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We have a LOVING home for a FRENCH BULLDOG!!!

October 2nd, 2004, 09:19 PM
Hello, We live in Nova Scotia and are looking for a French bulldog to complete our family. My husband and I have a HUGE (almost 2 acres) of fenced in property, and LOTS of love from our 2 children and 1 happy-go-lucky collieXhusky mix! I don't care if he/she is older, 1 year, puppy, but would prefer a younger dog. MUST have a sweet disposition is all I ask. We have narrowed our search down to the french bulldog after researching different breeds of dogs, the frenchie being the dog that is looking to be one of the best for OUR family. Plus we just love those ears..haha. If anyone reading this knows of anyone looking to find a home for a frenchie look no further.. We can e-mail pic's of the property, etc.. Thank you for reading..PS we would be willing to talk to breeders as well.. just not sure where to start. Don't know of any local breeders........any info would be apreciated. Sarah :)

Lucky Rescue
October 2nd, 2004, 10:23 PM
You picked a breed not commonly seen in Canada! You might try emailing the French Bulldog Rescue Network ( and see if they have any help for you.

If you decide to go with a breeder, be extremely careful! This is a breed that can have many health and temperament issues.

October 2nd, 2004, 11:20 PM
Thank you for the info. When we bought our 1st dog, we were soo nieve about it, we knew we wanted a dog, so we went into the local pet store and saw this BEAUTIFUL cream and white thing with one blue and one brown eye and next thing you know we have a husky mix on our hands. Needless to say, he turns out to be a HANDFUL dominant, demanding, he ran away any chance he got. 2 years later, with lots of training he is very well socalized and well mannered dog. Point of story is that we said to ourselves that next time we get a dog we will look into it alot longer to realize what we were getting into.
We want a dog that will be gentle with kids, big dogs are out of the question, (one is enough :) we want short hair (one shedding like crazy is enough) and a dog that is tolerant of our high energy husky. Do you have any suggestions on breed? Our second choice was a Boston terrier... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

October 3rd, 2004, 08:47 AM
Don't count on a short haired dog shedding less then a long haired one. My rottweiler sheds more then my collie ever did and my beagle mix is a shedding fool! the difference being, long haired dogs shed in clumps, short haired dogs shed single hairs.

Lucky Rescue
October 3rd, 2004, 10:11 AM
Many huskies are dumped for the traits you mentioned - hard to train, running away, etc - I'm glad you decided to work with yours rather than getting rid of him!:)

A Boston Terrier may be a better choice than a Frenchie. I'm sure since you've done your homework, you know than any flat-faced bull breed will not be running around playing with your kids and other dog in either very warm or cool weather! Their faulty breathing apparatus and very sparse haircoat makes this impossible.

October 3rd, 2004, 03:01 PM
That makes sense...I never thought of it that way! That is what I am looking for , a dog that will want to play and be compatible with him (Kain) too. I first thought a Jack Russell would be perfect: the same energy level, but I soon found out they are sometimes difficult as well. Smart, but as someone put it: they are a big dog in a little package. As for working with our dog and not giving him away, all of our family members were saying "get rid of that dog" and still do to this day. We just moved to this home 7 months ago with the fully fenced in yard so he would be happierand not tied up. Why do Huskies have that in them? When we called him to COME it was like he was deaf!!! He was soooo trying! All I say to them is we made a commitment when we got the dog, he is for LIFE!!! We love him too much anyways!!! He is sooo beautiful,and is soo loving. I wish I could post a picture of him. Ha ha. So thanks again!!!!! I appreciate it!! Sarah

PS Thanks for the heads up on the shedding issue, too. Rottie sheds more? WOW, I guess if you are cleaning hair all the time, more won't hurt!! Ha ha.

Lucky Rescue
October 3rd, 2004, 08:08 PM
Why do Huskies have that in them? When we called him to COME it was like he was deaf!!!

When choosing a breed of dog, you must look at what that dog was bred for. Huskies were bred to RUN, and to pull a sled all day long. They also have a high prey drive and are often escape artists.

They are a primitive breed, and do not excel in obedience, since that is not needed to pull sleds. They are very smart, but difficult to train.

As for Jack Russell terriers - like many terriers they are hunters and bred to work independantly. They are also headstrong and tenacious, which are good qualities for a dog hunting rats and other prey in burrows. Not great qualities for a housepet. Small terriers are a LOT of dog for the size and best suited to experienced owners who love their qualities.

If you want a dog that is smart, low-shedding, tough yet very easy to train - get a Standard poodle. Since your dog is male, a female would be best.

But really, local shelters and rescues may have just the dog you are looking for. If you get a dog that is in a foster home, you will know already if it's compatible with other dogs, housetrained, etc etc.