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Two Cats to a good home...can be seperated

November 10th, 2004, 12:51 PM
Hi there,

One of my co-workers needs to find new homes for her two cats. So I have taken the task of trying to find homes for them. I have met these two cats, they are both medium hair and very well behaved, good with dogs, but....they are declawed so must be kept inside should they find a new home. They aren't as attached to each other as other animals I have met so if splitting them up is the only option then it's not the worst thing that could happen (I think declawing was the worst thing that could have, did, happen to them) They have been taken care of very well, so no problems with skittishness or bad habits. I think they would make wonderful companions for someone who wants an indoor cat(s). Look forward to hearing some feedback....

November 10th, 2004, 01:56 PM
Hi Jacksgirl. You might want to move this to the Adopt A Cat forum. ;)

Where are these cats located (city, country?). How old are they? Are they neutered? Please indicate that there is an adoption fee (that one's for you, LuckyRescue!). Why is your coworker rehoming these cats? Good luck in your search for a new home!