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Rescue (Adopt) a dog - listings

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  1. Blue needs a home
  2. Angel needs a home
  3. Bowser needs a home
  4. K.C. (Lab mix) needs a home
  5. Chu Chu needs a home
  6. Annie needs a home
  7. Chewie needs a home
  8. Nina needs a home
  9. May needs a home
  10. Help needed in Montreal - Rosie animal adoption
  11. 4 cutie cutie baby girls need a home
  12. Tydo
  13. Heidy needs a home
  14. Happy needs a home
  15. Honey Female English Pointer Pup Adoption
  16. ~Dog for Adoption~
  17. Jindo Puppy for Adoption in BC
  18. cheechpasapsmom!
  19. looking to adopt St. Bernard
  20. German Shepherd Dog in Quebec
  21. Looking for a Dog.
  22. Mocha, Rhodesian Ridgeback X (Montreal)
  23. LR can you answer a question?
  24. ~Chow-mix for Adoption~
  25. Pit bull puppy - URGENT - Montreal
  26. Was someone looking for a Chi??
  27. maltese
  28. Hamilton dogs have one week of life left:(
  29. WANTED: Adult/Senior Bulldog
  30. wanted: shih tzu
  31. Looking for a Dog
  32. I would like a new dog
  33. Maya, GSD/Rottie mix
  34. Looking for a young male Cairn Terrier
  35. **URGENT** Dalmation to be killed!!!
  36. **URGENT ROTTIES at South LA, CA 03/16/04
  37. I'm looking for a Yorkie
  38. HOPE FOR HOPEY 1.5YR beagle/pointer X
  39. Any Med size for adoption?
  40. looking for a siberian husky
  41. Shiba Inu for adoption in Mississauga
  42. Purebred labs for adoption
  43. Border Collie pups
  44. I am looking for a female pup shepherd dog
  45. Gracie needs adoption!
  46. Looking to adopt a Pug
  47. Looking for pointer puppie
  48. Looking for a good golden retriever Breeder....
  49. looking for pom or shiba inu
  50. Gonzo for adoption
  51. "Lucky" - GSD - Beauty! (Oh, Mona!!)
  52. Orlando FL. Family looking for mini daschund to adopt
  53. Cole-Ottawa-Needs a home
  54. Buddy GSD/Am Staff mix
  55. Blue - GSD mix
  56. Mika - Dalmation/Mastiff
  57. Clancy & Reese - Siberian Husky/Pitbull mix
  58. Cubby - Sweet Jindo Mix in Need of a Home (San Jose, CA)
  59. looking for a papillon to adopt
  60. MinPins, Shiba and a Jindo in need of homes
  61. Thinking of Finding New Home for my Foxhound
  62. hope to adopt small puppy
  63. Dog needs a good home
  64. Want a Bagle Pup (Beagle/Basset Hound Mix)
  65. Advice on getting a new dog
  66. Angel - Loving, wonderful Pit Bull/Labrador mix in need of a home (San Jose, CA)
  67. Wanted: Pug / Boston Terrier / French Bulldog or mix in GVR
  68. Shoreline Star Greyhound Park fundraiser for retired greyhound adoptions
  69. Beautiful Collie Rough Toronto
  70. 8 yr old min Poodle
  71. 14 yr old corgi/sheltie mix Toronto
  72. Hamilton SPCA has puppies
  73. GSD pup X 3mons old Toronto
  74. 6mon pbt Toronto
  75. Malamute x Hamilton SPCA, HE is beautiful!!
  76. 8 yr old Male Rottie Toronto
  77. Roxy - 10 yr old Giant Schnauzer
  78. Looking to adopt in Ottawa
  79. Collie Lovers Pup in Ottawa :D
  80. Wonderful job that you're doing to find homes for these animals.
  81. Smooth Collie Pup Toronto
  82. American staff in shelter for a long time :(
  83. Cookie the Dalmation Toronto
  84. Small breed Suggestions??
  85. Roots what a pretty girl :D Good with Cats not with dogs
  86. Female Dobie Toronto... :D
  87. Looking for either beagle or italian greyhound mix
  88. looking for a jindo girl
  89. 7yr old Collie x (maybe with Golden)
  90. looking for mastiff/mastiff mix
  91. Complaints To Petfinder...but Still They Do Nothing???
  92. Looking To Adopt A Beagle.
  93. Young Rottie Toronto Humane Society
  94. Rough Collie Toronto
  95. Young GSD Toronto
  96. Boxer/Pit (takes great pictures too) Toronto
  97. Am Staff/Bulldog *unique face Toronto
  98. 13 YEAR old Beagle x Toronto....someone love this baby?
  99. Bichon Toronto
  100. ADORABLE Yorkie ?Schnauzer Mix ? 9 Years Toronto
  101. Wheaton/Lhasa ? 10 years old :(
  102. Ottawa Humane has husky pups 4mons
  103. Looking for Playmate for my puppy....
  104. Jetta had a home, but now she's back
  105. Puppy needs home
  106. aussie / lab needs forever home
  107. Distressing Fate
  108. Moving to 27 acre farm ready to adopt
  109. In despret need of a poodle or bichon
  110. Anyone heard of Žem?
  111. Looking for a soft coated wheaton terrier
  112. Wanted: Pug / Shih Tzu / Bostin Terrier / Bulldog or mix including any of these!
  113. LOOKING 4-Golden Puppy
  114. looking for St. Bernard puppy (can be crossed with Great Pyrenese)
  115. 57 Golden Retriever's Rescued
  116. Looking to adopt a small shedless hypo-allergenic dog
  117. desperately seeking Yorkie to join our family
  118. German Shepard Mix (calgary)
  119. need a home for my eskie and cats
  120. advice on adopting a pound dog
  121. Looking for Shorthair Chihuahua Puppy
  122. rescue dog and children (HELP!)
  123. GoldenBlaze-Rescued Goldens and Kids?
  124. We have a LOVING home for a FRENCH BULLDOG!!!
  125. Fantastic Rescue
  126. raingirl Dane?
  127. Wanted: Small breed mixed pup
  128. Febe needs a home!
  129. 2 year old dog needs home
  130. Looking to Adopt a Malamute!
  131. Looking to Adopt a Small Breed Puppy
  132. Wanted: German Shepherd Mix
  133. Another beauty in need
  134. Urgent Rottie Rescues
  135. Looking for an active breed puppy in montreal
  136. Looking to Adopt my Foxhound
  137. Adopt a pet/pet rescue
  138. Do Hounds Really Freak People Out That Much?
  139. rescue dog
  140. Looking for Adult Female Chihuahua
  141. 5 6wk old puppies
  142. Looking for Yorkshire Terrier or Schnauzer Pups!
  143. Opinions
  144. Wanted to Adopt XLarge Male
  145. Two Cats to a good home...can be seperated
  146. Looking for a female Bichon Ottawa Canada
  147. Looking for to adopt!
  148. Looking for a ****er Spaniel
  149. Want to adopt a new dog
  150. Anyone looking for a GSD?
  151. Harlequin Dane, anyone?
  152. Desperately seeking a PUG
  153. Boxer Rescue Canada-Montreal
  154. Please Help-Family with 8 children want a dog
  155. english bulldog cross wanted- Maritimes
  156. Looking for a yorkie...
  157. Neapolitan Mastiff
  158. Looking for a young dog or a puppy to adopt
  159. Seized Dogs...Can You Help??
  160. Animatch-dogs For Adoption
  161. Looking for a Terrier to adopt....
  162. "Trax", GSD/Montreal
  163. Buster Is Looking For A new Home
  164. 2 Gorgeous GSDs in QC shelter
  165. Looking for a small, non-shedding dog
  166. Miniature Schnauzer Rescue
  167. Sir the Boston Terrier
  168. doglover
  169. Wanting to adopt a medium to small friendly dog - Ottawa area
  170. A Real Gem !
  171. Okay I rescued a mastiff, now what?
  172. Boomer, Collie/GR dumped at 10 yrs.
  173. Coco - 10 yr old choco. Lab
  174. Betty wants her own bed!
  175. Arthur cutie pie *really* needs a home!
  176. Searching for a poodle
  177. Looking for a Yorkie
  178. Anyone ever adopt a rescued pug?
  179. Foster/help is needed in British Columbia
  180. Urgent!!!! Year old Golden will be euthanized
  181. Rescue stories needed
  182. want to rescue a non-shedding dog, maybe a tibetan terrier?....Help
  183. German Shorthair in Seattle needs a home
  184. Wanted Bull Terrier Puppy
  185. Looking for a small dog to Welcome into our home...
  186. Wanted: Doberman Pinscher
  187. New Home for Walter
  188. Burt and Ernie! Beagels!
  189. loving home awaits small dog
  190. URGENT Beautiful Blue Heeler!!!
  191. Dogs To Give Away!!!!!!!!!!
  192. Located in BC - Pitbull X looking for a loving home
  193. rocky is looking for a home
  194. Akita mix looking for home
  195. looking for a smooth dachshund
  196. Looking to adopt a deaf dog
  197. Young blind pup for adoption
  198. Charlie and Cashew
  199. Daisy Duke
  200. Canada - Maritimers ... looking to adopt a dog or cat?
  201. Web site-- Pet adoption classifieds
  202. Can we Help?
  203. regarding free
  204. female german shepherd posting in a freecycle
  205. "Dozer" and "Casey" - Hamilton, Ontario
  206. Hudson Pet Fair
  207. Black Lab
  208. Border Collie/Lab X Real CUTE!
  209. URGENT - Boxer on death row
  210. New Rescue
  211. Buddy - TO - URGENT!!
  212. BMD Simba for adoption
  213. Attn: Bulldog Rescuer Please read TY
  214. Terra needs a new home
  215. Need a new baby
  216. Winston/GSDxBMD puppy/Mtl
  217. Daisy is looking for love!!
  218. Can anyone help?
  219. Male Poodle to give away!
  220. Alaskan Husky needs home
  221. Diamond lovebug
  222. Vancouver: looking to adopt small breed
  223. Stevie the Wonder Dog
  224. German Shepherd Needs home
  225. Welsh Terrier (MTL)
  226. L.A., CA. - Urgent: Emaciated pit bull and chained dogneeds help!
  227. two rescue sweeties (Pit Bulls)need homes
  228. 3 legged dog in need in NY
  229. Phila PA: Emergency Temporary Home for two dogs - Philly area
  230. Trenton, NJ - Convicted - Woman abandons Pit mix in home without food or water! Now a
  231. Koda - Seized & needs a home
  232. Daisy - Seized and Needs a Home
  233. Can you help me?
  234. Help for Bosco
  235. URGENT - Dobermans need foster homes
  236. Shepherd found on road
  237. Looking For Pup
  238. Friend Looking For a Dane
  239. Siberian needs foster or permanent home asap
  240. Frankie, AB in Ottawa
  241. Razz - Harlequin Dane
  242. Winston is back.:-(
  243. PLEASE HELP!-Abusing dog
  244. Sheepdog Pups
  245. Maya and Maya's pups available for adoption
  246. Pit Bull Behavioral Question
  247. For Boston Lovers...
  248. Wanted: pug / boston terrier / french bulldog - Vancouver
  249. Where to get homeowner's insurance with pit bulls?