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Vet Fee's to rescues

January 15th, 2010, 06:40 AM
On another thread I saw various folks vet fee's.. for first exam.. and was surprised by how low some were.. What are your first exam fee charges.. average sterilization.. vaccines da2pp & rabies ?

Exam.. $70.00
Vaccines DA2PP $133. + with rabies & lepto.
Sterilization Average $150.-$251. depending on weight & age..

How about you..

January 15th, 2010, 07:12 AM
I am not a rescue, however, when I took Chloe into my home from the outside around a month ago, my vet gave me what whas deemed "rescue rates" for her first visit.

Her invoice read as follows 1 annual physical exam.... 69.00 cost..0.0
1 feline rabies................... 19.14 cost..7.41
1 feline annual vacs FVRCC 26.80 cost10.36 1 revolution fel blue 14.50 cost 7.25
1 feline viral 2 (FeLvK=FIV) snap.70.00, .44.80 1 blood collection 29.20 no charge

I know it does not line up, I suck at columns.
The rescue I borrowed the trap from told me my vet no longer offers rescue prices to rescue agencies, but she did for me and I was thankful.
The estimate I got for her spay to be done later this month is around $375.00
Hope this helps. These were really below her regular rates and I am not sure if this is a governed rescue rate or not, just that the tech told me she charged me rescue rates that day.