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Rescue (Adopt) a dog - listings

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  1. If you're looking for a GS or Poodle or a Pit or a mixed breed
  2. Amazing Boxer Lady Needs a home - BC
  3. Compassionate Placement Senior Bassets
  4. Puppy Mill Investigation TV tonight
  5. Pet Adoption / Pet Idol Fair Hudson Tomorrow
  6. All my rescued Pups are placed
  7. 7 year old GSD needs a home (Quebec)
  8. Cuddles Is Looking For His Forever Home
  9. Rottie in London Ontario
  10. My New Dilemma Inbred Basset
  11. Ty-Bo & Joe Boxer Need a FOREVER home
  12. MEET MONTY (Montreal)
  13. Can anyone help
  14. I need a bloodhound foster..
  15. Rescues
  16. Milou looking for forever family !! (Quebec)
  17. ~Jasmine~ Brittany Spaniel, Mtl, QC
  18. Sienna , Kelpie female looking for home , Quebec
  19. Garou looking for forever home (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  20. Young cocker spaniel looking for forever family
  21. Urgent - Dog - Pebbles (Montreal) only has a few days left
  22. Maki is looking for a forever home (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  23. Valentine is looking for a home! (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  24. ~Mika~ Belgian Groenendael, Mtl., Qc.
  25. Sumo looking for forever home (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  26. Kobby looking for forever home (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  27. Shooter looking for forever home (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  28. YORKI - Montreal
  29. 198 GSDS Need rescue - Texas
  30. Boxer Dog Lievio Needs a home (Vancouver, BC)
  31. Beautiful Boxer Dogs Available for Canadian Adoptions
  32. 100 Husky's need help in Montreal HELP
  33. 900 Greyhounds Need Help
  34. Shar Pei/Lab Puppies, Montreal, Qc
  35. 3 Bassets need fosters ASAP
  36. 2 more bassets arrive Dec.18th. need fosters
  37. Rescues use caution
  38. anyone for this poor guy.. his time is almost up..
  39. Crunch is looking for a new family! (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  40. ~Amber~ Labrador Retriever X, Montreal, Qc
  41. GSD & Great Pyrenee looking for new family , Quebec / Ontario
  42. Help With An Opinion
  43. Montreal - Anabelle needs a home
  44. This is how crazy that Black Dog Syndrome Is
  45. Help.. Basset lost in transport getting here to me..New York
  46. Merry christmas fellow rescuers
  47. Barn Dog Rescue 4 months old.. Grrrrr
  48. Barley the lost basset found & caught>> yay
  49. What Breed do you rescue or looking for ?
  50. Urgent
  51. ~Sugar Plum~ Labrador Retriever X, Montreal, Qc
  52. Rescue for blind dog?
  53. Lost Great Dane / Toronto Area.. bad owner HELP/let dogs starve
  54. Beautiful Boxer Dog - Trouble - Needs a New Home
  55. Spike (Boxer) Looking for new home
  56. Boxer Rescue needs Foster.. To get her out of SPCA.
  57. Vet Fee's to rescues
  58. Beautiful Boxer Girl (Baby) needs new home - Vancouver, BC
  59. Can Anyone Take One Of These..
  60. 2 bloodhounds coming in
  61. Urgent shelter closing
  62. Their Time Is Almost Up.. Please look see if you can help
  63. Adopt Boxer Gal - Maggie (BC)
  64. The Truth Must Get Out.. Help
  65. Small Dog on Craigslist..
  66. Johnny Boy (old english bull dogge) needs a new home (Vancouver BC Canada)
  67. Olde English Bull dogge needs our help - Washington State, Vancouver, CANADA
  68. MinPin ++++ Available
  69. Help Close Gas Chambers in Quebec & Canada Peacefully
  70. Great Pyrenees PTS 23/02
  71. Bassets In Need in OK
  72. Anyone Fined By Their Municipality ?
  73. Anyone Help these Dogs on Kijiji Local
  74. Anyone On This List You Could Save
  75. Boxer - Franklin Needs a New Home - Vancouver BC
  76. Bloodhound Foster Needed
  77. Malamute Gal Needs a Home..
  78. Treeing Walker Coonhound
  79. ~Ebony~ LabX, Montreal, Qc
  80. Anyone Have a Chicago Connection
  81. Or Neosho which is 45 minutes south of Joplin
  82. Layla Available for Adoption - Vancouver BC
  83. Boxer Gal Daisy - Vancouver BC
  84. Doxie Mixes
  85. Bernese Free on Kijiji
  86. English Bulldog
  87. Boxer Lily Needs a New Home (Vancouver, BC)
  88. Beautiful Boxer Gidget Needs a Home to call her own (Vancouver/BC)
  89. Boxer - Twitter for Adoption (Vancouver/BC)
  90. Boxer Mix Bella - Ready for Adoption (Vancouver/BC)
  91. BHRR Great Danes AVAILABLE 4 Adoption
  92. Great Pyr..
  93. How Many Here Are Local Rescues ?
  94. Anyone know Of A Pet Friendly hotel in Cornwall ?
  95. Golden Retriever
  96. Another BHRR Great Dane & a Doberman AVAILABLE
  97. Family member looking to adopt
  98. Urgent.. Anyone on the South Shore can hold 2 bassets till monday ?
  99. German Shepherd needs new home (Montreal area)
  100. Rigaud-Arnprior Ont. needed
  101. This Sweetie Is Coming In
  102. My Bloodhound
  103. Kijiji.. Urgent 9 breeders unwanted
  104. MinPin Mix
  105. Alvin Doxie Mix
  106. Dog and seven pups - Montreal
  107. ~Susa~ Female Pitbull Terrier, Montreal, Qc
  108. Boxer Boston Ready for his forever home! - BC Canada
  109. Any Americans near Joplin MO
  110. Free Great Pyranees
  111. BHRR St. Bernard Puppy AVAILABLE 4 Adoption - ON or QC
  112. ~Faith~ Yellow Labrador Retriever X, Mtl., QC
  113. ~Chopper~ Yellow Labrador Retreiver X, Mtl., QC
  114. ~Bagheera~ Labrador X, Montreal, Qc
  115. Can anyone help this sad sad dog
  116. Anyone into Pyrenees
  117. Noah The Neglected Basset Needs Help
  118. Sweet Special Needs Doxie
  119. Senior Basset
  120. miniature pinscher needs home! (montreal)
  121. Mill Closing
  122. Jill my puppy mill survivor
  123. senior shih tzu looking for retirement home
  124. Lucie (aged Great Dane) is looking for a new family (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  125. Another senior needs a furever home (Montreal)
  126. Puggle anyone?
  127. Little dog with a big personality! (montreal)
  128. Boxer Riley Available for Adoption - Vancouver, BC
  129. Boxer Lady Zephyr - Available for adoption - Vancouver, BC
  130. Sad little dachshund needs new home, Montreal
  131. ~Fiona~ Shetland Sheepdog X, Montreal, Qc
  132. ~Bingo~ Cocker Spaniel, Montreal, Qc.
  133. ~Harmony~ Labrador X, Montreal, Qc
  134. Boxer Gal Spunky Available for Adoption - Vancouver, BC
  135. Boxer Dogs Available for Adoption - Vancouver CANADA
  136. Male schnauzer x montreal
  137. Leo really needs a home (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  138. Bud, American Bulldog cross wants to be adopted! (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  139. Bally needs an active home! (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  140. Beautiful Cocker Spaniel looking for loving home! Montreal
  141. Rudy...needs a home
  142. 2 brothers looking for home Montreal
  143. beautiful lab/boxer mix montreal
  144. spunky dog looking for home, Montreal
  145. Bonded Boxer Pair Available for Adoption - WA State
  146. Venus II (Adoptable Dog: Toronto Humane Society)
  147. Meet Chase - Beautiful Boxer Boy available for Adoption in Canada
  148. Meet Nibbles - little cutie Boxer gal available for adoption - Canada
  149. Geo - Beautiful Boxer/Bulldog Ready for a LOVING home - Canada
  150. Beautiful Boxer Boy Chuck Needs a forever home - Canada
  151. 10 weeks old Golden female up for adoption , South Shore Montreal.
  152. 3 cockers looking for homes (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  153. 3 Shepherd cross' looking for forever homes (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  154. Kelby's 1 year anniversary (Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC)
  155. female lab x desperately searching for new home. MTL
  156. JETTA Female Boxer Needs a home with the RIGHT owner -BC
  157. 3 legged dog anybody? Montreal
  158. Male Boxer in Kitsap Washington needs a home
  159. Any poodle lovers out there? Mtl
  160. Montreal - Chihuahua for Adoption
  161. Wonderful lovable Boxer Guy needs a home - Vancouver, BC
  162. Anyone into LARGE dogs? (Montreal)
  163. Older Golden Retriever looking for a forever home
  164. Little Boxer Gal Chloe needs a 4ever home (Vancouver, BC)
  165. Austrailian Shep/Cross available for adoption (Vancouver, BC)
  166. Boxer Guy Bogart - Looking for a cool home forever (Vancouver, BC)
  167. Senior Rat Terriers Available for Adoption (Vancouver BC)
  168. Wonderful pug x Montreal
  169. sweet Beagle for adoption (MTL)
  170. Spunky Boxer gal Tiffany needs a new home - Vancouver, BC
  171. Spunky male yorkie Montreal
  172. Handsome miniature poodle Mtl
  173. sweet poodle X Montreal
  174. stunning German Shepard X montreal
  175. Female chihuahua/miniature pinscher, Montreal
  176. female Affenpinscher X Montreal
  177. Japanese Chin Montreal
  178. Large Breed anyone? Montreal
  179. special little girl..MTL
  180. sweet poodle/maltese x Montreal
  181. beautiful cocker Mtl
  182. Bridget Jones looking for love in all the wrong places - Boxer, Vancouver BC
  183. Jazzy Boxer Gal looking for 4-ever home - Vancouver, BC
  184. cutest dog ever! needs a home, MTL
  185. PUPPIES!! Montreal
  186. MORE PUPPIES!!! Montreal
  187. 7 yr old Basset hound Montreal
  188. Female lab x Mtl
  189. Male cairn terrier/x montreal
  190. special dog needs special family..Mtl
  191. Senior Boxer Mercedes needs a home - Vancouver BC
  192. Boxer Manny needs a 4-ever home - BC
  193. Hilton - Boxer male - Vancouver BC
  194. Little white dog anyone? MTL
  195. special help needed. MTL
  196. So many dogs, so few homes..MTL
  197. Tiger Woods - Pit Bull - Mtl, QC
  198. Brownie - Pit Bull - Montreal, Qc
  199. Blade - Pit Bull - Montreal, Qc
  200. Rocky - Pit Bull - Montreal, Qc
  201. Razor - Pit Bull - Montreal, Qc
  202. Leo -Pit Bull - Montreal, Qc
  203. Lucy - Pit Bull - Montreal, Qc
  204. Louis - Cane Corso X- Montreal, Qc
  205. Floyd - Bull Terrier X - Montreal, Qc
  206. Rat Terrier
  207. Maxy - Boxer Available for Adoption (Vancouver BC)
  208. Scarlett Needs Your help - Boxer near Vancouver BC