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3 legged dog in need in NY

May 5th, 2005, 08:45 AM
Can anyone help Jezebel? Such a sad story! She is located near Cuba, NY.

Here's a description from her foster mom:

She has been staying at my house since Saturday
but I'm not sure how long I can keep her. I need to find something for
soon! She is a great dog and would make a wonderful companion in a
home. She loves attention! She does ok with the 6 other dogs I
have but she does grumble some at the puppies if they jump on her.
unsteady at times and it scares her. I don't have the means to keep her
separate from the rest of the household, except for a puppy playpen
keeps them away from her sometimes. She doesn't like to be in the
:-( She has shown a little too much curiosity about the cats that I've
had in carriers in the car. My cats mainly live upstairs at my house,
dogs downstairs so she hasn't come face to face with them and it's
probably a good thing. She might be ok and I could double check but
suspect she won't be nice. She probably wouldn't do well with small
children for the same reason she doesn't like the puppies. Older,
understanding children should be ok. She loved attention from everyone
while we were at PetsMart. Jezebel has some difficulty with stairs, it
takes three steps to get in/out of my home. A one-story home would be
ideal. Another volunteer with our group was looking into doggy
but that isn't practical at my house.She is a very loving and lively
girl as far as personality goes. Her body
is just aging faster than her heart. It's incredibly sad. Any help that
you can provide would be great appreciated. I'm going to be updating
description later today.

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