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Please help me!!!

January 30th, 2002, 01:57 AM
Ok I know what is going on with my dog is seriouse and Iam taking her in first thing in the morning but I was hoping someone could help me now cuz the vets dont answer very many ? s!
Ok my dog is about 2 yrs and this morning I noticed she was kinda walking funny but I paid it no mind! My mom just called me and told me thats shes throwing up all over the place and cant walk straight , is running into walls and falling over! Shesd trying to drink but is just throwing it back up!! Shes already had parvo and I was told cant get it again! But she hasnt had her last parvo shot or rabies shot cuz she was breast feeding. She has been outside and running around in the woods though ? Could it be anti freeze? or somthing else? is she gonna die?? Someone please respond!
thx Sabrina:confused:

January 30th, 2002, 12:02 PM

Your dog needs needs to see a vet ASAP.....needs blood tests...etc.

These symptoms sound serious!!!

Anything anyone can write.... is pure speculation....your dog needs to be examined by a vet.

If this were my pet I'd bring it in to an emergency clinic right now.