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cat allergies

August 23rd, 2001, 04:52 PM
My cat has severe fairly severe allergies to most cat food. He licks his fur off large parts of his body until it bleeds. We have tried all kinds of food including prescription food but nothing seems to help. Is there a particular food you would recommend? Is there any research that shows it is the additives in prepared food that cats are allergic to? Are there recipes for home made cat food that I could make without the additives?

August 23rd, 2001, 06:48 PM
Some ingredients are more likely to cause food allergies than others. In order of the most common offenders in dogs are beef, dairy products, chicken, wheat, chicken eggs, corn, and soy. In cats the most common offenders are fish, beef, and dairy products. In an effort to combat food allergies, several companies produced a diet made out of lamb and rice. You may try this. You can try turkey meals also. Maybe even vegetarian meals! Here is just one recipe that I found...

Combine 1 chicken liver, 1 giblet, 1 chicken heart, 1 chicken neck, 2 cups water and 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley.
Cover and simmer until the giblet is tender.
You may want to grind the meat in the blender.

Ok.... so it doesn't sound too tasty to me, but hey... I'm not a cat!

You might want to consider “add and take away” meals. What I mean by this is, for example... start out with the lamb and rice. Let your cat eat this for a few weeks. If this is ok, then there is no problem. Try adding chicken. If the cat is ok here... there is once again no problem... try fish...etc. Go down the listed things above. This is an inexpensive way that might help you discover exactly what your cat is allergic to. (hey, dog lovers... this is for you guys too)!!!


August 23rd, 2001, 07:03 PM
OOOOooops.... PS:

If you use home recipes, make sure your cat is getting the right amount of daily vitamins and essential fats that he/she needs!!!!

Also forgot to mention.... topical treatments, antibiotics, cortizone or prednisone (steroid creams and oral meds) as well as essential fatty acids are also used to treat mildly/moderately irritated skin due to food allergies and any other type of allergies.

Also keep the skin clean, clean, clean! Especially if it is so irritated it is bleeding. Cornstarch with zinc may help. I don’t know if it is recommended, but Desitin (for baby’s skin rashes) contains zinc. I live in the U.S. so I don’t even know if you HAVE this product in Canada, but I assume you do. (Dumb American, I know... but I was born in London, England, so does that make up for it)? :)