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  1. how many puppies
  2. Facial and lower limb swelling
  3. How to take a dog's temperature? Answered by D. Vance
  4. Cat has dandruff. What to do? Answered by Dr. Guindon.
  5. My dog tried to bite me. What to do? Answered by N.Kitching.
  6. Plastic pulled from cat's chin. Possible? Answered by Dr.Slome.
  7. Treatment for Osteoarthritis - Answered by C. Robinson AHT, Bs
  8. Dog losing hair after hysterectomy - Answered by Dr. Guindon
  9. Dog and cat entering Canada. Official Requirements? Answered by Marko
  10. Introducing a new cat into another cat's home. Answered by N. Kitching
  11. Respiratory infections in toy dogs. Common? Answered by Dr. Slome
  12. Older dog needs anaesthetic to clean teeth. Safe? Answered by Dr. Slome
  13. Looking for a homeopathic remedy for fleas for my dog. Answered by Dr. Guindon
  14. Cat probably has an eye infection. Eye drops for humans? Answered by Dr. Slome
  15. Family dog can't get along with daughter's new dog. Answered by Samantha
  16. 3 month old Dalmatian is up all night. What can we do? Answered by Dr. Guindon
  17. Cat is ruining furniture. What to do? Answered by Dr. Slome
  18. Dog suffers from anxiety when left alone. Answered by Samantha
  19. Cat sleeps so deeply, she loses bladder control. Answered by Dr. Guindon
  20. My dog looks pregnant, but she isn't. Answered by Dr. Guindon
  21. My dog isn't affected by my electric fence. Answered by Dr. Slome
  22. My dog likes to roll around on dead animals Help! Answered by Samantha.
  23. Dog eats feces - Answered by Dr. Slome
  24. How can I calm my dog to clip her nails? Answered by Dr. Guindon
  25. Dog is pooping in the garage. What to do? Answered by a trainer
  26. What is Canine/Kennel cough? Answered by Dr. Guindon
  27. Do cats go blind without beef? Answered by Dr. Slome
  28. My cat vomited for 24hrs. and is now too weak to get up. Answered by Marko
  29. Bichon Frisee has crystals in urine. Answered by Dr. Slome
  30. Can I take my kitten on a 3 day car trip? Answered by Samantha
  31. Can I leave my cat alone all day? Answered by Samantha
  32. My puppy bites my wrists when I pet her. Answered by N. Kitching
  33. Sofa smells of cat urine, what to do? Answered by Dr. Guindon
  34. Dog died of kidney failure. Water system at fault? Answered by Dr. Slome
  35. Puppy urinates when excited. What to do? Answered by N. Kitching
  36. Cat in heat 3 times in 1 month. Is it normal? Answered by Dr. Slome
  37. Vitamins for cats in the winter? Answered by C. Robinson
  38. Sneezy/watery-eyed cat. What to do? Answered by Dr. Slome
  39. Dog diagnosed with E. Coli. Dangerous to humans or dogs? Answered by Dr. Slome
  40. Should I declaw my cat? Answered by Samantha
  41. Male cat spraying in the home. What to do? Answered by N. Kitching.
  42. Signs a pregnant cat is about to give birth. Answered by C. Robinson
  43. Pregnant dog - pregnancy signs in dogs - Answered by C. Robinson
  44. Dog is marking his scent in bedroom - Answered by N.Kitching
  45. Porcupine quills
  46. Canine Seborrhea - Answered by Dr.Slome
  47. dog allergies
  48. seizures in a Jack Russell
  49. Labrador Retriever
  50. Dog Gets Carsick....anything I can do about that? Answered by Dr.Guindon
  51. Dogs & Bones - Answered by C. Robinson
  52. vet and I stumped
  53. uncontollable shaking by English Bulldog
  54. Ticks
  55. Fatty pokets??? What is this??
  56. Lhaso in Heat??!
  57. Sick Puppy
  58. already eaten a bone
  59. Dog Allergies
  60. Collie Not Well?
  61. Miniature Schnauzer hair loss allergy
  62. pet legislation in condominim, Thornhill, ON, Canada
  63. Any one here have any experience with birds???
  64. Ringworm in Cats -- Answered by Dr. Slome
  65. Sometimes Agressive Jack Russell Terrier
  66. 2 year old cat urinating through home - Answered by N.Kitching
  67. kitten weaning from mom ???
  68. hives on dogs
  69. hives on dogs
  70. My poor kitty
  71. dog allergy
  72. Chihuahua has upset stomach, loose bowel
  73. Crainial Cruciate Ligament Rupture
  74. dog medication
  75. Vomitting daily...
  76. arteries
  77. Caribbean Cat?
  78. Weepy eyes in geriatric dog- Answered by Dr. Guindon
  79. My Dog's Voice
  80. clipping nails
  81. Skin Irritation
  82. Pet creche
  83. My cat is dripping after using the litter box
  84. Parvovirus - Answered by Dr. Slome
  85. Honey- my dog's death
  86. Sick Golden
  87. Dog sprayed by a skunk
  88. eosingohiliz granuloma complex
  89. A second cat
  90. Behaviour
  91. Our budgie seems very withdrawn...
  92. My dog has a major skin problem
  93. my dog has lupus and I need info!!!
  94. Cat Emergency -Free Help
  95. cat allergies
  96. excema in dogs
  97. after eating my cat gets sick and hairballs
  98. after eating my cat gets sick and hairballs
  99. beagle breed
  100. cat leaving fecies on my bed
  101. tremors
  102. cat gestation
  103. 22year old cat
  104. cat skin problems
  105. Swollen Tail - Cocker Spaniel
  106. Allergies
  107. Blood in Loose Stool
  108. cat eye infection
  109. Swollen Tail - Cocker Spaniel - Answered by Dr. Slome
  110. My Cat
  111. cancer in 7 year old golden retreiver
  112. ear infections
  113. Epilepsy
  114. Arthritis in a 5 yr old dog
  115. herbicides causing fatal harm to pets
  116. cat is losing fur on belly
  117. Bloodshot eyes with sagging lower lids
  118. Cat scratching at floor
  119. puppy stomach noise
  120. diarrhea
  121. Feline Leukemia
  122. Iris Melanosis
  123. Dog showing mutiple signs of weekness and "scaredness"
  124. Cat's Sleeping Clock - Answered by N.Kitching
  125. How do I detangle my cats matted fur?
  126. Cat wheezing
  127. Shih Tzu doesn't cry...
  128. Help German Boxer
  129. buddy not eating
  130. buddy-toxoplasmosis
  131. Is My Cat Senile?
  132. Help!!!! My Dog Is Losing Her Hair
  133. searching for a naturopathic vet
  134. dog has no movement of entire back end
  135. poor kitten
  136. Limping dog
  137. I need help!!!
  138. smelly litter box
  139. head trauma
  140. puppy is started to sneeze constantly
  141. silly question!!
  142. leg deformity?
  143. Brown stuff in corner of cat's eye
  144. Eye drops for cats
  145. Dry Skin ,scabs & Bald Patches
  146. Unusual Skin Problem
  147. fleas
  148. Cat Spraying
  149. Worried about dog "possible seizures"
  150. Oral virus
  151. deaf cat
  152. cat skin problem
  153. HELP!!! My Dog Throws Up Too Much!!!
  154. new pet
  155. Cocker has developed a strong oder!
  156. Travelling with cats
  157. Dog Vomiting....Food not Yellow liquid
  158. Puppies
  159. My cats skin
  160. Natural Products
  161. Vitiligo
  162. Dog is secreting a "fishy" odor from his rectum
  163. Cat scabs
  164. declawing
  165. My new brittany urinates very frequently
  166. fixed cat is in heat...again and again!
  167. fixed cat is in heat...again and again!
  168. Electric Fences
  169. Declawing a cat
  170. Pregnant cat in heat?
  171. 1 year old golden retriever
  172. Suspicous golf ball size lump under skin on dogs right hip area?
  173. help mydog eats her own poop
  174. cat poop
  175. 15 yr old dog-weight loss, dimentia
  176. Daschund
  177. Dog hind legs weak & dragging & nose problem.
  178. German Shepard weak hind legs
  179. Cat hair???
  180. Help! My Kitten has dragon breath
  181. Elvis is dying
  182. ear infection??
  183. urgent cat litter problem
  184. Puppy doesn't signal to go out - Answered by N.Kitching
  185. cat eye infection
  186. Is my cat's tail broken.
  187. Is the cat just itchy?
  188. Older dog with warts
  189. Worried about beagles
  190. Cat Preganat
  191. carsickness dog
  192. My cat is in heat - help
  193. problems
  194. Rat Terrier Pooping in Apartment.
  195. My cat has a spot about the size of a fifty cent piece on her lower back
  196. long toe nails
  197. How can you tell if your cat is in heat?
  198. Feline Asthma/Repiratory problems - Answered by Dr. Guindon
  199. dog thinks she needs to go to the bathroom
  200. Cat has pimply red, sore-looking rash under one front leg
  201. Sick Rottie Puppy
  202. death in several dogs to unkown disease Please HELP - Answered by Dr.Slome
  203. My Cat Gone Crazy!
  204. my cat has holes in her body
  205. My Dog???
  206. Please help me!!!
  207. Cocker Spaniel behavior outside the house
  208. Hair on my cat falling out why ?
  209. Mysterious infection-several vets yet no cure
  210. My dog swallowed two bones and shows no signs...
  211. vomitting dog
  212. How to control him outside!!!
  213. My darling dog
  214. My Cat Has Very Enlarged Breasts She Is About 6 Months Old Please Help Me
  215. Dog Vibrates and nothing seems to stop it.
  216. dog
  217. dog has stiffness in hip
  218. Help, my dog loves me too much
  219. First time cat owner HELP!
  220. Cat urinating where it sleeps - our bed!
  221. Baldness behind ears
  222. dog is scratching so bad she is losing hair
  223. rescue dog
  224. what to do
  225. My Cat Charlie
  226. Charlie
  227. dog acting funny
  228. Disorientation
  229. My Cat got ill.
  230. Dog barks at all other dogs on street
  231. My kitty isn't feeling well
  232. Cats and PineSol?
  233. Pursian Cat Fur tangled
  234. male cat spraying
  235. New Cat
  236. new commer dog
  237. Cat making bowel movements in our tub and small amount of blood noticed as well!!
  238. kitty nursing
  239. Flutd
  240. Ibd
  241. dry or wet food?
  242. Warts
  243. hair loss
  244. Cat licking tummy till it bleeds
  245. Is it normal for a dog to be discharging dry blood 4 days after having puppies?
  246. Parvo
  247. My cat keeps crying
  248. my hamster is ill,,
  249. my hamster isnt well
  250. Kitten using bed for toilet.