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My Cat got ill.

February 20th, 2002, 08:03 PM
for the past three nights i have been giving my kitty a half cup of dry food, and a 3rd of a tin of wet... this particualr can of wet is with tuna... lately he has been eating at 1230 am.. and when he eats its almost gone. When i started with the tuna he didnt eat it quite as fast, and finally last night he Threw up about 30 minutes after i fed him. Could it be he just doesnt like the tuna that much.... i have given thought about taking him to the vet for a check up anyways. My friend said something about cats needing some sort of vegatation to bind thier food and digest it properly. Like i said in my last post i am a first time cat owner.. so i am a little freaked out at advice i get. But noone better to ask then a Forum full of animal lovers, and owners. Any advice you can give would be great, mean while i am going to make an appointment with a vet.

February 21st, 2002, 08:22 AM

A well balanced cat food is all a normal cat needs.
If your cat puked it may be because it ate too fast....I hope the tuna is not pure tuna but rather a cat food with tuna. But if your cat is puking frequently..that is a serious problem

Personally, i'd stick to either wet or dry.

An appointment with your vet is definitely recommended for a first time cat owner. They will allay many of your fears and concerns. Bring questions with you.

Good luck