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Dog hind legs weak & dragging & nose problem.

Jane Woo
January 2nd, 2002, 04:42 AM
Dear Docter or anyone else who can help.

I Have a lovely dog by the name of Alec who is more than 10 years old. Today he suddenly developed a sever case of weakness of his two hind legs and can barely walk. Only with his front two legs could he walk with his legs dragging behind him. Without the support of the back two legs he is extremely shaky. Another thing is that he appears to be disinterested in anything and maintains a glassy eye look throughout the day. Please help! I am very fearful he may have suffered a stroke and is dying. Other strange symptoms that he has had some time now is constant snorting as if he is trying to clear a blocked nose of throat and scratching of the same spot on his tummy. Yet i have checked thoroughly and he has no fleas. Is it possible he is trying to scatch something internally irritating?
Please help if anyone can shed some light it would be greatly appreciated.