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L.A., CA. - Urgent: Emaciated pit bull and chained dogneeds help!

May 5th, 2005, 08:21 AM
Hello everyone!!! Sorry I wasn't here at all last month, things are very hectic for me right now. I have alot going on.

I need help from anyone in CA. There is a pit bull in emergency need!!!

here is the info.
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Subject: Fwd: L.A., CA. - Urgent: Emaciated pit bull and chained dog
needs help!

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Urgent: Emaciated and chained dog needs help!


Today, I discovered terrible animal abuse at 8959 Ruthellen Street,
Los Angeles, Ca 90047. Nearest cross street 91st street. On the
side of the garage in a 2 by 5 enclosure, is a pitiful, emaciated,
scarred gray/white Pit Bull dog chained up and laying on boards. No
food or water in site. This area is visable from the street. He may
have been in this condition for some time!

Please, everyone make calls to the ASPCA and Animal Control so that
we can get some action as soon as possible. This is a horrendous
example of animal abuse and we must bring relief to this dog.

SPCA number is: 323- 730- 5300
Animal control for South Los Angeles: 888- 452- 7381

Does anyone have the back office number for So. Los Angeles?

Mary Chatman
323- 758- 8992
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This is from another DDB rep (Dogs Deserve Better). If anyone can help, please please let me know.