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February 20th, 2002, 10:54 AM
My 16 year old cat Sam had a mild seizure about 2 months ago. He began acting very strangely, i.e. staring at the wall for long periods of time, walking very funny, glassy eyes, prolonged weakness and missing the litter box. I had MRIs, spinal taps, all kinds of blood work to test for viruses/infections, ultrasounds, etc....other than an enlarged pituitary gland. I still don't have any answers as to why he is deteriorating so rapidly. I've spent thousands of dollars and am very frustrated. I'm at my wits end and then realized that maybe something other than traditional western medicine might be worth trying. Herbs and other natural medicines - what could I give him that would help his mental faculties? Is there something over the counter that I could purchase? HELP!