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urgent cat litter problem

January 7th, 2002, 06:25 PM
I need help. I just adopted a young female cat who had a rough couple of weeks in the cold. I have placed her in an enclosed are with her litter on one end and her food and a bed on the other. Sometimes she leeps in her bed. Sometimes she sleeps in the litter box. She has peed on me once and in the bed once but not in the litter. I have had her for about 40 hours now and she is not drinking from what I can tell. She is understandably jumpy but affectionate with me.

If the problem isn't resolved soon, my husband will make me take her back. What do I do & fast!:(

Melissa F
March 20th, 2002, 10:36 PM
Put her in the litter box as soon as she positions herself to start peeing (if she's not in there already). I have the same problem with my kitten peeing in his bed, but i've moved the bed and now he doesn't do it anymore. Try moving the litter tray also, as cats are very particular about where they have their litter trays, and make sure it's clean. My kitten didn't drink much at first either, so i bought him some 'whiskers milk plus' and he started drinking that, and now has moved on to drinking water as well. Good luck!