these dogs belong to my family and I’m really upset about this," she said.

"They got into the house because my boyfriend forgot to lock the back door and I woke up at 3 a.m. and they were gone," she said.

"It’s really hard to believe someone would come into my house when we were sleeping and take the puppies.

"It’s mean and those poor puppies would be missing their mother and would be suffering," she said.

"You don’t just steal a dog and sell them and you shouldn’t just buy a dog without knowing where it came from."

One of the dogs, a grey blue nose, has a long scar down its back.

"The mother picked it up one day and her tooth somehow dragged up the puppy’s skin," explained Ms. Googoo.

"That’s one puppy I’ll be able to recognize right off the bat, no matter where it is," she said.

A second puppy is fawn coloured and the third is a mix of brown and grey.

Ms. Googoo said she is offering a reward for information about her dogs.

"I’m offering a reward to anyone who can tell me where the puppies are and it would be so wonderful to get help," she said.

Ms. Googoo’s e-mail address is and her telephone number is 767-0024.