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Trenton, NJ - Convicted - Woman abandons Pit mix in home without food or water! Now a

May 5th, 2005, 09:01 AM
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Subject: Trenton, NJ - Convicted - Woman abandons Pit mix in home
without food or water! Now available!

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Trenton, NJ - Convicted - Woman abandons dog in home

Note: This Dog is now available for adoption at Trenton Animal
Shelterat: 609-989-3254

TRENTON -- The owner of a dog abandoned for three weeks without food or
water was fined $1,033 in municipal court Tuesday and ordered to pay
$339 to the city for the starving animal's care.

The defendant, Carrie Ross, 49, of the 500 block of Pennington Avenue,
was convicted of one count of cruelty, according to Eric Maldonado,
manager of the city animal shelter.

The emaciated dog -- its bones showing through its skin -- was found
abandoned March 9 after Ross moved out of her home at 514 Pennington Ave.

Animal control agents found the food and water bowls in the back yard
pen of White Dog empty and overturned.

A heavy chain grating on the dog's neck had turned its white hair gray.

When the sad but friendly 2-year-old mixed Pit bull was brought to the
Trenton Animal Shelter, she weighed only 31 pounds.

"Severe cachexia [weakened condition] was observed," wrote veterinarian
Anthony E. Russo is his report. "The dog was emaciated with almost all
bones visible. The nails were severely overgrown. Ears were filled with
dark, waxy debris."

Shelter attendants began feeding the dog.

"On March 10 at approximately 3:30 p.m.," reported officer Jose Munox,
"I contacted Mr. [Sam] Kupferstein [of Lakewood], the landlord, and
asked him how long the tenants at 514 Pennington Ave. had been out of the
property and abandoned the dog. (He) stated that Ms. Ross had been
evicted for approximately three weeks."

Ross now lives at the Laurel Notch Motel in Bordentown, according to
municipal court papers. Ross could not be reached for comment yesterday.

She was charged with two counts of cruelty, one of abandoning a
domestic animal, owning an unlicensed dog, and owning a dog with no
inoculation for rabies.

Maldonado said the latter four charges were dropped during Tuesday's
trial after Ross was found guilty of the first cruelty charge by
municipal court judge Evin McGrory.

Maldanado said Ross' initial reason for leaving the dog behind was that
after leaving the Pennington Avenue house, the new owners gave her
permission to leave the dog on the property.

"Actually," he said, "the new owner of the property was the one that
called us and told us the people had left the dog behind."

Maldanado said Ross told the court the dog was sick, and no matter what
they fed it, it would not gain weight.

"We proved to her that it wasn't (sick)," he said. "We started feeding
it on a daily basis. It weighed 31 pounds, but within three weeks it
gained five pounds. Now it weighs 45 pounds. There were no signs of any
kind of sickness on the dog. It's just that it was not being fed.

"You could tell the dog wasn't being fed for a long time; there was no
food, no water in the bowls, nothing."

"We had the video pictures of before and after, so she was found

Maldonado said he's outraged.

"I want to show the people of Trenton this cannot be done," he said.
"If you leave your animal behind, we will find you and we will prosecute

He said, "White Dog is friendly, has been cleaned up, and she's ready
to go."

Anyone who wants to adopt the dog can call the shelter at 609-989-3254.

Joanna Toms
Cruelty Caseworker
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"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but
because of those who look on and do nothing.",
- Albert Einstein

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