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Cat urinating where it sleeps - our bed!

February 16th, 2002, 05:02 AM
We have 2 neutered Tonkinese cats (8 mths old), brother and sister. The male is just fine, relaxed and slothful as a cat can get. She is is flighty, nervous, and proving to be a problem.

She regularaly urinates our our bed (where she sleeps) or on the couch, despite being house trained. She will normally go outside, but every now and then will just refuse.

Tonight for example, we put her out on the garden because we knew she had not been for while. We did this several times and despite freshly turned earth, she would not go. Then an hour later she came running inside, jumped straight on the couch and went.

Sometimes she is fine for a couple of weeks and sometimes it's almost a daily battle. We have to follow her around the house (A warehouse, so just one big room) because we are not able to tell when she is getting ready to go. She has easy access to the outside through a catflap.

We have read lots of articles on training and tried everything we can think of.

Please help. How do we discourage her from doing this, and is there anything that my be causing it ?

P.S. No it's not a urinary tract infection ;-)

February 19th, 2002, 09:27 AM
here's something i found in the archives

"....Besides the one kitty litter pan that he uses, put kitty litter pans where ever your cat urinates the most, then gradually take them away so the cat stops. Don't expect immediate results.

After you've taken the pans away, you can buy some "Housebreaking Aid for Pets" which you can find at most pet stores. One name which comes to mind is "Stop It". ...."

Best of luck,

Nancy Kitching 2001

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